How Many Nipples Does a Dog Have? We Have the Answer!

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Dogs have an average of 8-10 nipples, though some dogs may have less or even more, depending on their size and breed. Nipple size and placement will differ too. Dogs come in a variety of sizes and body shapes, so the number of nipples can vary greatly. That said, male dogs usually have fewer nipples than female dogs. Male dogs have between 6 to 8 nipples, while female dogs usually possess 8 to 10 nipples.

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A dog will typically have 8 nipples, with a varying number of rows depending on the breed. Typically, small and medium-sized dogs will have four rows of two nipples each, while larger breeds tend to have five rows of two nipples each. Some dogs may have fewer or more nipples, and this is normal.

Do All Female Dogs Have Nipples?

Yes, all female dogs have nipples. Just as in humans, they are used to feed their young. Female dogs typically have 8-10 nipples, though the exact number can vary depending on the breed. The nipples are typically located on the underbelly of the body, near the rear legs.

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What Do Dog Nipples Look Like?

Dog nipples, also known as teats, are typically located around the belly area near the back legs. Dog nipples are usually small, un-pigmented bumps on the dog’s skin. They can range in size, shape, and color depending on the breed of dog. In female dogs, the nipples become enlarged and more pronounced when she is in heat. 

What Is The Color Of A Dog’s Nipple?

The color of a dog’s nipple varies based on its coat color. Dogs with light-colored fur typically have pale pink, rosy, or flesh-colored nipples, while dogs with dark fur often have dark brown, black, or gray nipples.

What Is The Purpose Of A Dog’s Nipple?

A dog’s nipple serves a vital purpose to the mother and her puppies. They contain milk and are used to provide nourishment to her puppies after they are born. A dog can produce up to ten nipples, although some may have fewer or more depending on their breed. The puppy will latch onto the nipple of the mother and she will then expel the milk, giving her puppies the essential nutrients they need to grow and stay healthy.

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The most reliable way of determining the sex of a dog is by examining its reproductive organs. In order to do this, the dog must be anesthetized, and then a vet can examine the dog’s external genitalia.

Nipples can be used by experienced breeders as a general indication of gender, as female dogs may have noticeably more nipples than male dogs. However, this is not an absolute indicator as some individual males can have nipples present and some females may have fewer nipples than average.

What About Nipples in Pregnant Dogs?

Nipples usually become enlarged and more obvious as the pregnancy progresses in dogs. This is normal and is not cause for concern. During the last three weeks of pregnancy, the nipples should start to produce colostrum a milky, yellowish fluid that is a rich source of proteins, carbohydrates, and antibodies which the puppies will need at birth.

How Many Nipples Do Small Dogs Have?

Small dogs usually have eight nipples, four on each side of their body. Like human babies, puppies typically have two rows of nipples located along the underside of the abdomen, beginning near the chest and extending toward the back legs.

How Many Nipples Does A Chihuahua Have?

A Chihuahua typically has 8 nipples, two pairs on each side of its belly. It is important to check their nipples regularly for any signs of infection or injuries, just as you would with a human baby.

How Many Nipples Does A German Shepherd Have?

A German Shepherd usually has eight nipples four on each side of their body. This is typical for most breeds of domestic dogs, but some may have extra nipples due to a common physical mutation called “supernumerary nipples.” This mutation can occur in any breed and can add anywhere from one to seven extra nipples.

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Most mammals, including dogs, typically have an odd number of nipples. The nipples are arranged in two rows and a female typically has from six to eight nipples, while a male typically has four to six. The odd number is because mammals have an extra nipple. This extra nipple is located higher up in the rib cage and is thought to be a vestigial structure, meaning it no longer serves any purpose for the species but is a leftover evolutionary structure.

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What Affects How Many Nipples Dogs Have?

The number of nipples a dog has is largely determined by its breed. Larger breeds typically have more nipples than smaller breeds because they have a greater surface area. Many small breeds have four to eight nipples while larger breeds may have up to 12 or more. Also, male dogs tend to have slightly fewer nipples than females.

In addition, the breed of the mother is also important in determining the number of nipples in a dog. Breeds that commonly have larger litters may have more nipples than those that are more likely to have smaller litters. The nipples can help the puppies locate the mother’s milk source in the first few days of life.

Finally, the age of the dog also plays a role in the number of nipples. Very young puppies may have fewer nipples and as the puppy grows and develops additional nipples may appear. In some cases, young puppies may have been born with undeveloped nipples that will only appear as they get older.

Dog Nipple Health: Conditions Affecting the Nipple

Dog nipples can be affected by several conditions, including nipple tumors, abscesses, mastitis, cysts, hyperplasia, and trauma-related conditions such as lacerations and avulsions. Nipple tumors can be either benign or cancerous. If your dog has any lumps or bumps on the nipples or surrounding tissue, a veterinarian should evaluate them for proper diagnosis and treatment. Abscesses need to be treated promptly, as they can cause infection and further complications. Mastitis is an inflammation of the mammary glands and can be caused by bacterial infections, cysts, or other problems. It can manifest as redness, swelling, heat, and pain in the affected area. Hyperplasia is a noncancerous overgrowth of breast tissue that can cause pain and discomfort for the dog. Lastly, lacerations and avulsions can occur due to trauma, such as hitting the nipples on hard objects or playing rough with other animals. All of these conditions should be evaluated by a veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment.

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Male dog nipples are typically just as functional as those found on female dogs. While they don’t produce milk for nursing puppies, they do assist in maintaining hormonal balance. Male dog nipples are typically not prone to any type of infection, but they can become irritated due to skin irritation and other causes.

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Why Do Male Dogs Have Nipples?

Male dogs have nipples because, in mammals, the rudiments of nipples are formed in the embryo regardless of whether an individual is male or female. During the course of development, in females, the nipples continue to grow and develop into the ones we recognize. In males, the nipples remain relatively undeveloped. They still exist though as a vestigial remnant from embryonic development.

Why Do Male Dogs Have So Many Nipples?

Male dogs have so many nipples because the same genetic processes that cause female dogs to grow nipples are present in male dogs during embryonic development. This is part of the evolution of all mammals, as both sexes need nipples in order to feed their young. Even though males don’t typically lactate and feed young, the nipples still remain and may be used for sexual stimulation in some breeds.

Do Male Dog Nipples Go Away?

No, male dog nipples do not go away. Dog nipples are relatively permanent and can vary in size depending on the breed.


Q. How many nipples does a female dog have?

A. Female dogs typically have 8 nipples.

Q. Do male dogs have more nipples?

A. No, male and female dogs have the same number of nipples. All dogs typically have between 8 and 10 nipples.

Q. Does the number of nipples determine the number of puppies?

A. No, the number of nipples does not determine the number of puppies a dog can have. A dog can have any number of puppies, regardless of the number of nipples.

Q. Do dogs have nipples if not pregnant?

A. Yes, both male and female dogs have nipples regardless of pregnancy status.


A dog has at least 8 nipples, but the exact number can vary depending on the breed and size of the dog. Large breeds may have up to 12 to 14 nipples, while smaller breeds may have only 6 to 8 nipples. The nipples are found in two rows on each side of the stomach, just behind the elbows. Nipples may also be visible along the stomach lower near the groin area.