Wilderdog: The ultimate Gear for Your Four-Legged Friend.


Wilderdog specializes in adventure gear that’s perfect for your four-legged companion, including waterproof collars and leashes, made of climbing rope, as well as sleeping bags, food, and water bags, and booties for their feet.

Their gear is made with the same quality you’d expect from human gear that’s built to last and withstand all types of weather conditions and climates. It’s easy to see why so many dog owners swear by this brand!

Dog’s Buckle Collar

Dog’s Buckle Collar has been specially designed to be safe and comfortable for your pet, but at the same time, still functional enough to make it usable as a lead. It is made of polyester webbing that has been woven with nylon and finished with a polyurethane coating. All metal parts are stainless steel, so they will not rust or corrode in any way.

The buckle can be opened easily by simply pressing down on the release button – it is not necessary to undo the entire collar first! The width of the collar can be adjusted in six different steps between 11 and 25 inches so you can find the perfect fit without having to take it off every time you want to change its size!

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What is Wilder Dog?

Wilderdog: The ultimate Gear for Your Four-Legged Friend.
Wilderdog: The ultimate Gear for Your Four-Legged Friend.

If you love the outdoors, there’s nothing better than getting out with your best buddy! But what if you are a ‘pet person who doesn’t like to leave the city? That’s where Wilderdog comes in!

If you have a dog and love being outside, Wilderdog has the gear to keep both of you happy and comfortable. They have water-resistant collars and leashes made of climbing rope or waterproof material that are perfect for any adventure!

Sleeping bags, food & water bags, and booties for their feet make camping trips more comfortable and easier on both of you! For example, our sleeping bag zips up around your pup to give them extra warmth and comfort.

Their large capacity food bag will hold enough supplies for two days without breaking a sweat and our fun water bottle holds an impressive 2L of fresh drinking water (or anything else!). They also offer outdoor essentials like wax paper cups, foil packets, rubber bands, and more – all designed to fit inside one convenient backpack so you don’t have to carry multiple things into the wilderness! Whatever you need for your furry companion is right here at Wilderdog Adventure Gear!

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Adventure Leash

Wilderdog Adventure Leash is made of climbing rope and waterproof materials, which is great because it’s made to hold up against the elements. It’s also perfect for hiking or going to the beach with your pup!

They also have other products such as sleeping bags, food & water bags, and booties for their feet that are sold separately so you can customize what you’re bringing on your adventure.

Dog Booties

These booties are perfect for when the ground is too hot or too cold, muddy, or rough on your pup’s paws. They come in a variety of colors and sizes to fit all dogs, from Chihuahuas to Irish Wolfhounds!
The adventure awaits Wilderdog.

They offer only the best in quality, function, and design that will keep you coming back for more adventures together. Browse their website for more information about how we can outfit your furry friend’s needs today!

Dog Sleeping Bag

Dog Sleeping Bag was created to provide warmth and comfort to dogs that are spending time outdoors in cold climates. It is designed to be an alternative to putting a coat on your pup or a blanket, which can inhibit their natural insulation by trapping heat under the layers of fabric and cause overheating, not to mention it’s just not very fun for them!

With Dog Sleeping Bag, they stay cozy and warm without having anything constricting them or getting in their way! And if you have a long-haired pup like mine, the long fur is no problem because it fits all sizes of dogs with adjustable velcro openings around the neck, belly, and legs. My pups love theirs so much that we don’t even use blankets anymore!

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The Perfect Solution for Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears

Dog Food Bag

Great for hiking, camping, and traveling to keep dogs’ food fresh and dry with a special Ziploc closure that prevents spills or crumbs from getting into the bag or onto the ground. Made of durable polyester fabric, they are washable, and reusable and feature a clip that allows them to be attached to the leash.

They also come in a variety of colors! I have been using mine for about six months now and I love it. I can’t imagine not having it with me when we go on hikes anymore!

Dog’s Leash

All of our leashes are made from climbing rope and coated with a waterproof coating to keep them dry and strong, no matter what the weather is like. They come in three lengths: 4 ft., 6 ft., and 8 ft.

We have a variety of colors including blue, green, red, black, yellow, orange, purple, pink, and white so you can find the perfect color for your pup! And they’re lightweight enough that they won’t pull on your arm or leg while walking or running.

The collars are also made from climbing rope and designed to be gentle on their necks, even when their leash goes taut. There are two types of collars:

  1. Quick Release collars allow you to detach the collar quickly by pulling one tab, and
  2. Catch Lock collars which lock shut when pulled tightly around their neck but release easily when pulled at an angle – great for training!

Wilderdog line of sleeping bags is water resistant and windproof because we know how hard it can be for some dogs to stay warm out there on an adventure.

What to know before you buy from a wilder dog?

Wilderdog is all about adventure, and it shows in its products. If you’re looking for durable, high-quality materials that are also comfortable and cozy, this is the place to go! All of their products are designed with the latest technologies and tested extensively in the field by both dogs and humans alike.

Their designs have been tried, tested, and approved by some of the most daring dogs in the world! You can’t go wrong with Wilderdog Adventure Gear! The following are some things to know before you buy from a wilder dog:

  1. Every item comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – if you don’t love what you get, we’ll replace or refund your purchase at any time.
  2. You can find a wide variety of items on our site, such as collars & leashes made out of climbing rope or waterproof 3M reflective material.
  3. We also offer sleeping bags, food & water bags, and booties for their feet.
  4. Their customer service team is available 24/7 – if there’s anything we can do to help just let us know!
  5. Products ship within 48 hours so no worries about getting them too late.
  6. Free shipping on orders over $50 and free returns on everything! When you order an item that doesn’t fit your dog or have an issue with it, they will either exchange it for a different size/color or give you a full refund.
  7. They have absolutely unbeatable prices as well; I found many items below $20 and they offered free shipping over $50 – pretty hard to beat! I’m very happy with my purchases from Wilderdog and will definitely be ordering again soon.

Conclusion: Wilder dog

There’s no denying that taking your dog on adventures with you can be a lot of fun. But it’s important to make sure that you’re prepared and have the proper gear to keep them safe and comfortable. That’s where Wilderdog comes in. They offer a wide range of products, from waterproof collars and leashes to sleeping bags and food & water bags, that will help make sure your pup is ready for anything. So next time you’re planning a hike or camping trip, make sure to check out Wilderdog first!