How Many Nipples Do Male Dogs Have?

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In most cases, male dogs have eight nipples located near their front legs, one on each side. However, some dogs may have additional nipples. Large dog breeds, in particular, may have up to ten nipples, while some giant breeds may have up to twelve nipples. Non-neutered male dogs may also develop nipples along their penis or their anus. Regardless of the number of nipples, all nipples found on male dogs will generally be undeveloped and non-functional as male dogs do not have the mammary glands that secrete milk for the puppies, so the nipples are not used in the same way as female dogs. Instead, the nipples are considered to be “active” areas that are often times sensitive to touch and temperature changes.

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Male dogs typically have eight nipples, which are located on their chest, belly, and ribcage. The nipples on male dogs, like those on female dogs, are vestigial organs and do not serve any purpose in a functional sense.

What are Nipples?

Nipples are small, sensitive curves of skin that reside on the chest where the ribs and breast attach. They are made of inner erectile tissue which can become aroused and harden when stimulated, surrounded by a circle of glandular tissues. Nipples are connected to the mammary glands which produce milk for lactating mammals.

Male Dog Nipples

Male dog nipples, like those of males in other mammal species, serve no purpose for reproduction. Dogs have nipples because they are mammals and nipples are a trait that all mammals carry, regardless of gender. Male dog nipples are not capable of producing milk, just like their human counterparts. Unlike their female counterparts, however, male dog nipples have no reproductive function and serve no purpose.

Where Are Dog Nipples Located?

Dog nipples are generally located along the midline of the abdomen, just behind the front legs. In some cases, nipples may be found lower on the body, such as near the groin area.

Can The Number Of Nipples Change On A Dog?

Yes, the number of nipples on a dog can change from the normal 8 to 10 nipples that are usually present. Dogs can be born with a higher number of nipples called supernumerary nipples, or they can lose nipples due to an injury or other health condition. In some cases, an altered number of nipples is caused by a dog’s genetics.

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Do Male Dog Nipples Go Away?

No, male dog nipples are permanent and do not go away.

My Male Dog Has No Nipples

Male dogs do not typically have nipples, so it is perfectly normal for your male dog to not have visible nipples. However, males do have nipples, which are sometimes visible and sometimes not. The reason you don’t see them is that mammary glands are more developed in female dogs than in male dogs. Male nipples are most noticeable at the time of birth.

Male Dog Nipples Black

Male dog nipples are typically black in color due to excessive pigmentation of the skin. This increased pigmentation helps protect the nipples from sunburn and other environmental pressures. In contrast, female nipples will generally be a lighter pink to red color.

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Male dogs’ nipples look similar to female dogs’ nipples, but typically a bit smaller. They are usually round, darker in color, and are found in rows down the dog’s stomach and chest. In most cases, there are two rows of nipples.

Do Larger Dog Breeds Have More Nipples?

Yes, the number of a dog’s nipples can vary depending on a dog’s breed and size. Some small dogs only have 6, while large dogs can have up to 12 nipples.

How Many Nipples Does A Female Dog Have?

Female dogs typically have eight nipples, four on either side of their abdomen, though this can vary depending on the size and breed of the dog. The nipples are connected to mammary glands and secrete milk for the dog’s puppies to feed on when nursing.

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Why Do Male Dogs Have Nipples?

Male dogs have nipples for the same reasons that all male mammals do. Just like with humans, male dogs have nipples because it is a vestigial trait that is inherited from their ancestors. The nipples of male dogs are not functional and they do not produce milk. Instead, nipples are the remnants of the internal structures of the female reproductive system.

During fetal development, male and female mammals come from the same tissue, and in the undifferentiated state, both sexes develop nipples. The nipples of male mammals remain during their development because their purpose is to provide the pleasure and comfort that comes from being able to suckle. This activity helps calm and release stress in many animals, including dogs.

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Why Do Male Dogs Have So Many Nipples?

Dogs, like other mammals, develop nipples in utero. This means that male and female puppies have nipples before they are even born. The nipples then start to develop and grow until a certain point in the pregnancy. However, in male puppies, they typically stop growing after a certain point and don’t develop into “functional” nipples like those of female puppies. Basically, male dogs have many nipples due to a process called “nipple proliferation” that happens in utero.

Why Do Male Dogs Have Big Nipples?

Male dogs have nipples just like female dogs do, though their nipples may be larger and more prominent due to the presence of testosterone.

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To tell a male dog nipple from a tick, you should look closely at the raised bump. Ticks are small, dark, and flat, while male dog nipples are generally larger and more rounded. Male dog nipples also have a darker base near the skin and a more pronounced tip. Additionally, the skin around a male dog’s nipple may be darker or may have more fur growing around it. If you’re still unsure, consult with a veterinarian to confirm if the bump is a nipple or a tick.

Do Nipples Ever Cause Problems for Male Dogs?

Yes, nipples can cause problems for male dogs in some cases. Male dogs can experience smegma build-up, hygiene issues, and irritation in the neglected area. Smegma, a cheese-like buildup of skin oils, bacteria, and dead skin cells, can accumulate between the flaps of skin surrounding the nipples, creating an environment where bacteria can accumulate. This can lead to skin infections and irritation. Additionally, poor hygiene can cause skin problems, such as yeast and bacterial infections, resulting in inflammation and itching. In some cases, infected nipples may be painful due to bacteria or yeast. If neglected, more serious consequences, such as abscesses or tumors, can occur. Fortunately, regular cleaning and grooming can help prevent many of these issues and keep your dog comfortable.

There are several health problems associated with male dogs’ nipples. These include infections, cysts, tumors, foreign bodies, and even cancer.

  • Nipple Infections: infections can occur due to underlying skin conditions such as allergies or other irritations, and can form cysts or abscesses that need to be treated with antibiotics. Symptoms can include redness, swelling, and discharge from the nipples.
  • Cysts: Cysts are small, rubbery lumps that form under the skin. They are usually painless and can range in size from pea-sized to larger. Cysts can become infected or contain fluid. They must be surgically removed if they cause pain or interfere with movement.
  • Tumors: Tumors in male dogs’ nipples can range from benign to malignant. It is important for owners to keep an eye on the development of any lump or bump in the nipple area and seek treatment from a veterinarian if a tumor is suspected.
  • Foreign Bodies: Pieces of debris, such as grass awns, can become trapped and cause an infection in the nipple. This type of infection is typically treated with antibiotics.
  • Cancer: Cancer of the nipple is rare, but it can occur in male dogs. Symptoms can include a lump on the nipple, enlargement of the breast tissue, and pain or bleeding from the nipple area. Early detection and treatment with surgery or radiation are the most successful ways to treat this type of cancer.
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Q. How many nipples does a male dog suppose to have?

A. A male dog typically has eight nipples.

Q. Do boy dogs have 4 nipples?

A. Yes, male dogs, like other male mammals, usually have eight to ten nipples.

Q. Do dogs have 6 or 8 nipples?

A. Dogs have 8 nipples.

Q. How many nipples do male puppies have?

A. Male puppies have eight nipples.

Q. Do male dogs have more than 2 nipples?

A. Yes, male dogs can have more than 2 nipples. The average number of nipples in male dogs is between 8 and 10.


In conclusion, male dogs typically have eight nipples, although some breeds may have slightly more. Generally, male dogs’ nipples will be located beneath the rib cage near the front legs, and towards the stomach.  To ensure the health of your pet, it is advised to check male dogs for any unusual nipple growths. If anything appears out of the ordinary, consult your veterinarian for proper medical advice.

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