Why Does My Dog Lick Me After Eating? [& How To Stop Them]


If you have ever owned a dog, you will be very familiar with the common question of why does my dog lick me after eating? This not only happens to humans, but also to other animals and even other dogs! So what is it all about? We aim to explore the reasons behind your dog licking you (or others) after eating and how to stop them!

It’s a Sign of Affection

Dogs don’t have hands, so they can’t give you a handshake or a pat on the back. But they do have tongues, which is basically the next best thing (at least in their minds).

So when your pup comes up for some loving he’s not just being polite–he wants you to know he’s grateful for all you’ve done for him.

He might even want an extra hug or two! If it’s bothering you, there are plenty of ways to show your pet that you love him without letting him get too close: pet his head, offer a few pats on the butt, share a quick scratch under the chin. If that doesn’t work, try distracting him with toys or playtime!

They’re Trying to Tell you Something

Dogs have a lot of ways of communicating with us, and licking is one of the more common ones. If your pup licks you immediately after he finishes his meal, this behavior could mean that he is trying to tell you something.
There are two possible explanations for why they might be doing it

1: They’re just trying to get attention.
2: They are trying to get you to give them more food.
The best way to prevent your dog from licking you while they eat is to not let them eat in the same room as you.
They will still want attention, but this way they won’t try to communicate their hunger or demand more food by licking you.

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It may also help to put a barrier between you and your pup (like putting a chair between you), so that if he tries to come closer, there’s nothing for him to reach. You can also try giving him food puzzles like these Kong Wobbler Treat Toys to keep him occupied!

They could be sick

There are many reasons why your dog might be licking you after licking their food. One of the most common is that they are sick with a virus or an infection. In some cases, this can even be fatal for your pet.
You may also notice your dog licking you if they have fleas.
If your dog licks you often but doesn’t seem to have any other symptoms, this could just mean they enjoy being close to you.

If your pet has suddenly started licking more often, take him/her in for a vet check-up immediately!

They might be stressed

One reason your dog might be licking you is because they are stressed. Stress can manifest itself in a variety of ways, and licking can be one sign.
Some common signs of stress in dogs include pacing, panting, hiding or trying to escape from their environment.

Licking is another way dogs show that they’re stressed out or anxious. If your pup licks you excessively, it may be time to take them to the vet to make sure they don’t have an underlying medical condition.

For example, anxiety can cause excessive licking as well as rapid breathing and shaking in the body. Dogs with diabetes will lick themselves excessively due to nerve damage associated with high blood sugar levels.

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There are also some medications which may cause excessive self-licking including antidepressants, antipsychotics, mood stabilizers and antihistamines.

They could be bored

Why Does My Dog Lick Me After Eating?

Do you know why your dog lick you after a meal? It might be because they’re bored. Dogs get a lot of mental stimulation from interacting with their family and going on walks, but some breeds may need more activity than others.

Make sure your pup gets enough exercise every day, so they don’t turn to licking you as their only source of entertainment.
You can also buy puzzle toys that dispense treats for the dog to figure out, or hide treats around the house for your pup to sniff out.

Avoid getting in any type of altercation with a dog who is licking you: You never want this interaction to end in an altercation.
If you feel like things are escalating quickly, take a break and go into another room together before continuing the game.

How to Stop Your Dog From Licking You After They Eat

Dogs are in tune with their human companions. They’re so happy when they’ve been given a tasty treat that they want to share it with the person who gave it to them.

To prevent dogs from licking people, it’s important to keep your pet on a short leash, not letting them get close enough for an effective lick. If your canine is sitting or laying down, you may also try pushing their muzzle away from you.

Just like giving a toddler an ice cream cone, be prepared for drool all over your clothes!

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Dogs are social creatures, and the licking is a way of showing affection. It’s important not to discourage this behavior, as it can lead your pup to act out in other ways.

Be sure to always feed your pup on a designated mat or place, so that the floor doesn’t get smeared with food.
You can also try giving your pet a chew toy before mealtime, so that they have something else at their disposal.


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