Petsmart Distribution Center Locations


Petsmart is one of the largest pet retail companies in North America. They offer a wide array of pet services and products. They are famously known for their stores which are located throughout the United States and Canada. Petsmart distribution centers are also scattered across the continent to ensure that their pet products and services are readily available and efficiently delivered to their stores and customers.

Petsmart operates and owns its five national distribution centers in Phoenix, AZ; Dallas, TX; Caledonia, Ontario; LaSalle, Quebec; and Philadelphia, PA. Their distribution networks are fed by many regional distribution centers which are operated by third-party companies. The regional distribution centers are responsible for delivering pet food, treats, and other pet products to each Petsmart store location.

In addition to the main distribution centers, Petsmart also operates a network of smaller regional warehouses throughout the United States. These regional warehouses are typically focused on local or regional pet demands. Many of the regional warehouses are also partnered with big pet food brands to ensure efficient access to popular pet products in areas where Petsmart stores aren’t conveniently located.

Petsmart also owns a smaller network of distribution centers across Canada. These centers are located in Ontario, Alberta, and B.C. and are responsible for handling Canadian orders and shipments. Petsmart also utilizes a number of third-party fulfillment centers and warehouses to manage inventory and orders from Canadian customers.

The company also has a chain of stores in Mexico known as ‘Mascota Salon de Belleza.’ The stores are smaller than their United States counterparts but utilize the same distribution network. The distribution centers located in Mexico are responsible for managing orders and shipments to Mexican stores.

In general, Petsmart utilizes a vast network of distribution centers, warehouses, and fulfillment centers throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. This allows them to provide convenient and efficient access to their pet products to their customers across North America.

Petsmart Distribution Center Locations

Petsmart is a leading pet retailer with more than 1,500 stores across the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. The company has three distribution centers in the United States, located in Bowling Green, KY; Chambersburg, PA; and Phoenix, AZ. In Canada, Petsmart operates a distribution center in Milton, ON. In Mexico, the company has both a fulfillment and distribution center in Chihuahua and a distribution center in Juarez. The company also has a fulfillment center in Chetumal, Mexico. Additionally, the company operates four distribution centers in Puerto Rico. These facilities are located in Manati, Bavaro, Bayamon, and Carolina.

What is a Petsmart Distribution Center?

A Petsmart Distribution Center is a facility that is specially designed to store products and materials for the Petsmart retail chain. It is responsible for receiving and distributing goods and materials that will be used in the production of Petsmart’s pet-care products. The Distribution Center receives products from suppliers and manufacturers and then ships them to Petsmart stores and other retail outlets that sell Petsmart products. The Distribution Center typically employs a number of workers who are specialized in transporting, sorting, and shipping items.

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The Distribution Center is responsible for maintaining the high quality of the products that are distributed. All products, including food, pet supplies, and other items, must be stored and selected in accordance with strict safety standards and regulations. Employees must adhere to strict safety protocols, such as labeling, tracking, and monitoring the inventory and shipments of items. Employees must also be knowledgeable about the types and brands of products they are working with so that quick and accurate deliveries are made.

Petsmart Distribution Centers use advanced technology to store and transport items efficiently. Automated inventory tracking systems are used to quickly locate items. Quality control checks are also conducted on incoming and outgoing items to ensure that they are up to the required standard and specifications. The Distribution Center also uses high-tech systems to track activities, including shipments, customer orders, and other related matters.

What Does A Petsmart Distribution Center Do?

A Petsmart Distribution Center is an integral part of the Petsmart network of supply chain operations. It is the point of origin where all of Petsmart’s inventory is received, stored, and sorted before being sent to its final destination, the store locations. The Petsmart Distribution Center is responsible for delivering a wide variety of products utilized in the retail operations of Petsmart stores around the world. Some of the most common items handled by them are pet food, treats, medications, toys, cage accessories, grooming supplies, pet apparel, aquarium supplies, and pet beds.

The main task of a Petsmart Distribution Center is to receive shipments from suppliers and vendors and to inspect, stock, and sort the merchandise for distribution throughout the Petsmart store locations. Once the products have been received and sorted, they can be moved to a staging area before being shipped out. Every item is carefully monitored to ensure that every shipment is accurate and complete.

In addition to product delivery, the Petsmart Distribution Center is also responsible for providing customer service and technical support to stores for returned goods, inventory irregularities, order modifications, etc. The Petsmart Distribution Centers also help with the implementation of promotional and loyalty programs.

The Petsmart Distribution Centers are a key source for the efficient flow of merchandise from the suppliers to the stores. They are also an important part of the supply chain system, helping to ensure that all products are delivered on time and in full.

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List of Petsmart Distribution Center Locations

Some of the Petsmart Distribution Center Locations include:

  1. Houston, Texas: This location in Houston, Texas is one of the largest and most important distribution centers for Petsmart. In this distribution center, products are packed, moved, and ultimately transported to Petsmart’s stores across the country. This center also handles order fulfillment needs for online shoppers.
  2. Calgary, Alberta: This distribution center is relatively newer than the one in Houston, Texas, and primarily handles products for Petsmart stores located in Canada.
  3. Phoenix, Arizona: This distribution center is the third largest one owned by Petsmart and serves as a consolidation point for shipments to Southwest parts of the country, like California and Nevada.
  4. Tri-Cities, Tennessee: Located near Johnson City, this distribution center primarily serves stores located in the Eastern United States, and also handles the processing and shipping of online orders.
  5. Phoenix, Georgia: This specific distribution center, located near the Georgia-Florida border, is mostly geared toward fulfilling the needs of the Southeast states, like Georgia, Florida, and Alabama.
  6. Ontario, California: The distribution center located in Ontario plays a big role in filling needs for stores located in the Pacific Northwest, such as Washington, Oregon, and California.

Resources to Find A Petsmart Distribution Center Locations

  • Petsmart Official Website: Petsmart’s website provides accurate information about pet services. They have a phone number and store locator that can help you find the closest Petsmart Distribution Center nearby. The website also provides maps and directions to the nearest store.
  • Google Maps: Google Maps is an excellent resource for finding Petsmart Distribution Centers in nearby areas. Simply type in “PetSmart Distribution Center near me” and the map results appear on the screen. You can even narrow down your search by specifying the area or radius you wish to search.
  • Yelp: Yelp is a great platform for finding pet services and businesses in your area. You can search for “Petsmart Distribution Center” and the results will provide reviews and ratings for nearby Petsmart Distribution Centers.
  • Ask Local Pet Stores: If you know of a pet store in your area, you can always ask the staff about the closest Petsmart Distribution Center. Knowing the address and exact location can go to great lengths in finding the nearest one.
  • Pet Supplies Store Locator: Pet Supplies Store Locator is a website that can help you find the nearest Petsmart Distribution Center. The website has a searchable database of pet stores and pet product suppliers around the country. They also provide maps and directions to the store making it an excellent resource for pet owners looking for a Petsmart Distribution Center.
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Pros and Cons of Petsmart Distribution Center


  • Increased Efficiency: Petsmart distribution centers provide an efficient means of delivering products to customers. It allows for quick order fulfillment, ensuring customers get what they ordered.
  • Increased Variety: Having multiple distribution centers means an increased variety of products available for customers. This gives customers more options from which they can choose.
  • Reduced Costs: Distribution centers can reduce costs for businesses by lowering shipping costs while simultaneously offering better customer service.


  • Financial Investment: Setting up a distribution center costs quite a bit of money. There are warehousing costs, labor costs, and other overhead expenses associated with running a distribution center.
  • Limited Automation: While automation is used in some areas of the distribution center, it is not as automated as it could be. This could lead to delays in order fulfillment.
  • Employee Knowledge: It can be difficult to ensure consistency among employees at a distribution center. Training of employees is critical to ensure that orders are accurately picked and that customer service is maintained.


Q. How many distribution centers does Petsmart have?

A. Petsmart has 25 distribution centers in North America.

Q. Petsmart distribution center reviews

A. Petsmart distribution centers typically receive positive reviews from customers and employees. Customers appreciate the company’s efficient shipping and increasingly cheaper orders, while employees appreciate the perks and benefits associated with the job. Many cite excellent pay and benefits, job stability, and free products and discounts as major positives.

Q. Where are Petsmart distribution centers?

A. Petsmart distribution centers are located in the U.S. states of Arizona, California, Florida, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. Each center stocks a wide range of pet products, including food, toys, beds, and grooming supplies. The distribution centers are also responsible for the order pick-up, packing, and shipping of orders made online.


Petsmart Distribution Center locations vary based on their store and warehouse needs. They are typically located near major metropolitan areas and have easy access to transportation routes. Petsmart has several facilities strategically located around the United States including in Georgia, California, Texas, Arizona, Minnesota, and Tennessee. Petsmart takes pride in its distribution centers and works to ensure all products are delivered quickly and safely to their customers. With a focus on customer service, Petsmart continues to expand its distribution centers to meet customer needs.


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