How To Find The Best Cat Collar: A Journey For First-Time Pet Owners


Having a pet for the first time can be both thrilling and nerve-wracking, with the joy of holding a life in your hands while thinking of the best way to love and protect them simultaneously. With that said, your pet, especially your feline friend, needs an accessory that can allow them to be safe at most times.  

Why Cats Need Cat Collars

Putting a cat collar on your cat can be difficult, especially for those cats who will put them on for the first time. They may resist or remove it, but putting them on your pet is necessary. The most important thing a collar can provide is identification, allowing anyone to know that a cat is not a stray and has a rightful owner. Hence, making them safe from animal control catchers. By putting your contact information on the collar, anyone can contact you or return your cat if it wanders off or gets lost. Other features of cat collars can serve other purposeful uses, such as bells to hear where they are or even quick-release locks in case they get stuck. It can also have a color such as reflective collars or a design to provide a good look for your cat and keep them safe while walking outside.

Types Of Cat Collars

Cats have been living alongside humans for as long as civilization has existed. Due to the need for humans to protect their properties, including their cats, cat collars were created. This necklace with a label allows someone to distinguish and identify the cat, making them safe from possible hunters or animal controls. 

When looking for a collar for your cat, it’s essential to know the different types. That way, you can pick one that is right for your cat. The most common ones are:

  1. Quick Release Cat Collars

Adventurous cats can get their collar trapped in things outside, so it’s vitally important that you choose a quick release cat collar for them. These collars break away when your cat becomes trapped, ensuring they make it home safe.  

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Breakaway Cat Collar from

  1. Elastic Or Stretch Collars

If you’re looking for a different cat collar material that can help your cat get away when stuck in a tangled situation, elastic collars are a great option. These collars are durable materials that you can adjust according to your cat’s size and further elasticize to let them loose when trapped.  

  1. Bell Collars
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Bells can either be a good indicator that they are in the area or can prevent them from catching random birds by alerting them of their presence. A bell attached to your cat’s collar can keep other animals safe from being played with or attacked by your cat and for them to be spotted and recognized, even in the dark.

  1. Flea Collars

A particular type of collar for cats infected with fleas is a flea collar. These have chemicals that can help ward off these fleas, which can cause illnesses and make your cat sick if left untreated. You can get these from the local veterinarian, guaranteeing a suitable flea collar for your cat’s needs.

You can choose among the above depending on your preferences and your cat’s needs. You may also have your cat collar customized to have mixed features from the above choices.

Factors To Consider When Finding The Best Cat Collar

Factors To Consider When Finding The Best Cat Collar
Factors To Consider When Finding The Best Cat Collar

If you’re heading to the shop to get a collar for your cat, here are several factors you may consider to help you decide which cat collar to get for your little feline friend:

  1. Size 

The most vital factor to consider is the size and dimensions of the cat collar you are planning to purchase for your cat. The length of the collar will define how tight or loose it will be. Tight collars make the cat very uncomfortable and make eating and breathing difficult. On the other hand, when it’s too loose, they can effortlessly get out of it, or the gap may get caught on different things, hooking them on latches and other stuff. It can also cause discomfort by being in their way and may even irritate your feline. 

The thickness of the collar is also another thing to consider. The temperature of the environment, the cat’s size and type of fur, and the material are needed in looking for the right thickness of your cat collar. Keep in mind that the thicker it is, the heavier it will be around your friend’s neck; too heavy may cause them to be very uncomfortable and off balance. The lighter it is, the better the cat collar will be.

  1. Color

Color may not be the most crucial factor to consider when getting a cat collar, but it is also a great place to start when choosing a cat collar for the first time. You can pick a color that compliments their fur very well, or you can select anything that matches their personality. Some even allow the cat to choose the color they want by providing them several options and allowing the cat to approach which they like the most. 

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For practicality, a cat collar must have a color that is visible enough to be seen even at night, especially if they like walking around outdoors. This way, they won’t go unnoticed, hence preventing accidents. The color can also be a good indicator when looking for them, and options such as neon or reflective colors are available.

  1. Material Used

Cat collars come in different materials you can choose from. The usual materials types are polyester, microfiber, mesh, or the softest one, cotton. These types are the favorite ones in the market due to their properties, such as lightness and inability to get moisture and dirt stuck in them. Aside from that, these materials are comfortable for many cats to wear.  

Suppose you’re planning to stray away from the commercial types. In that case, you can get your cat a collar with nylon webbing, velvet, leather, or other synthetic materials with waterproof properties. These materials can provide a more high-end feel for your cat; however, make sure that you check first if the cat is allergic to the said material or not. Lastly, considering your cat’s fur when picking the right material is also needed since longer furs may get caught on the collar.

  1. Type Of Lock Used

A snugly fit lock is placed at the end of the material to keep the cat collar in place. There are many types of locks with different mechanisms securing the cat collar in place and adjusting it to its proper length. However, the best lock option will be the breakaway cat collar, a type of lock with a safety release. It loosens when it reaches a certain amount of force, usually when a cat gets stuck and struggles to get out. This feature can prevent them from getting stuck in branches, fences, or other places where the cat collar can get caught. 

Be sure that the material used for the lock will not be too heavy, as this can throw off their balance. And if the lock is made from metal, ensure it is not magnetic, as it can get your cat caught on a magnetic surface. Assure that the lock is also rust-proof, not to harm your cat’s health. If made from plastic, be sure that there are no sharp or scratching edges that may cause discomfort for your pet.

  1. Additional Features You Can Choose From
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Though optional and varied, some accessories you can attach to your cat collars are pendants, tags, bells, trackers, or cameras. Pendants can come with various designs that may reflect your cat’s personality or simply make them look cuter. Tags can include your contact information and the cat’s information, which can be very helpful, especially when the feline loves going on walks outdoors. 

For a more high-tech accessory, a tracker can be attached to the cat collar, allowing the owner to know where their pet is anytime. Another high-tech attachment can be small cameras attached to the collar, which can be an interesting attachment, especially for those who love to tour around the neighborhood.

These features may or may not be necessary for your cat, and the choice will always end up with what is best for them at the end of the day. You have made the right choice as long as your cat is comfortable and secure in the chosen cat collar.

What To Expect With Cats Wearing Cat Collars For The First Time

The feeling of wearing something for the first time might confuse your cat and cause them to excessively scratch it while trying to remove the collar. If left untreated, this behavior can lead to them wounding themselves. As a pet owner, understand that introducing a new accessory can be an initially uncomfortable experience for your little friend. Helping them adjust to it by slowly introducing it beforehand can be the most helpful way. Note that initial discomfort may be normal, but if the collar starts to hurt or put them in pain, it may be best to check for alternatives. Collars are supposed to make your cat feel comfortable in it in the first place. 


Choosing a cat collar can be challenging, especially for first-time pet owners, but there are many factors to help and guide you in choosing them. Some of these are the size, color, material used, type of lock used, and additional features you can select from. Choose whichever makes your cat the most comfortable.