The Best Pets to Own If Your Kid Has Allergies

Make your home fun-filled by introducing a pet to the household. However, not any pet will suffice, especially if you have kids with allergies. You don’t want the little ones sneezing all the time just because you picked the wrong pet!

Cats and dogs are the first ones that come to mind when thinking about pets. Sure, they are cute and lovely! However, most of them will shed and trigger allergies.

Clueless about the pet to choose? Read on as we list down some of the top options that should be on your radar!

8 Best Pets for the Little Ones With Allergies

Allergy is a common chronic illness among children. Several things can be the culprit, and one of the most common is a pet. Not all pets, however, can trigger allergic reactions. As parents, we must be responsible for our choices. Below are some of the best picks for pets.

  1. Tetras
Best Pets to Own If Your Kid Has Allergies
Photo from Christina Gillette from Unsplash

Tetras are a type of freshwater fish that come in a variety of vibrant colors. The most popular types of tetra species include neon tetras, cardinal tetras, and ember tetras. They are generally easy to care for, peaceful, and relatively low-maintenance. Additionally, they produce little dander or allergens, making them a great pet option for children with allergies. Tetras are also active and fun to watch, making them a great choice for children who enjoy observing and learning about aquatic life.

2.      Goldfish

Aside from bettas, small goldfish will also make good pets for children with allergies. It is a bit more difficult to raise than bettas, but with guidance from parents, taking care of a goldfish can be easy for kids. They are also peaceful, so they can live with other fish in a tank. If you are taking care of a goldfish, make sure to use only fresh water in the tank and keep the temperature at approximately 63 degrees Fahrenheit.

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3.      Bearded Dragon

Dander, the dead skin cells from pets, is one of the leading causes of allergies in children. Luckily, even if reptiles shed skin, they do not trigger allergies. Such is the case with bearded dragons. They are friendly and will enjoy human interaction, making them a great choice for children. However, like other reptiles, they are at risk of carrying salmonella, so it is best if you can avoid these pets for children who are below five years old. 

4.      Crested Gecko

Speaking of reptiles, the crested gecko is another safe choice for allergy sufferers. They might look scary and intimidating at first. However, when kids learn how to handle them, you will realize that they are indeed gentle and friendly. They are nocturnal, so they must be fed in the evening. In the morning, leftover food should be removed. For the best quality of life, give them a nice terrarium, which you can decorate with your kids.

5.      Rabbits

The Best Pets to Own If Your Kid Has Allergies

Photo by Gavin Allanwood from Unsplash

Cute rabbits will make another great addition to a household with allergy sufferers. Sure, they have furs like cats and dogs, but the good thing about rabbits is that they shed less, so there is a lesser tendency that they will trigger allergies. Not to mention, they often spend time in a specific spot, such as in the garden, and they do not roam around a lot. They are often kept in an enclosure.

6.      Guinea Pig

Even if a guinea pig has fur, they are great for children with allergies. There are also hairless species, which are great if you want to minimize the potential exposure of children to the fur that can cause allergy symptoms. It is best to not keep it in the bedroom to minimize the chances that it can affect kids. An air purifier will also help, which you must position next to your pet. 

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7.      Parakeet

If you want to build a healthy living environment for kids with allergies without depriving them of the fun of having pets, a parakeet is another nice option. Their bright colors are sure to add fun to any home. A member of the parrot family, these birds are also called budgies. They are tiny but social, enjoying the presence of other creatures, including humans. These birds also like perching on their shoulders and hands, so kids can have close interaction without worrying about allergies.

8.      Corn Snake

Some might call you crazy for introducing a snake as a pet to children. However, it is a good idea, especially because they are great for people with allergies. Choose one that is not aggressive, such as a corn snake. It is also slender and small, so it is easy to keep and not as scary as the others that are larger. They are also not venomous.

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