Basenji Chihuahua Mix: The African Barkless and The Mexican Miracle Dog 2022

Basenji Chihuahua Mix


The Basenji is a medium-sized intelligent dog breed. It has a long thin tail that is curved with a tuft of hair on its end.

The Basenji is most noted for being the only known barkless dog in the world, but it still has other unique characteristics that set it apart from an average dog.

This dog was taken in by humans over 5000 years ago. It is thought to be one of the oldest breeds in existence today.

The Basenji’s long ears are typically pricked up with the tips falling backward, however, when they come across prey, their ears go straight forward. These dogs are highly energetic and intelligent. 

They were also used as hunting dogs in Africa because of their speed and agility on the hunt. Their smile isn’t really a smile at all; it’s actually called a ‘breathing grin’. This is due to them having specific muscles that allow them to flare out their lips when breathing out instead of panting.

The Basenji typically has a short, coarse coat that comes in a variety of colors. Some common colors include red, black, and tricolor. Their coats can also be speckled or spotted as well. The chihuahua is one of the smallest breeds of dog in the world. 

They typically have large upright ears and a long tail that they hold up high above their back, however, it is more uncommon for them to have a full tail because many times this part is docked by breeders shortly after birth due to docking being illegal in some countries now.

Chihuahuas are known to be feisty dogs with lots of energy and affectionate personalities. One trait that can be seen often with these dogs is that when they are resting, they will sit with their front legs stretched out in front of them. 

Chihuahuas are very smart dogs and can be trained to do lots of tricks, however, they have a tendency to get separation anxiety.

They come in many different colors, but some common ones include fawn, white, brown, and black.

What is a Basenji Chihuahua Mix?

Basenji Chihuahua Mix
Image Credit: Pinterest – Basenji Chihuahua Mix

Basenji Chihuahua mix is a crossbreed between a Chihuahua and Basenji. They are known as the Chi-Bas for short or Cha-bas. The Chi-Bas is a very active and intelligent dog.

They will require lots of playtimes, exercise, and training to keep themselves from being destructive or bored.

They are also known to be barkers and howlers, which is another reason they require training as to not annoy neighbors or scare people walking in the neighborhood. 

The Basenji Chihuahua mix is a crossbreed between two purebred breeds, both of which are known to be intelligent and some of the most ancient breeds in the world. 

They also both have very unique traits that set them apart from all other dog breeds and can be very beneficial to one another while mating.

The Chihuahua and the Basenji both have a lot of energy and need lots of playtime and exercise. 

Basenji Chihuahua Mix
Image Credit: Pinterest – Basenji Chihuahua Mix

They can introduce these traits into each other while mating which will create a very energetic dog that needs lots of mental and physical stimulation. 

These dogs are also very intelligent which can be passed down to the puppies as well, creating a dog that is highly trainable and will get bored easily. 

When this occurs, it is very important to make sure the dog is always occupied with a food toy or chew item. 

They will also howl and bark very often which can become a nuisance to neighbors. Both breeds are also known to be dominant and will need strict rules set in place so they can be easily trained and do not become unruly.

When breeding the Chihuahua with the Basenji, there will be a crossbreed between the two breeds. They can produce either a chibi-bas or baschi.

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Chihuahua Dog Breed Information

Chihuahua Dog Breed Information
Chihuahua Dog Breed Information

Chihuahua is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. It is ranked as number 5 according to a survey conducted by the American Kennel Club. They are known for their loyalty, affection, and devotion to their owners. 

Chihuahuas are also ranked as the smallest breed in the world. Their name is derived from Mexico City where they come from.

Chihuahua has a very small body with short legs and finer boning than other dogs of the same size. 

Chihuahua Dog Breed Information
Chihuahua Dog Breed Information
Chihuahua Dog Breed
Chihuahua Dog Breed

It also has an oval-shaped head that boasts of large beautiful eyes, big ears which are erect in shape, and a large nose without any signs of stopping. 

The tail of this breed is long shaped like sickle or watch-spring while its coat comes in a variety of colors like fawn, red, cream, black, and tan, etc.

Chihuahua Dog Breed Information
Chihuahua Dog Breed Information

Chihuahua makes excellent companion dogs besides being good guardians who closely interact with their owners. 

They get easily attached to their owners, thinking of them as their protecting forces. These tiny dogs become good playmates for children of the family. 

However, they are not suitable to be kept as a kennel dogs and need more care and attention from their owner’s side.

Chihuahua is a very healthy breed that can live up to 15 years or more easily if provided with proper nutrition and hygiene conditions. These dogs shed a little amount of hair hence don’t cause much trouble in cleanliness. 

They readily adjust themselves in any climatic condition but during the summer season, it is advisable to keep them indoors where air conditioners are available constantly to avoid heat strokes. 

Chihuahua Dog Breed Information
Chihuahua Puppies

Their small size makes it easy for these creatures to travel anywhere along with their owners including for short travels by roadways etc. Chihuahua is considered one of the designer breeds that have emerged in recent years.

Chihuahuas are also known for intelligence, the ability to learn quickly, and being quick learners that is why they are easily trainable. 

They can be trained by applying some dog obedience training techniques that would help them in learning new commands with ease.

Their small size makes it easy for them to get adopted at any living condition and place.

What is the Chihuahua Bite Force?

Chihuahua Bite Force
Chihuahua Bite Force

I have been asked a couple of times what sort of bite force do Chihuahuas have. Well, I can tell you that it is not known exactly how much they bite force in newtons but the amount in pounds per square inch is about equal to a large rat or small dog. 

Since no one has ever done any kind of research on it, this is just an estimate.

The Chihuahua’s jaw structure and physical characteristics can be attributed to their dental and biting anatomy. 

The teeth of the Chihuahua are small and placed in a Scissor Bite (this means that top teeth cover the lower teeth like scissors). 

Since their bite is not as strong as other larger breeds, Chihuahuas may tend to use their jaw as a weapon.

Now, why do I mention this? Well, because Chihuahua owners need to be aware of the fact that if they choose to adopt a breed with such an undesirable characteristic it means that they must dedicate more time and attention to training and socializing their Chihuahua. 

Owners must be especially careful to use positive training techniques and never punish or scare their dog into submission because the last thing you want is for your little pooch to turn around and bite you out of fear or aggression.

If you are planning on keeping your Chihuahua as a pet, it has to be understood that this is not a typical dog breed; it is an affectionate breed but only when the owner knows how to care for it. 

They are extremely loving creatures and if loved, they will pay you back by becoming great companions.

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Why are chihuahuas so mean?

Why are chihuahuas so mean
Are chihuahuas so mean?

Because chihuahuas are so misunderstood.

Chihuahua’s are a lot like human beings, most of them have a few bad apples. Breeders will tell you that they have never had any problems with their chis, that is because they are usually very specific about only selling the good ones to people.

People that breed or raise large dogs usually have no problems with them because they do not let anyone that is not capable of handling the dogs touch the puppies and they do not sell their pups to just anyone.

They insist that all the people that come and see a litter of puppies have a good understanding of what they are getting into before selling them a dog. 

If someone is not capable of raising the dog properly or has the ability to train it they will not get one of their puppies.

Basenji Dog Breed Overview

Basenji Dog Breed
Basenji Dog Breed

The Basenji is a breed of hunting dog, which originates from Central Africa. It was bred by African tribes as an indoor (indoor) hunting dog. 

It is the only breed of dog which cannot bark, instead it makes a unique yodeling sound. Because of this, it is often known as the “Barkless Dog”.

Working Class Dogs – These are dogs bred to perform a particular job, originally guarding homes and hunting vermin. 

Basenji Dog Breed
Basenji Dog Breed

They need owners who can provide them with a high level of training & ongoing socialization. Not recommended for novice dog owners.

The Basenji is one of the oldest dog breeds in existence today – possibly dating back to Egyptian times over 3500 years ago.

The word Basenji comes from a language in Western Africa and means ‘fireside dog’. The Basenji is a unique breed because it cannot bark, instead, it makes a noise that has been described as similar to a yodel.

It also makes other noises such as whoops, yelps, and clicks. In fact, it is considered one of the most difficult dogs to train in obedience!

Gideon Akande
Basenji Puppy

Another unique feature of the Basenji is its curled tail which sets this apart from all other breeds.

Other features include almond-shaped eyes of dark brown color, erect ears, and close-fitting lips which form an inverted V-shape on its face (a characteristic of many African breeds). 

On the whole, it is a square-proportioned dog, being more long than tall – with males slightly larger than females.

History of Chihuahua: The Mexican Miracle Dog

History of Chihuahua The Mexican Miracle Dog
History of Chihuahua The Mexican Miracle Dog

The Chihuahua originated in northwest Mexico and it is believed that he descends from the Techichi, an ancient dog breed. 

Chihuahuas were used by the Toltec Indians in their rituals. A Chihuahua was found mummified next to a human body at the Tula gravesite of an important Toltec leader that dates back to the 10th century.

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Ancient carvings also depict this little dog with Toltec priests, indicating that they were held in high esteem by the ancient Mexicans.

There are various theories about the name of the breed. Some experts believe that it derives from the Mexican state of Chihuahua, while others maintain that it comes from the name given to one of the most important Aztec gods – Chi-hau-a. 

Another theory is that this dog was named after a tribe located in northern Mexico called the Chihuahua.

In 1848 a Frenchman by the name of M. F. Robert acquired a small number of these dogs from a Mexican mining camp in El Paso, Texas where it is believed they had been brought into North America with the Spanish Conquistadors.

He then bred them in France and gave them the name of their native land.

Today you will find Chihuahuas in various colors, although they are most often fawn or white with dark points (ears, nose, and tail) like the markings on a Rottweiler. They come in two varieties – long-haired and short-haired. 

Their ears can be erect or buttoned over. Their standard weight is 2-6 kg (4-15 lbs.) while that of their miniature counterparts is 1-3 kg (2-10 lbs.).

History of Basenji: The African Barkless Dog

History of Basenji The African Barkless Dog
Basenji: The African Barkless Dog

The Basenji comes from central Africa and it is believed that he descends from a type of dog that the Egyptians used for hunting. Like the Chihuahua, some experts believe that he is one of the oldest breeds in history. 

It is not known when the breed actually appeared, but it is believed that he was domesticated at least 12,000 years ago. 

Some experts believe that the Basenji existed alongside man during his evolution and he may even be one of our very first canine friends.

A small number of these dogs were brought to England in 1895 by Sir Harry Johnston who had traveled widely through Africa. He gave them their name which means “Barkless Dog” in Swahili (the language used by people living on the east coast of Africa). 

The Basenji became popular with North Americans through a film called “The African Queen.”

The Basenji comes in only two colors – red or black although some very brown specimens have been seen. The red and the black Basenji can be distinguished between each other by their nose color. 

The black-colored dogs will have a black nose, while the red ones will have a liver (brown) colored one. Their standard weight ranges from 6-10 kg (13-22 lbs.)

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Appearance and Characteristics of Chihuahua Basenji Mix

Basenji Chihuahua Mix
Chihuahua Basenji Mix – Image Credit:

The chihuahua basenji mix will typically have the erect ears of the basenji mixed with the small stature of the chihuahua, giving it a unique appearance. 

These dogs may also inherit long tails from both breeds that curl up over their back or remain to stick out straight. 

The coat on these dogs can be short like a chihuahua or longer like a basenji, and may come in black and tan, brown and white, red and white, or fawn and white color.

These dogs can be very loyal to their master and make excellent little watchdogs despite not barking much. 

They are highly intelligent making them easier to train than most breeds of their size.

However, since they are highly active small dogs, you will need to exercise them regularly by taking them for frequent leash walks, jogs, or playing ball games in the yard. 

They also enjoy running at large dog parks where they can socialize with other canine pets.

The chihuahua’s basenji mix breed is usually very open towards strangers but may snap when startled or mishandled.

Since they are such small dogs, it is important to keep them close to you whenever you go out as they may be susceptible to the attacks of other larger dogs. 

Also, their coats do not provide much protection against cold weather and can shiver or become ill when exposed for too long to frigid temperatures.

They also need a great deal of attention and affection from their owner and should never be left alone for very long periods at a stretch otherwise they may display some behavioral problems like separation anxiety or nervousness which could result in chewing or digging holes in your home. 

You will also need to be careful about leaving these dogs with children as young ones may mishandle them resulting in injury to the dog. 

Generally, this breed is safe around children only when the dog is well socialized to them. Proper socialization helps in improving their temperament and behavior around children.

Temperament of Chihuahua Basenji Mix

The temperament of a chihuahua basenji mix varies according to the nature and personality of its parents. Like both breeds, this mixed breed is also known to be quiet, even-tempered, and good with children. 

However, the best way to determine its temperament would be to get in touch with one or two previous owners of this breed. 

You should take your time and select the right pup for you to keep its temperamental needs in mind.

A chihuahua and a basenji mix may be more than just a cute puppy that you cuddle. This dog may prove loyal, affectionate, and loving throughout life if properly trained by an experienced owner who can set boundaries for them without harshness. 

A well-balanced diet will also help these dogs remain healthy and fit during their entire lifespan of 12 – 14 years.

Chihuahua Basenji Mix Personality

Since the Chihuahua is a very quiet breed, this dog would also inherit that nature from its parents. The Basenji, on the other hand, bark very less. 

The Basenji bark is often described as yodel-like or similar to the wolf howl. So, these dogs will display a very calm, quiet, and composed behavior.

They are also small in size and can be carried around easily by their owners. These dogs would make excellent pets for people living in apartments or houses with smaller yards. 

But since they are highly active, you will need to take them for daily exercise which can be a leash walk or playing games at the park.

Since this dog is found to be bold, vibrant, and active in nature, they are best suited for dynamic owners who can provide them with enough physical exercise, mental stimulation, and socialization – the essential requirements of every dog.

Sometimes these dogs are also known to be aggressive or antisocial towards other animals and this needs to be addressed during dog socialization. 

Let them sniff around and interact with other pets in controlled environments so that they can get used to them and not become aggressive when they meet them again in the future.

Chihuahua Basenji Mix and Children

Since these dogs are fond of children, the best way to socialize them with children is by enrolling them in a puppy kindergarten class where they get to learn how to behave alongside other pets including humans.

One thing you need to be very careful about is that children may mishandle these dogs by holding them forcefully, which can lead to injuries for the dog. 

So it would be better if the children are taught how to play with tiny dogs in a gentle manner.

Unique Personalities of Chihuahua Basenji Mix

1.  Loyal

Like both the parent breeds, these dogs are devoted to their owners and will follow them around. They are highly affectionate towards their owner and seek attention from them. 

But they also hate sharing their owner’s love with other pets or animals and may become jealous of them. 

However, it is not advisable to get them around other animals or pets because of their aggressive nature.

They are protective dogs and will try to defend their owner if required, but not by barking aggressively at random people. This dog is best suited for single-pet homes where it gets all the attention from its owner.

2.  Quiet Dogs

These dogs bark infrequently, preferring silent communication over barking like most dogs do to communicate any kind of danger, fear, or insecurity among others. 

Their quietness makes them ideal apartment pets but they should also be taken out regularly for exercise and to avoid any anti-social behavior toward other animals in your house who may become the reason for your dog’s aggression.

3.  Calm Dog with Family

Since these dogs are small in size, you can carry them around easily. They are also quiet dogs who love to explore the world with their owners so take them on walks or trips to any public place where they can meet new people and pets while getting used to their surroundings.

However, these dogs are not very friendly towards children unlike most other breeds of dogs that adore children. 

So it would be better if you keep your kids away from these dogs unless your children know how to play gently with small pets. 

Short Coat

With a short coat, these dogs require minimal grooming like an occasional bath once in two weeks using mild shampoo for cleaning dirt and debris accumulated during daily excursions. You may also use a dry shampoo in between baths if your dog is not in need of one.

Their coats are known to shed very little making them ideal for owners with allergies. These dogs are clean by nature and will prefer to keep themselves neat and clean even without regular baths.

Medium Shedding

Even though they have short coats, these dogs tend to shed more than most other breeds that belong to the same category of pets, which makes them unsuitable for owners who would want their houses to be free from all kinds of pet hairs. 

However, since these dogs are small in size, it is possible to brush away loose hair on a daily basis before it gets accumulated over time and forms matted fur leading to the discomfort of your pup while walking or moving around.

10 Unique Characteristics of Chihuahua Basenji Mix

1. They are Tiny Dogs

These dogs have small bodies and can easily adapt to living in an apartment. However, they still need daily exercises for good health and mental stimulation. 

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With a proper diet, these dogs grow to a height of 5 or 6 inches and can weigh around 4 or 5 pounds.

2. Make Great Watch Dogs

Since these dogs are very alert and active, they make excellent watchdogs who will alert their masters when there is an intruder in the house. 

They will bark at such people and scare them away so they must never be left unsupervised when in a high traffic area or in a park where you cannot keep an eye on your small dog because it may get lost that way.

3. They are Loyal to their Owners

These dogs are very loyal to their owners and have a tendency of following them around or sleeping beside them to show their love for them. 

They find it difficult to accept other people in the home so you should only get one if you are okay with spending all your time with this pup.

4. They are Playful Dogs

Basenjis are very intelligent dogs who can get bored easily due to their active nature. You should provide them with plenty of toys for entertainment because they need stimulation to stay alert and healthy.

Chihuahua Basenji Mixes are small in size and can adapt well to different kinds of living conditions and locations. 

They do not bark much and prefer silent communication over barking as most dogs do. 

These dogs also have a tendency of licking their owners which makes them very lovable pets that anyone would love to keep in their houses.

7 Simple Things You Can Do For Your Dog Today

1. Keep Essentials within Reach at all Times

Though these dogs tend to get attached only to one person, it is still better if you ensure that your dog has some basic necessities on standby so that it doesn’t get boring when you are not around.

2. Provide a Lot of Entertainment to Avoid Boredom

Since these dogs tend to get bored easily, you should keep them entertained all the time by providing toys and games for entertainment. This way, there will never be any boredom in their lives so they can remain healthy and active.

3.  Keep Your Dog’s Paws Safe from Burns

Though these dogs have short fur, their paws are always exposed which may get burnt or injured if they step on hot surfaces like tiles or rockeries while walking outside homes in warm weather during the daytime.

4. Give Regular Baths at Least Once in Two Weeks

While the breed coat is considered hypoallergenic, you can still manage to give your pooch a bath once in two weeks.

5. Trim Your Dog’s Nails Regularly to Keep It Comfortable

Short claws are preferable for dogs who like walking on floors without damaging them or getting their feet injured by sharp objects around the house. By maintaining short nails, you will not only keep your dog protected but also avoid scratches while walking with it outside homes.

6. Provide Adequate Nutrition to Keep its Energy Levels High

These dogs have high energy levels so they need to be well-nourished in order to remain healthy and active all day long. The diet should be rich in proteins so that they never feel weak or tired after every mealtime which again aids healthy brain development.

7. If Your Dog is More than One Year Old, Get It Vaccinated Every Year

This breed is quite sensitive to diseases so you must be careful about its diet and lifestyle all year around. Dogs need protection from diseases so they can live a long and healthy life with you.

Chihuahua Basenji Mix Health Problems

These dogs are not known to suffer from any specific diseases but you should still get them vaccinated regularly to prevent them from contracting any viral infections. 

Their small size makes them prone to injuries so you need to be very careful while walking your dog and keep him in a safe and secure environment where he cannot bump into sharp objects or furniture that can lead to accidental cuts or bruises for these dogs.

Below are some known Health issues of the Chihuahua Basenji Mix:

1.  Hypoglycemia or Low Blood Sugar: 

This is a condition in which the blood sugar level drops below normal values which can be easily detected when the dog is asleep. 

Symptoms include lethargy, unconsciousness, and in some cases, seizures can be observed when these dogs are not treated on time with the required glucose levels.

2. Allergies:

These dogs have a tendency of developing allergies to environmental factors which lead to skin diseases or other health problems that need proper medical treatment from veterinary doctors for a successful recovery from such conditions.

3. Congenital Heart Disease: 

In this case, there may be an issue with the development of the cardiovascular system during fetal development which translates into multiple congenital heart defects. 

Treatment depends upon the severity of the disease along with the age and overall health condition of your dog so it would be advisable to always consult your local veterinarian before opting for any treatment for Chihuahua Basenji Mix.

4. Diabetes:

The Chihuahua basenji mix is also prone to developing diabetes though not as much as other genetic disorders like epilepsy or hypoglycemia. 

Regular checkups and proper medication can help your dog live a healthy life avoiding any further complications in the future which need special care for this breed of dogs.

5. Joint Dysplasia: 

This is yet another form of canine arthritis that affects young or growing dogs who are still under medication before their body’s growth stabilizes at adulthood. 

Joint dysplasia appears like inflammation in joints due to abnormal bone formation which tends the bones to be abnormally shaped affecting the locomotion abilities of these dogs. 

There may be pain, lameness, or locking of joints along with difficulty walking or climbing stairs leading to these dogs being isolated from other members of the family.

6. Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease:

This is an uncommon form of hip dysplasia where there is an abnormal growth of the femoral head which leads to lameness in the legs till complete recovery takes place under the proper medical care of your dog.

7. Elbow Dysplasia: 

Another hip disorder related to deformity or looseness in long bones leads to elbow movements being limited making it difficult for your dog to jump up, climb down or sit on its hind legs without experiencing pain due to pressure on bones.

8. Lens Luxation:

Chihuahua Basenji Mix may even suffer from another hereditary disorder where there is the abnormal displacement of crystalline lens leading to vision problems so you need to keep an eye on such symptoms before they become more complicated and affect the overall health condition of your dog.

9. Epilepsy: 

It has been identified as one of the most common genetically inherited diseases found in dogs where they suffer from seizures or blackouts.

Caused due to irregular or synchronous neuronal activity across the brain leading to loss of control over muscles which makes it difficult for this breed of dogs to walk, stand or see properly until treatment restores normal functioning. 

There are several medications available for Chihuahua Basenji Mix that can help them live a healthy life without future complications by controlling the frequency of epileptic attacks over time with proper dietary control and medication required for this breed of dogs.

10. Progressive Retinal Atrophy:

There is abnormal degeneration of the retina in Chihuahua Basenji Mix which leads to loss of vision or even complete blindness depending upon the severity of the disorder leading to these dogs being unable to find their way without a proper guide.

11. Patellar Luxation:

It is another hereditary disorder that affects knee caps causing them to be loose while walking or running making it difficult for these breeds of dogs to jump around, climb stairs or sit on hind legs until treatment restores normal function under supervision from your local veterinarian.

Taking Care of Chihuahua Basenji Mix

Chihuahua Basenji Mix needs special care and attention since they are more prone to developing many canine health problems so it would be advisable to always take your dog for regular checkups at animal clinics or hospitals under the supervision of local veterinarians. 

You can also follow a proper diet chart for Chihuahua Basenji mix that would help you give your dog a healthy diet avoiding any further complications in the future.

Grooming Requirements for Chihuahua Basenji Mix :

Grooming Chihuahua Basenji Mix would be easy since these breeds are known for their short coats which are less prone to matting or tangles even with a high frequency of daily grooming.

Since they are known for their low shedding quality, you can easily maintain them without disturbing a normal lifestyle. 

You can use shampoo for dogs with proper pH balance without using any harmful chemicals which may cause harm to these breeds of dog. 

Bathing should be done only when necessary to avoid skin infection or other problems. You can use cotton balls while cleaning the eyes of your dog just like you would do for other breeds to remove any discharge which may cause irritation in the future leading to blindness.

It is highly important that Chihuahua Basenji Mix owners take proper care of their dogs so they can have long healthy lives without any further complications in the future. 

All these breeds of dogs are known to be loving and adorable, bringing smiles to your face but it is also important that you take proper care of them so they can live a healthy life avoiding any hereditary diseases caused due to bad breeding practices during the initial years.

Regular Exercise for Chihuahua Basenji Mix

As we all know Chihuahua mix dogs are very intelligent, active, and alert so they need regular exercise to maintain their fitness level. 

Regular walks can help them live a healthy life without any further complications in the future. 

If they become obese, there can be chances of developing serious disorders like heart diseases and other canine health problems due to excess weight in their body.

Outdoor Care:

It is important that Chihuahua Basenji Mix dogs are exposed to direct sunlight for at least 20 minutes daily without any harmful UV rays so they can produce enough Vitamin D in the future along with having healthy bones, skin, and other canine health issues avoided. 

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It is also advisable to provide them with a nutritious diet consisting of fresh vegetables and fruits to avoid future canine health problems.

Training Chihuahua Basenji Mix

Chihuahua Basenji Mix dogs are very intelligent and active so it would be advisable to start training them from an early age so they can become obedient and follow all your instructions as well as commands easily. 

It is also important that training includes proper socialization since these breeds may not get along with other pets or animals if proper care is not taken during early age.

7 Training Suitable for Chihuahua Basenji Mix

1. Socialization

Training your dog for proper socialization is one of the most important things you should take care of while training your Chihuahua Basenji Mix. 

Socialization can help your dog learn how to behave in various types of social situations and develop proper behavior with other people and pets in the future avoiding any further issues in life.

2. Leash Training

Teaching your dog leash training would be easy if you start at an early age since these breeds are mostly intelligent but it is also important that you train them for walking properly on a leash without pulling each time. 

It is better to get them accustomed to wearing a harness instead of a collar since they may not be able to handle pressure caused due to normal collars used for leash training. 

The harness will help avoid choking or pain while walking on a leash so it would be advisable to use the harness during the initial days of leash training.

3. Obedience Training

It is important that you train your new puppy for basic obedience training which includes sitting, staying, come and walking nicely on a leash during the initial days when you bring them home so they can help avoid future issues which may be caused due to lack of proper early age training or socialization. 

You should start basic commands from day one when you bring your Chihuahua Basenji Mix home for the very first time so they can learn what is expected out of them in the future.

4. Crate Training

Crate training is another important aspect of training Chihuahua Basenji Mix dogs where they learn how to behave in a different environment and also gain proper behavior towards their own crate.

Crate training can help avoid any separation anxiety in the future when they are alone at home or anywhere else. 

It is important that you train them to enjoy their own crate so they can stay in the crate for a longer time without barking, destroying anything inside, or causing other issues.

5. Teething

Puppies of Chihuahua Basenji Mix breed start teething during the initial 6 months of age where there can be several chewing incidents which you have to take care of. 

Chewing objects is one of the most common causes of destruction inside your home so it would be advisable to provide several safe chew toys made out of rubber, hard nylon, etc so your dog avoids chewing on shoes, furniture, etc avoiding any serious issue caused due to teething problems.

6. Housetraining

Chihuahua Basenji Mix dogs are intelligent breeds that can become house trained very easily if you provide them with proper guidance during the early age of the training. 

It is important that you start house training your dog as soon as possible so they can learn where to go and what to do when it comes to their toileting needs. 

Puppies of Chihuahua Basenji Mix breed need around 5-10 minutes per hour where they can be taken out for toileting needs and also need to be trained with bells, whistles, or any other dog training aids to understand their routine each hour.

7. Food Aggression

It is important that you provide your Chihuahua Basenji Mix with proper food instead of free feeding since they may show possessiveness towards the food bowl or any other eating items which can cause food aggression problems in the future. 

You should feed them at least 2-3 times per day with a proper nutritious diet to avoid any serious issues in the future.

6 Training Tips For Chihuahua Basenji Mix Owners:

1. Use positive reinforcement while training your dog for better results. 

It is important that you should not use force or show aggression by shouting or using any other harsh methods during training which will cause more harm than good. Use clickers to train your dog for better results.

2. Train your Chihuahua Basenji Mix with love and care so they can understand what you are trying to teach them. 

You should not train them in a violent or hostile environment as it may affect their behavior leading to future complications. 

Show patience while training your dog since some of the breeds of dogs can take a long time accepting strict obedience for commands required by trainers working with police, defense and security agencies, etc.

3. Always ensure that training sessions are short but frequent. 

It is advisable that you should start small and then increase the number of repetitions gradually without causing any stress or anxiety to your pet. 

Avoid repeating the same training session again and again since your dog will become bored with the same tricks repeated frequently.

4. Always remain calm, gentle, and patient while training your Chihuahua Basenji Mix. 

You should not shout or show aggression during training sessions as it can lead to adverse effects on a pet’s personality leading to future complications in behavior. 

If you are shouting, chances are that they may not understand what you are trying to teach them and this can create a negative impression which will be difficult for trainers working with police, defense agencies, etc to correct in later years.

5. It is important that you should always use high-quality dog treats so they can look forward to more rewards showing any laziness or distraction towards training sessions.

6. Always remember that Chihuahua Basenji Mix dogs can become scared during training sessions due to your harsh behavior which can affect their behavior leading to future health complications.

Feeding Requirements for Chihuahua Basenji Mix

Chihuahua Basenji Mix is a small-sized dog breed so it needs a small amount of food which you can easily provide with the help of some special tools like a measuring cup, scooper, etc.

Time to feed your dog twice a day, early morning and evening. For each meal give your dog around 2 cups of food as per their age and also take care that you should not overfeed them by providing more than what they usually eat.

You can also use any dry dog food available in markets for your pet instead of cooking their own food.

You should also watch your pet’s waistline so they do not become obese or overweight which may cause difficulties while walking and running on floors. 

Obesity in dogs can also lead to other complications like breathing problems, back problems, arthritis, etc.

It is advisable that you should only use high-quality dog foods for your pet rather than mixing and matching various brands.

And, don’t forget to provide them with enough water in a clean and hygienic bowl so they stay hydrated all day long throughout the year.

Chihuahua Basenji Mix Price

The price of a chihuahua basenji mix varies widely depending on the location, breeder, and pedigree. 

Depending upon the age, health status, and ancestry of the puppy you are buying, these dogs can cost anywhere from $1500 to $2,500 or less. 

However, this is an expensive dog breed that requires proper grooming practices at home to keep its fur healthy and shiny. 

It also needs regular visits to the vet for shots and immunization which increases your expenses further.


The Chihuahua Basenji is a small dog breed that has an athletic build. It possesses the physical features of both the Chihuahua and Basenjis with its strong, muscular legs and tail which are similar to those found in hounds. 

Like other hybrid or designer breeds, this dog requires special care at home including regular combing, brushing, and nail clipping sessions. 

The bark of these dogs tends to be more high pitched than the bark of either one of their parents, but they can also become very territorial if not trained properly from early on during puppyhood.

However, it is important that you should always remain patient while training your pet since harsh behavior can reflect negatively on their personality leading to future health complications like obesity, allergies, etc.

FAQs On Basenji Chihuahua Mix

1.How much does a Chihuahua Basenji Mix cost?

The price of a Chihuahua Basenji Mix varies from one breeder to another. The price for this dog breed ranges from $1500to $2,500 depending upon the age, health status, and ancestry of your puppy.

2. How long should I take care of my Chihuahua Basenji Mix’s hair?

You should spend 2 to 3 hours every week grooming your Chihuahua Basenji Mix. Regular grooming is very essential for this dog breed. Moreover, they also need frequent visits to the vet for shots and immunization which further increases your expenses.

3. How long does Chihuahua Basenji Mix live?

The life expectancy of a Chihuahua Basenji Mix is 10 to 15 years. These dogs can live longer if they are provided with proper care and ample love from their owners.

4. Is Chihuahua Basenji Mix a good breed?

Yes, it is the best breed since the first generation of this dog was first developed by mixing two different breeds – Chihuahuas and Basenjis.

5. Does Chihuahua Basenji Mix shed?

Yes, they shed a little but not as much as their parent breeds.

6. How big do Chihuahua Basenji Mix get?

These dogs can grow up to a height of 16 inches and weigh between 5 pounds and 15 pounds. Their life span ranges from 10 to 15 years.

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