Teaching Your Dog Basic Commands: What Every Pup Should Know


Welcome, fellow dog parents! If you’re here, you’re looking for ways to teach your pup some basic commands.

Whether you just got a puppy or have had one for a while, teaching them commands is an important part of their training and growth. By teaching them basic commands, you’ll be able to build a better relationship with your puppy and make sure that they are well-behaved and listen to you.

In this article, we’ll talk about teaching your dog basic commands: what every pup should know. So, let’s get started and get your pup on its way to becoming an obedient and well-mannered pup!

Teaching Your Dog Basic Commands: What Every Pup Should Know
Teaching Your Dog Basic Commands: What Every Pup Should Know

What Are The Basic Commands For Dogs?

It will take a lot of effort and patience to train your dog.

Your puppy may pick up on training immediately or take a few attempts before it fully understands an instruction. However, you and your new puppy can develop a deep bond with time and commitment.

If you cannot manage time to train your dog, you take assistance from professionals like allbreeds boarding kennels to ensure your dog is well groomed and well mannered.

Now that you know their name, the next best option for training your puppy is the five fundamental instructions.

  • Come
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Leave it
  • Stay are some examples of these orders.

Using these cues from a young age, you can instill a sense of obedience and self-control in your puppy. You may now take them on outings and entertain guests in your home.

Teaching Your Dog Basic Commands: What Every Pup Should Know

You can’t be a good dog parent without first teaching your dog the basics. So, start with the following basic commands for dogs.

1. Come

Teaching your furry pet the command “come” or “come here!” is crucial. Training your dog to come when called will simplify your trips to a dog park and walks in the park.

Here is a detailed plan for getting your puppy to respond to its name.

  • A leash and collar are required to teach the dog this command. Bring your pup to you by pulling on the leash and calling it over.
  • set up a safe place to practice where you can’t get hurt. This will keep your dog from running away while learning the command.
  • Next, choose a word or phrase that you can use to get them to come to you. You could choose “Come” or “Here” or something easy for your dog to remember.
  • Once you’ve decided on a command, call your dog’s name to get their attention. As soon as they look at you, tell them to come. When they do, praise them and give them a treat.
  • Keep practicing the command in different places, like the backyard, the park, or the living room. This will show your dog that the command can be used anywhere.
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2. Sit

Teaching your dog to “sit” is much simpler than teaching them other commands. Remember to follow the instructions below carefully if you want to show your pup this trick:

  • Start by giving treats to your dog. Treats are a great way to get your dog to listen to you and do what you ask.
  • Hold one of the treats and tell your dog to sit. Put your hand in front of your puppy’s nose and move it up and away from them.
  • Say “sit” in a firm but encouraging voice when your puppy’s back end is close to the ground. At the same time, put a light touch on the puppy’s backside.
  • Give the treat to your dog right away. This will reinforce the behavior and encourage your puppy to keep doing what you want.
  • Do the same thing several times.
  • Don’t give up on your puppy if it doesn’t understand the command right away.

3. Down or Lay Down

Teaching your dog to stay down is one of the more challenging commands to master. Puppies, like dogs in general, are very happy and appreciative creatures, and they often show this by leaping up on people’s laps to show it. But if you use the proper steps, you can train your puppy to do this in a couple of hours. The steps are:

  • Before you begin, you will need a few things. You’ll need a clicker (or a marker word like “yes”) and treats. You should also have a soft surface, like a carpeted area or mat.
  • Start by teaching your puppy the “down” command. Say the word calmly and firmly, and then show them what you mean by gently pushing their bottom to the ground.
  • Say “down” and wait for your puppy to obey to see if it understands the command. If they don’t, gently push their bottoms down to get them to move.
  • When your dog is lying down, click the clicker and give them a treat.

This will show them that they did something right and encourage them to keep doing it.

  • Once your dog steadily lays down, you can start to make it harder. You can start by asking your puppy to stay down for longer or moving away from them while they stay down.
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4. Leave it

It’s important to teach your puppy the basic command “Leave it” as part of their obedience training. It keeps them from getting into things they shouldn’t, like food off the counter or something they shouldn’t chew on. Here are the steps you need to take to teach your puppy “Leave it.”

  • Use a treat to get your dog into the position you want. Say “Leave it,” and treat them if your dog stays in position.
  • Put a treat on the ground before your dog. When your dog moves toward the treat, tell it, “Leave it,” and give it a treat immediately.
  • Once your dog has learned the “Leave it” command with the help of treats, start adding other things to keep him busy. Put a toy before your dog and tell them to “leave it.” If they stay where you want them, give them a treat.
  • Get more and more distracting. Put a toy on the floor, and then add noises or other things that move or make noises. If your dog stays in the position and ignores the other things around it, give it a treat.
  • Put a treat on the ground, and then walk away. Tell your dog to “Leave it” and treat it if it stays in the position.
  • Begin to add duration. Put a treat on the ground and tell your dog to “Leave it.” If your dog stays in the position for as long as you want, treat them as a reward.
  • Start adding only verbal cues. Give the command “Leave it” without using any other cues, like hand motions or treats. Give your dog a treat when they stay in the position.

5. Stay

Teaching your puppy the basic command “stay” is a great way to ensure that your puppy will stay put even when there are a lot of distractions around. This is an important command to teach your puppy because it keeps them safe and secure. You can take a few easy steps to teach your dog to “stay.”

  • Teach your dog the command. Saying “stay” in a clear, firm voice can help. This will show your pup that this is a very important command that should be followed.
  • Give your dog a treat when it does what you tell it to do. This will help the dog remember that if he does what he is told, he will get a treat. Make sure to give the treat quickly and verbally praise the dog.
  • Increase the length of time your pup must stay in place before they receive their reward gradually. Start with a few seconds and gradually increase the length of time your pup must stay in place.
  • Begin to add distractions once your pup has mastered staying in place for a few seconds. This can be done by having a friend or family member call your pup’s name or by having them move around the room. This will test your pup’s ability to stay in place even when distracted.
  • Make sure to practice in different places, with different people, and while doing different things. This will help make sure that your puppy will obey the command even when it is exposed to different kinds of stimuli.
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Pro Tips for Teaching Your Pup Basic Commands

It doesn’t matter what kind of orders you teach your dog. Your furry friend will get it if you stay patient, cool, and consistent. Here are some tips for teaching your pup any basic command:

  • Make it fun!

Teaching your dog something should be fun for both of you. Give them treats, toys, or praise for their hard work.

  • Keep it simple

Break down commands into small steps, and don’t move on until your dog has mastered each step.

  • Have patience

Training your dog can take time, so you’ll need patience.

  • Be consistent

Make sure you always use the same commands and rewards.

  • Start small

Start with short training sessions and make them longer as your dog gets more comfortable.

  • Keep it positive

Key is to use positive reinforcement! Make sure to give your dog a treat when it does something good.

  • Have a routine

Set up a routine for training and stick to it.

  • Reward good behavior

It’s important to reward your pup for good behavior. Give them treats or verbal praise when they do something right. If your dog refuses to take treats from your hand, look for reasons and work on them.

  • Practice makes you better

Practice, practice, practice! When teaching your puppy a new command, repetition is key.


Teaching your puppy how to do things can be fun and rewarding.

With instructions on teaching your dog basic commands: what every pup should know, and a little patience and consistency, it won’t take long for your puppy to obey basic commands.

So don’t wait; start today, and enjoy the rewarding experience of teaching your pup some basic commands!


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