Why Does My Dog Bring Me His Bone? [And What To Do About It]


It’s a familiar scene: you’re relaxing on the couch, watching TV, and your dog comes trotting in with his favorite bone in his mouth. You might think that he’s just bringing it to you as a gift, but there’s actually a deeper meaning behind this behavior.

Dogs have been known to bring their humans bones as a way of showing dominance. They’re basically saying, “I’m the pack leader, and I’m in charge here.” So what should you do if your dog starts carrying his bone around your house?

First of all, don’t try to take the bone away from him. This will only make him more determined to keep it. Instead, try to act nonchalant when he brings it to you, like it’s no big deal. And slowly but surely, he’ll start to realize that he doesn’t need to dominate you in order to be the leader of the pack.

What Does It Mean When My Dog Brings Me His Bone?

Dogs are strange creatures. They always seem to know when we’re feeling down, and they’re always there to comfort us. But did you know that they also give us gifts?

No, I’m not talking about your run-of-the-mill gift like a new sweater or a basket of fruit. I’m talking about bones. Yes, bones. Dogs have been known to bring their owners their own bones as a way of showing love and affection.

But what does it mean when your dog brings you his bone? Well, it could mean a few different things. It could be that your dog is trying to tell you that he’s sorry for something he’s done, or it could be that he’s just trying to show you how much he loves you.

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Either way, it’s a pretty special gesture, one that should be appreciated. So the next time your dog brings you his bone, take a moment to thank him for his kindness.

Is It Normal for My Dog to Bring Me His Bone?

The short answer is yes, it is normal for your dog to bring you his bone. Dogs often see their human companions as their pack leaders, and as such, they look to us for guidance. When your dog brings you his bone, he’s essentially asking for your approval and showing you that he trusts you.

What should you do when your dog brings you his bone? The best thing to do is to praise him and give him a little pet on the head. This will let him know that he’s done something good and that you appreciate it. Plus, it’ll encourage him to keep doing it in the future!

Should I Be Concerned if My Dog Brings Me His Bone?

You might be wondering, should I be concerned if my dog brings me his bone? The answer is: it depends.

If your dog is constantly dropping his bone at your feet, then it’s probably a sign that he wants you to get rid of it. Dogs don’t like to leave their bones lying around, because they’re afraid other animals will come and take them. So if your dog is bringing you his bone, it’s usually because he wants you to get rid of it.

But there’s also a chance that your dog is bringing you his bone because he wants you to keep it safe. Dogs are protective of their bones, and they feel better knowing that they’re in a safe place. So if your dog is bringing you his bone, it might be a sign that he trusts you and feels comfortable around you.

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What Can I Do if My Dog Keeps Bringing Me His Bone?

The first thing is to crate your dog when you’re not home. This will prevent him from bringing his bone into the house. If that’s not an option, try putting the bone in a place where your dog can’t get to it, like the basement or the garage.

Finally, make sure you’re rewarding your dog for good behavior. When he brings you his bone, praise him and give him a treat. This will help reinforce the behavior you want him to keep doing.


Some people think it’s cute and take the bone, while others think it’s a sign of dominance and take the bone away. Still others think that it’s a sign of submission and give the dog a treat.

The best thing to do is to figure out why your dog is bringing you his bone in the first place. Is he trying to show you he’s the alpha dog? Is he trying to get your attention? Or is he just being friendly?

Once you know why your dog is doing it, you can start working on correcting the behavior. If your dog is trying to show you he’s in charge, you can start by establishing yourself as the alpha dog in your household. If he’s trying to get attention, make sure you give him plenty of attention when he isn’t bringing you his bone. And if he’s just being friendly, make sure you reward him for bringing the bone to you.

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No matter what, make sure you stay consistent with your commands or rewards, so your dog knows what he’s supposed to be doing.


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