Petsmart Dog Grooming Training

Petsmart is one of the leading providers of pet products and services in the United States. The company offers a wide range of pet care services, from pet adoption and training to veterinary services and grooming. Petsmart also offers professional grooming training programs to help prepare pet owners and groomers for their future careers.

Petsmart’s dog grooming training program is an intensive educational program designed to help groomers develop the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful in their job. The program starts with the basics, such as understanding the anatomy of the dog, the grooming process, and the proper use of grooming tools. It then progresses to advanced topics, such as the art of styling, breed-specific grooming, and the introduction of color into the grooming process.

Petsmart’s grooming program is taught by experienced pet care professionals who are dedicated to helping groomers reach their full potential. The program includes in-depth lectures, practical demonstrations, and hands-on activities to ensure that every groomer is adequately prepared for success. Petsmart also provides professional certification upon successful completion of the program, which is widely recognized in the pet grooming industry.

Petsmart Dog Grooming Training

Petsmart Dog Grooming Training provides comprehensive education and certification for pet groomers. The program includes several levels of training, ranging from introductory classes for new groomers to advanced classes for experienced groomers. The program covers topics such as pet health and safety, bathing and brushing techniques, styling tools and methods, proper grooming techniques, and breed-specific grooming. Trainees are also taught customer service techniques to ensure their clients are informed and well taken care of. The coursework culminates with a final assessment and granting of the PetSmart Pet Groomer Certification. The certification is then displayed and can be used as a credential when applying for pet grooming jobs. Petsmart Dog Grooming Training provides a critical foundation for anyone who wants to pursue a career as a pet groomer.

 What is Petsmart Dog Grooming Training All About?

Petsmart Dog Grooming Training is an educational course designed by pet-care professionals that provides pet owners and handlers the knowledge, tools, and skills needed to provide the best possible care for their four-legged best friends. The program covers everything from basic health maintenance and nutrition to more in-depth topics, such as breed-specific grooming and behavior.

The program consists of one-on-one training with an experienced Petsmart Petcare Technician. During the course, handlers are taught how to safely and humanely groom their pet and enhance their comfort during the process. The instructor will also discuss the different breed-specific needs and how to properly monitor and care for a groomed pet.

In addition to providing hands-on grooming lessons, participants will also be educated on the many product and service options available to them in Petsmart’s grooming salon. They will learn about nail trimming and filing, bathing and brushing, and ear and eye care.

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At the end of the training, a certificate of completion is awarded to handlers, meaning they can proudly display their commitment to not just providing their pet with a cuter hairstyle but also to proper, humane pet care.

How Long Is Petsmart Dog Grooming Training?

Petsmart Dog Grooming Training typically takes 6-8 weeks, depending on the individual’s training needs. The program consists of classroom-style instruction, hands-on training with a live animal, and electronic modules.

Classroom Instruction

Petsmart Dog Grooming Training begins with a series of comprehensive classroom-style lessons. These lessons cover the basics of canine safety, physiology, anatomy, breed information, grooming techniques, handling procedures, humane salon techniques, and business management. Students are provided with the latest literature, videos, and demonstrations from experienced groomers.

Hands-on Training

Following classroom instruction, students are given the opportunity to practice their newly acquired skills with a live animal, such as a dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig, or ferret. Students are instructed in all aspects of animal grooming, including bathing, cleaning the ears, trimming fur, brushing teeth, clipping nails, and identifying health issues.

Electronic Modules

Throughout the training process, each student must complete comprehensive electronic modules. These modules provide additional learning opportunities and reinforcement of the skills and knowledge acquired in the classroom. They also help students build effectiveness and confidence in their capabilities as groomers, preparing them for future professional certification.

At the conclusion of the Petsmart Dog Grooming Training program, students have gained the knowledge and experience necessary to successfully groom and care for animals with the highest level of safety and humane treatment practices in mind.

How Does Petsmart Dog Grooming Training Work?

Petsmart Dog Grooming Training is a comprehensive program for groomers of all levels of experience. It is a comprehensive program consisting of 1,500 hours of hands-on training and 6,000 hours of online classes. The program begins with a comprehensive orientation that provides the fundamentals of all aspects of pet grooming. This includes safety, pet handling, grooming techniques, pet coats, anatomy, and skin care.

The next stage is the hands-on phase. During this portion of the training, the groomer will work with both experienced and novice groomers, learning the key techniques in the industry. Once the groomer has completed this portion, they will go on to apprenticeships where they will continue to refine their skills and learn more advanced techniques.

In the final phase, groomers will participate in online assessments to ensure they have learned the necessary skills and are ready to enter the workforce. Upon successful completion of the program, groomers will receive a diploma that will show employers they have completed the necessary training.

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Petsmart Dog Grooming Training is designed to create highly qualified groomers that are ready to start work immediately. By giving groomers the skills and knowledge they need to be successful, Petsmart is ensuring the security and happiness of pets and their owners.

Petsmart Dog Grooming Training Packages and Price

Petsmart offers a variety of different dog grooming training packages for pet owners and professionals.

For Pet Owners:
Petsmart offers dog grooming classes that are designed to help pet owners learn the basics of caring for their pet’s coats and clipping, bathing, and brush techniques. The classes cover the basics of grooming safety, first aid, and basic trim and clip techniques. The pet owner receives hands-on grooming instruction and advice from a certified Petsmart dog groomer.

Cost: The cost for the Pet Owner Training Package ranges from $75-$90, depending on the package and your location.

For Professionals:
Petsmart also offers professional grooming classes for those interested in starting a career in the pet grooming industry. The class covers the fundamentals of grooming safety, anatomy, animal behavior, grooming techniques, equipment, and styling options. The class also includes a hands-on styling session with a Petsmart Dog Groomer.

Cost: The cost for the Professional Training Package ranges from $250-$300, depending on the package and your location.

Both pet owners and professionals can benefit from the comprehensive training packages offered by Petsmart. Whether you’re looking to gain the basic skills needed to become a professional groomer or you simply want to gain a few tips and tricks to improve the look and feel of your pet’s coat, these packages are a great way to get started.

Eligibility for Petsmart Dog Grooming Training

To be eligible for the Petsmart Dog Grooming Training Program, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a genuine interest in caring for animals, preferably with some minor previous grooming experience
  • Must have reliable transportation to/from the store location
  • Must successfully pass a background check

Once applications have been reviewed, chosen candidates will receive an invitation for a short interview to determine their customer service skills, as well as an assessment to test their knowledge of canine anatomy and grooming. These applicants must also exhibit professionalism and a friendly, customer service-oriented attitude.

Throughout the program, apprentices must participate in hands-on, supervised training in the store’s grooming studio where they will receive instruction, support, and constructive feedback from experienced Petsmart groomers and groomer facilitators. Apprentices must also attend continuing education courses in order to learn the latest in pet styling techniques and trends.

Lastly, all applicants must possess a valid Groomer License issued by their local government. Following successful completion of the program, Petsmart will provide a certificate of completion, along with references, credentials, and other materials that can be used in the process of obtaining state certification in animal grooming.

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 Reviews for Petsmart Dog Grooming Training

Petsmart Dog Grooming Training offers comprehensive courses that teach dog owners how to properly groom their pets. Reviews of the program are overall positive from both current and past participants. One of the main highlights of the program is that it is catered to all types of dogs, regardless of their size or breed. Participants will learn the basics of brushing, bathing, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and the importance of maintaining good hygiene for their pets.

The trainers are highly-skilled professionals who specialize in dog grooming and are highly knowledgeable about the various types of breeds. Each session is personalized to fit the needs of the participant, providing a comprehensive understanding of the key elements of grooming a pet. Petsmart also provides a full range of grooming supplies including brushes, combs, shampoo, and nail clippers.

The majority of participants state that their dogs are better behaved after taking the course. Some people also reported that they felt more confident in their own grooming skills and felt better equipped to groom their pets themselves without professional help.

In general, reviews of Petsmart Dog Grooming Training are overwhelmingly positive and many participants praise the instructors for their professionalism and skill. Customers are also very satisfied with the quality of the grooming supplies provided, as well as the additional services offered. Petsmart is an excellent option for those looking to groom their pet in a professional setting and ensure that they are treated with the utmost care.


Q. Is Petsmart grooming training paid?

A. Yes, Petsmart grooming training is paid. Training consists of both paid online classes as well as in-store shadowing and hands-on instruction. Trainees are paid an hourly rate for their time.

Q. Are Petsmart groomers certified?

A. No, Petsmart groomers are not certified. Petsmart does, however, provide its groomers with extensive training and ongoing education. Additionally, all groomers must complete Petsmart’s Animal Care and Grooming Certification program before they can begin working in a Petsmart Grooming Salon.


The Petsmart Dog Grooming Training program is an excellent option for those looking to become proficient in grooming and caring for their own pets. The training covers all aspects of grooming, from the basics to more advanced techniques. The staff is highly qualified and knowledgeable in their field to provide a comprehensive and safe learning experience. While there are other training programs available, Petsmart Dog Grooming Training provides an extensive and practical skill set that can be used to improve the quality of life for a pet.

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