Grooming Your Dog With Bark Avenue Grooming Services

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Dog grooming has a number of benefits, one of the most obvious of which is that it improves the health of your four-legged friend and reduces the need for trips to the veterinarian. Professional groomers can do wonders for the cleanliness and odor of your dog by cleaning and brushing their teeth, cutting their nails, and taking care of their skin. This will also improve your dog’s overall appearance.

Advantages of Grooming Your Dog Especial with a Professional

Let’s take a look at the top ten advantages of getting your dog professionally groomed in case you are in the market for a groomer for your four-legged pal.

1. The coat of your dog will be in good health and sparklingly shiny.

Regular grooming is known to stimulate the production of natural oil in your dog’s coat, and this occurs regardless of the breed of dog or the length of its hair. This results in shinier and healthier hair. A coat that has not been groomed attracts a lot of dirt, and simply brushing it can remove dead skin as well as everything that is in between.

If you are unsure of how this works, the explanation is straightforward: brushing can provoke the spreading of the natural oils all over your pet’s coat, making it appear healthier and shiner than it would otherwise.

2. Improving Your Dog’s Appearance with the Help of a Professional Groomer

This one may be stating the obvious, but it is important enough to bring up nonetheless. Grooming your furry friend on a regular basis will not only provide them with obvious health benefits, but it will also make them look much nicer. A fashionable appearance can also be a positive reflection on you as the owner, so you’ll feel proud walking your well-groomed dog just about anywhere they go.

3. Risk Of Bone Deformations Or Bad Posture Wiil Be Reduced

The risk of bone deformations or bad posture can be reduced by maintaining a regular grooming routine and keeping the nails trimmed. The clipping of your dog’s nails is an often-overlooked but unquestionably necessary component of their overall health. 

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Nails that have been allowed to grow too long not only make it uncomfortable for your pet to walk, but they are also a painful condition in and of themselves. In the long run, they are also capable of leading to a variety of potential health conditions. As a result of this, having your nails trimmed as part of your regular grooming routine is strongly recommended.

4. The risk of ear infections is decreased when the animal is groomed by a professional.

The ears of your pet are another area that attracts dirt and is a common site for the development of ear infections. Our recommendation is that you take your pet to a groomer so that cotton swabs are not used on it by you. This will not only allow you to see how their ears should be handled, but it will also allow you to detect any potential ear infections early on.

5. It will make it possible to identify problems with both the skin and the body.

Paying your dog a visit to a professional groomer on a regular basis can also assist you in identifying any potential health conditions that your dog may have developed.

Going to the groomer on a regular basis will familiarize the groomers with your dog, which will allow them to detect any abnormalities in the skin, teeth, or other areas of the dog’s body before they develop into more serious problems.

Identifying problems on the surface of your pet’s skin, such as lumps and bumps, tangled fur, or a mass of tangled fur, can stop the progression of any serious condition.

6. Less frequent shedding of their fur

When you brush your dog’s hair on a regular basis, you not only promote good health and a coat that is glossy, but you also prevent your dog from shedding. Your pets will shed less hair and help to contribute to making your home a cleaner place once you take them to the groomer to have their dead hair removed and their short hair prepared.

7. An Excellent Activity For Dogs That Suffer From Anxiety

There are some dogs that do suffer from anxiety, and their owners frequently have a hard time bringing them to the groomer for a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

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Grooming is an essential part of their life, and being clean and healthy is not a punishment but rather a benefit. Helping them understand this can be accomplished by brushing their fur and positioning them in a more advantageous position.

8. Highly recommended for a complete and thorough eye cleaning

Grooming will help with more than just keeping your dog clean, especially if your dog has a lot of gunk in its eyes. Cotton balls are frequently used in the course of routine dog grooming to perform a thorough cleaning around the dog’s eyes. protecting their eyes from getting irritated by the discharge that has a tendency to build up around their eyes.

Even with a cotton ball, it may be difficult to remove long-term buildups; therefore, if you notice any excessive or discolored eye discharge, it is best to consult a medical professional as soon as possible.

9. Cleaning of feces and other sanitary details

Your dog’s coat needs trimming everywhere. A healthy coat is one that is free of loose hair and does not have any mats. This includes the more private areas of your dog’s body as well; regular sanitary trims and poop cleaning help relieve any anal gland problems and keep tangles and unwanted hair at bay.

The fact that their dogs may still have feces stuck on their fur is something that many dog owners are unaware of. If you want to avoid your dog experiencing any irritation, you should remove any feces from your dog’s coat as soon as possible. Therefore, grooming your dog in these areas will not make them uncomfortable; on the contrary, they will find it to be a relief.

10. Not only does it eliminate the offensive odor, but it also stops bad breath.

Brushing your dog’s teeth will not only help them maintain a healthy immune system, but it will also keep their breath fresh. Even though they are animals, our canine friends still deserve to have proper and regular grooming in order to be happy. It is recommended that you spend some time doing this in order to prevent allergic reactions, irritations, and a variety of health disorders. Visiting a professional groomer on a regular basis will provide you with the peace of mind that you are not causing your dog any kind of discomfort.

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Are you interested in scheduling your next grooming appointment? You should book an appointment with Bark Avenue Grooming today. 

Bark Avenue Grooming, Who Are They?

Dogs can expect only the best from Bark Avenue Grooming, a pet grooming service located on Bark Avenue. California and Texas are just two of the many states where the company maintains a physical presence. Professionals at each location share a deep love for animals and are committed to doing their best for the pets in their care.

What Services Does Bark Avenue Grooming Provide?

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The dog groomers at Bark Avenue Grooming have years of experience and formal education in the field. Each pet receives the individual attention it deserves thanks to its expertise in the specific grooming requirements of various dog breeds and its use of high-quality tools and supplies. The groomers at Bark Avenue Grooming will treat your dog with the utmost care and attention, whether they just need a bath or a full grooming package.

Bark Avenue Grooming offers more than just grooming services; they also offer daycare, boarding, and training for your pet. The company provides a number of activities designed to keep dogs of all ages and sizes engaged and happy throughout the day, and they have designated play, rest, and socialization areas for the dogs. The company offers training services to help dogs and their owners bond while learning new skills like obedience and agility.

Bark Avenue Grooming also provides in-home grooming via their mobile grooming service. If you have a busy schedule or have trouble getting your pet to the groomer, this service is for you.

Service Fees That Are Available

Dog Breeds 1-19 LbsBath Package~  $37-$52Trim & Tidy~  $62-$72Full Groom~  $72 and Up

Sample of Breeds:Shih Tzu, Pomeranian, Yorkie, Maltese, Papillon, Poodle, Mixes or anything with that 1-19 lb mark
Dog Breeds 20-49 Lbs

Bath Package~  $52-$62Trim & Tidy~  $72-$82Full Groom~  $82 and Up
Sample of Breeds:Shih Tzu, Cockers, Havanese, Boston Terriers, Mixes or anything with that 20-49 lb mark
Dog Breeds 50-79 Lbs
Bath Package~  $62-$72Trim & Tidy~  $82-$92Full Groom~  $102 and Up
Sample of Breeds:Labs, Goldens, Pitbulls, Border Collies, Aussies, Mixes or anything with that 50-79 lb mark
Dog Breeds 80-99 Lbs
Bath Package~  $72-$92Trim & Tidy~  $92-$105Full Groom~  $105 and Up
Sample of Breeds:Goldens, Aussies, German Shepherds, Mixes, or anything with that 80-99 lb mark
Dog Breeds 100 lbs and Up

Bath Package~  $92-$105Trim & Tidy~  $105-$120Full Groom~  $125 and Up
Sample of Breeds:Labs, Goldens, Mastiffs, Danes, Mixes,  or anything with that100 lbs and up mark
Any Doodle!
1-19 lbs~ $57-$82-$9220-49 lbs~ $67-$92-$10550-79 lbs~ $85-$105-$12580-99 lbs~ $95-$115-$145100 lbs and up~ $105-$125-$155because Doodles have special grooming requirements, they have special pricing.Bath-Trim&Tidy-Full Groom

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