The Best Leash for Dogs That Pull: Reviews and Buying Guide


The Best Leash for Dogs That Pull | Do you have a dog that loves to pull on their leash? If so, you’re not alone. According to a study conducted by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), 45% of dog owners say that their dog pulls on the leash.

This can be a frustrating behavior for both you and your dog, but luckily, there are a number of leashes out there that can help. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best leashes for dogs that pull, as well as provide a buying guide to help you choose the right one for your pup.

The Best Leashes for Dogs That Pull: Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Leash for Dogs That Pull
Best Leash for Dogs That Pull

Do you have a dog that loves to pull on their leash? If so, you’re not alone. According to a study conducted by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), 45% of dog owners say that their dog pulls on the leash.

This can be a frustrating behavior for both you and your dog, but luckily, there are a number of leashes out there that can help. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best leashes for dogs that pull, as well as provide a buying guide to help you.

Why Do Dogs Pull On A Leash?

There are a few reasons why dogs might pull on their leash. Some dogs might do it as a form of aggression or to assert dominance over their owners. The following are the reasons why dogs pull on a leash:

1. To get to something they want.

When a dog is pulling on their leash, they’re often doing so in an attempt to get to something they want. This could be a toy, a piece of food, or another dog.

2. To escape from a situation.

If a dog is feeling scared or cornered, they might pull on their leash in an attempt to get away. To get closer to their owner.

3. Humans have a tendency to walk too slowly.

Because a dog’s natural pace is quicker than ours, it’s difficult for them to automatically fall in line with us. They usually have four legs, but humans only have two. You can figure it out.

4. To assert dominance.

If a dog feels like they’re in control of a situation, they might pull on their leash to make sure that everyone follows their lead.

5. To get attention.

Dogs will often pull on their leash in an attempt to get our attention. This could be because they’re lonely, or they just want some love.

6. To protest.

Some dogs might pull on their leash as a way of protesting something. This could be because they don’t like being walked, or they don’t like the direction we’re walking in.

Top 10 Best Leashes for Dogs That Pull

1. Heavy Duty Rope Leash for Dogs

A strong nylon rope with elastic leather connectors makes up the leash. When your dog pools on the leash, it features robust stitching and sturdy steel hooks to hold it together. The leash is available in four colors: black, green, red, and teal.

The leash is 5.6 feet long yet just 8.8 ounces in weight. For certain breeds and dog owners, the length is too excessive, and it would have been wonderful if the maker supplied a different size.

If you use the leash without the extension bungee to use it in high-traffic conditions, the leash gives 43 inches of separation between you and your dog.

This leash is inexpensive and chew-resistant, however I find the grip to be a little flimsy.

This product, on the other hand, comes with a 5-year guarantee.

The bungee extension made my dog uncomfortable, and although the leash should be gnaw resistant, if you have a chewer, you should definitely seek for another leash.

PROS: PROS: 5-Year Limited Warranty

CONS: It may be too long for certain owners, the handle is not very durable, and it is not fully chew resistant.

2. Heavy Duty No-pull Dog Leash

Because this product can withstand the pulling power of medium and big dogs, it is a fantastic option for dogs up to 150 pounds.

This leash has a 4-6 foot extended bungee leash that absorbs shock and decreases the impacts of tugging, ensuring your safety.

Water-resistant nylon is used to make the leash.

It comes in two colors: black and orange, but regardless of whatever you select, the stitching is reflective and suited for usage in low-light circumstances.

There are two cushioned grips on the leash that are soft enough to provide a pleasant grasp.

They also help you keep your dog under control in traffic.

The traffic handle is 18 inches away from the collar connection, and the other is at the end of the leash.

This leash has a D-ring on which you can attach numerous accessories, as well as a car seat belt clasp for when you take your dog on a trip.

While I appreciate this leash, I might mention that the bungee component may be too much for certain dogs. I’ve also found that the bungee loses elasticity with time and that the locking mechanism sometimes fails, but this is uncommon.

PROS: Affordably priced, comes in two colors, offers shock absorption, has reflective stitching, is suitable for medium to large dogs, has dual padded handles, and has a car seat belt buckle.

CONS: Bungee Section Can Be Overpowering, Elasticity Degrades Over Time, Locks Can Malfunction

3. No-Pull Dog Leash by ThunderLeash

This is one of the most popular and dependable leashes for pulling dogs. With mild pressure on the chest, the leash deters dogs from tugging.

This item is available in three sizes and five colors, so you can simply select the one that best matches your needs.

The leash is constructed of heavy-duty nylon and is also waterproof. Depending on the leash size, it can endure the pull of all sizes of dogs.

All dogs weighing more than 25 pounds should choose the big size.

The leash’s buckles are constructed of rust-resistant stainless steel and are very sturdy.

By attaching this leash to the D-ring, you may connect it to any conventional dog collar.

Then, put the leash around your dog’s midsection to use it as a harness, and you should notice a reduction in tugging.

This leash is designed to be used as a training tool, but it may also be used as a normal leash.

The main issue is that this leash puts strain on the dog’s trachea, which may be problematic for elderly canines that have breathing issues. I also had a bad experience when the leash came unhooked from the collar, which is a risk with this product.

PROS: Available in a variety of sizes and colors; durable, water-resistant; padded handle; may be used as a regular leash; simple to use

CONS: Expensive, Not Suitable for Older Dogs with Breathing Issues, Non-Reflective, Leash May Unhook from Collar Occasionally

4. LeashBoss Heavy-Duty Dog Leash for Large Dogs

Black, blue, red, and purple are the four colors offered for this leash.

It’s a tough, 1-inch-thick nylon webbing with full-metal fasteners on a heavy-duty leash. These materials were selected with attention and precision for medium and big pulling dogs.

The leash has two cushioned neoprene-padded grips that provide you better control over your dog while also offering comfort and preventing chafing and leash burn.

One handle is situated at the leash’s end, and you may use it to offer your dog some freedom.

However, in high-traffic circumstances if you need to keep your dog near or even at your side, you may utilize the second handle, which is 18 inches from the clasp.

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This leash has a 5-year guarantee, but it also comes with a caution not to leave your dog alone with it if he chews.

Dogs seem to like chewing on the grips of this leash. I also found the double handle to be a little cumbersome, and if you have little hands, gripping the grips securely may be a difficulty.

PROS: Multiple Colors Available, Durable Double Handle, Padded and Comfortable Handles, Suitable for Medium to Large Dogs, 5-Year Warranty

CONS: Expensive; dogs might easily gnaw through the handles; no shock absorption; non-reflective.

5. Double-handled leather dog leash

Leather leashes, in general, are ideal for powerful dogs that pull, and this one is no exception.

Because the leash is constructed of cow leather, it is both durable and lightweight.

Because of this, it is ideal for medium and big dogs. Because it is 6 feet long, the leash is a little longer than usual. This provides your dog a lot of freedom and reduces the amount of pulling he does.

While this leash is only available in one color, the leather is quite trendy. The twisted braid is made by hand and is very lovely. The leather is also water and stain proof, making cleaning the leash a breeze. A double handle is included with this leash.

Both handles are cushioned to protect your hands from damage if your dog tugs on the leash. The second handle is placed just above the metal clasp, allowing you to walk beside your dog while maintaining control over his movement on crowded sidewalks.

The clasp on the leash is constructed of rust-resistant metal and has a tensile resistance of 500 pounds of draw force. The clasp may be attached to both collars and chest straps.

Because this leash is made of leather, it is not reflective and should not be used in low-light situations.

In addition, unlike most other leashes, the leash is quite thin. While this isn’t an issue in terms of operation, I thought it odd and afraid that it may break, particularly because the leash is so thin.

PROS: Fashionable, Made of Genuine Leather, Long-Lasting, Padded Double Handle, Suitable for Medium to Large Dogs, Can Be Used With Collars and Harnesses, Resistant to water and stains

CONS: Narrow and Thin Leash, No Reflective Material, No Shock Absorption

6. Escape Resistant Dog Leash

This is another leash that may be used as a conventional leash or a no-pull harness.

The leash features a circular strap, unlike other leashes, which have a flat one. This will help you and your dog avoid chafing, particularly because the leash is constructed of soft polyester.

The leash comes in two sizes and a variety of colors, and it also has a reflective pattern for visibility in low-light situations. That means it’s perfect for dogs of all sizes, since it can handle dogs weighing up to 150 pounds depending on the length of the leash. There is no metal hardware on the leash that might harm your dog.

This leash is simple to use and modify, however the design is a little bulky, particularly when compared to comparable 2-in-1 leashes.

The leash’s tensile strength is excellent, and it effectively prevents tugging, but it must be used appropriately.

It’s also worth noting that since this leash isn’t chew-proof, you should only use it to walk your dog.

PROS: Hand Spliced in the USA, Good Tensile Strength, Can Be Used as a Regular Leash, It’s simple to use, it prevents chafing, and it’s reflective.

CONS: Not chew proof, not very durable, design is a little cumbersome

7. EzyDog ZERO SHOCK Dog Leash

This is one of the most durable shock-resistant leashes available. This leash may help you avoid injuries caused by tugging by reducing the amount of time you spend on the leash.

The leash is available in two sizes and a variety of colors. The leashes come in two sizes: 24-inch and 48-inch.

This leash has a secondary grip that you may use in traffic to keep your dog close to you, in addition to the proprietary shock reduction technology.

The handles are waterproof and cushioned with neoprene inside, and they are quite pleasant and sensitive to the touch.

This leash also has highly luminous trim, allowing you to walk your dog late at night or early in the morning.

This leash, like a few other leashes I’ve described, can detach from the collar or harness at any time, which is a major flaw.

Furthermore, the elastic portion of the leash might lose some of its elasticity with time, and if your dog chews on everything, this leash is unsuitable for you since it is not chew-proof.

PROS: Comes in two sizes and a variety of colors, is durable, shock-absorbing, has a traffic handle, padded handles, and is reflective.

CONS: Expensive, Not Chew Proof, Leash May Unhook from Collar Occasionally, Elasticity Decreases Over Time

8. Halti Dog Training Leash

This is one of the cheapest alternatives on my list, but it’s also one of the finest leashes for pulling dogs.

The leash may look simple at first appearance, but it provides many dog owners who struggle to keep their canines under control. It comes in two different sizes and colors.

The leash is constructed of a soft padded material that is gentle on your hands and extremely simple to use.

Two trigger hooks on either side of this dog leash, as well as three attachment rings, enabling you to customize how you use it to best fit your requirements.

Distinct rings, for example, serve different purposes:

  1. For heel training or walking in congested areas, use a short leash.
  2. Obedience training on a medium leash
  3. For distance and recall exercises, use a long leash.

This leash’s multi-functionality, combined with the fact that you can clip it to your waist and use it hands-free, is one of my favorite features. However, this leash is not recommended for chewing dogs, and it does not seem to be very robust.

PROS: Two sizes and colors available; very affordable; multifunctional; lightweight; easy to use and clean

CONS: Doesn’t reflect light, doesn’t absorb shock, isn’t suitable for chewers, and isn’t very durable

9. No-Pull Dog Leash by Freedom

This is a little odd since it’s not just a leash, but a harness as well. While you may purchase them individually, acquiring them together from 2-Hounds Design is a good idea since they feature a no-pull design.

A martingale loop on the rear of the harness responds by tightening softly around the dog’s chest, preventing the dog from tugging on the leash any more.

This set is only available in one size, however it comes in a variety of colors. The double-ended leash may be linked to the harness in two places: in front to avoid tugging and in the rear for greater exercise and mobility. The same durable material is used for both the leash and the harness.

This leash, on the other hand, would not hold up over time, despite the fact that I didn’t get the opportunity to test it. Also, reflective stitching should be included, but it isn’t, so don’t use this product in low-light situations unless you select a really bright color.

PROS: Comes in a variety of colors, has a unique no-pull design, has a double-ended leash, is lightweight, and is simple to use and clean

CONS: Only one size is available, it is not chew proof, it is not very durable, it is not reflective, and it is not suitable for large breeds.

10. Braided Leather Leash for Pulling Dogs

This is another another leather leash that is robust enough to manage even the most powerful pullers, such as German Shepherds and Pit Bulls. The leash is constructed of full-grain leather and has a plush top layer for added comfort. The leash is quite attractive since it is made of genuine leather, however it is only available in one color.

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The leash, on the other hand, comes in four different sizes and is elastic enough to absorb some stress and protect you from abrupt tugs. The hooks are basic and functional, and they are constructed of pure copper with alloy casting. The leash also features tensile resistance and can withstand a draw force of 500 pounds.

The leash is 5.6 feet in length, which is very typical. Unfortunately, there isn’t a second handle to grab in traffic, and the grip isn’t really comfy. While I had no issues with it when I used it, several dog owners complained that it broke and was not sturdy enough.

PROS: Comes in a variety of sizes, is stylish, is made of real leather, has a high tensile strength, is suitable for all sizes, and provides some shock absorption

CONS: Just comes in one color, isn’t reflective, has only one handle, and there have been reports of the leash breaking apart.

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Why Use a Training Leash for Dogs That Pull?

The main reason to use a training leash when dealing with a dog that pulls is to help manage the amount of force the dog is using. A training leash will allow you to keep a tighter grip on the dog, which will help you redirect their energy and ultimately stop them from pulling.

What is the Best Leash for a Large Dog That Likes to Pull?

The best leash for a large dog that likes to pull is one that is both sturdy and comfortable. A sturdy leash will help to prevent the dog from pulling too hard, while a comfortable leash will reduce the amount of stress the dog feels when he is being walked. The following are best leash for a large/big dog that likes to pull:

1. Padded 6-foot Primal Pet Gear Leash with Two Handles

Large dogs benefit from double-handled leashes because they provide two degrees of control. For a more pleasant stroll, loop the end handle over your wrist, and grip the handle closer to their collar when you need more control. The leash is embroidered with luminous thread for evening visibility, and both grips are cushioned for comfort.

2. Heavy-Duty Rope Leash for Large Dogs by SparklyPets

This bright nylon rope leash is made for large, strong dogs. The leather joints and the solid metallic hook are both durable and strong. It also has a retractable, shock-absorbing bungee to make tugging easier. It’s a multi-purpose training leash designed specifically for big dogs.

3. Chai’s Choice Reflective Polyester Padded Leash

This is a great option for a daily big-dog leash since it comes in two lengths and a variety of colorful colors. This extra-strong leash is effective at any time of day, thanks to nylon webbing and 3M reflective material for nighttime visibility.

To assist you keep your large dog under control, the Duraflex snap attachment features a heavy-duty weight capacity. Also included is ergonomic mesh cushioning on the handle.

4. Braided Leather Leash by K9 Signature

Leather is a traditional material for large dog leashes. It’s long-lasting, flexible, comfortable to hold, and sturdy. This 6-foot leash for large dogs has a braided handle and a brass bolt clasp for added durability. The fact that it’s created in the United States is praised by reviewers.

5. Frisco Solid Nylon Dog Leash

This nylon dog leash for large dogs is a terrific bargain. This leash, which is around $10 and comes in four different colors, is inexpensive enough to match each of your dog’s favorite outfits. This leash is made to last, featuring a woven nylon construction and an Ultra-Weld seal for added strength. It also comes with a loop handle that is easy to hold.

6. Trainer Check Cord by Mendota Products

This robust leash is available in 30- and 50-foot lengths, making it ideal for training. It’s long enough to let your dog to wander around freely without losing control. This leash is composed of UV-coated, ultra-durable micro-filament rope that resists fading and deterioration. It has oil-tanned leather splices and corresponding hardware, and it’s incredibly durable yet soothing on your hands.

7. Cotton Web Training Lead by Four Paws

This dog training lead is available in four lengths ranging from 10 to 30 feet, allowing you to use it as a walking leash or a yard tether. It’s constructed of 100 percent cotton and has a strong bronze swivel clip that’s designed to endure daily usage.

This training lead is recommended by experienced trainers and handlers because it promotes your dog’s entire range of motion and prevents tangles during training—yet it’s surprisingly inexpensive.

8. Dual Dog Leash by Pet Fit for Life

Walking one large dog is difficult enough, but walking two is almost impossible unless you have a specially designed leash. This dual dog leash is composed of super-strong nylon with reinforced stress points and stainless-steel hardware and is particularly suited for two big dogs. (If walking several dogs is your thing, check out our evaluation of two-dog leashes.)

During a stroll, the steel swivel helps keep the tethers apart so your puppies don’t get tangled. This leash effortlessly transforms from a 64-inch to a 32-inch length, allowing you to tailor your degree of control.

9. Nylon Reflective Dog Leash with Mighty Paw HandleX2

This durable nylon luminous leash for large dogs comes at an unbeatably cheap price. It’s made of tough 1-inch nylon webbing that’s meant to endure, with luminous stitching along the length of the leash for better nighttime visibility. Hand loops with neoprene padding provide comfort, while massive, heavy-duty clasps provide durability. Choose from two vibrant color schemes.

10. Tuff Mutt Bungee Leash With No Hands

Whether you’re jogging with your dog or just want to keep your hands free, this bungee leash for large dogs is ideal. This hands-free bungee dog leash is wonderfully constructed and pleasant to wear, and it comes in three colors for around $30. The lightweight belt has a leash clasp to connect the 48-inch bungee leash, and it fits securely around your waist. The leash itself is 60 inches long, providing your dog plenty of space to explore without straying too far.

11. Padded Handle Short Dog Leash by Leashboss

You may not want to have your dog on a long leash if he pulls aggressively or if you need to stroll in heavily crowded areas. This short leash is available in two lengths: 1 foot and 18 inches. It has a thick neoprene-padded handle for enhanced comfort, as well as a swivel clasp that allows your dog to spin around freely without injuring your wrist. The leash is made of heavy-duty 1-inch nylon webbing with all-metal hardware.

12. Mendota Products Solid Rope Leash with Large Snap

This solid rope leash is a terrific option if you don’t like the appearance of nylon leashes or want something more sturdy. It’s made of supple braided rope that’s waterproof and strong enough for regular usage. It has heavy-duty metal hardware and oil-tanned leather splices at the base and handle, and is machine washable for your convenience. This leash comes in 4- and 6-foot lengths and is designed for dogs weighing 50 to 250 pounds.

13. Nylon Bungee Dog Leash by OneTigris Training

Big dogs may be difficult to handle, and pulling can be painful. By stretching as the dog pulls, this nylon bungee dog leash relieves part of the strain on the walker. This heavy-duty nylon leash with a huge metal bull clasp is available in four distinct colors. The 1-inch leash is very tough yet light, with an EVA-padded control loop for enhanced comfort.

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14. Blueberry Pet Classic Solid Nylon Dog Leash

This Blueberry Pet leash is an excellent alternative if you’re looking for a simple and economical leash for large dogs. It’s made of hardwearing nylon fabric with a nickel-coated clip and is available in seven different colors for under $15. It’s machine washable for your convenience, and it rolls up effortlessly for storage when not in use.

15. Pawtitas Nylon Reflective Padded Dog Leash

Because huge dogs pull so hard, a comfortable grip is essential in a leash for them. This nylon fluorescent leash comes in nine different colors and has a comfortable cushioned grip.

This leash is made of heavy-duty nylon with a sewn-in luminous strip, making it ideal for evening walks and daily usage. It’s one inch broad, but it’s also available in a smaller version for little dogs.

16. Nylon Training Leash for Large Dogs by Halti

This nylon leash is tough, inexpensive, and most importantly, adaptable, since it may be used for both training and ordinary walks. It has a multi-purpose design that allows for hands-free walking and simple tethering.

This leash is also double-ended, allowing you to walk two dogs at the same time. The fact that you can modify the length as required is what truly sets this leash apart.

17. Puppia Two-Tone Polyester Dog Leas

A durable leash doesn’t have to be expensive, as this Puppia two-tone polyester alternative demonstrates. This leash is perfect for daily walking and comes in five distinct color combinations and three sizes.

It has a robust nickel-plated clasp and is composed of hardwearing polyester materials. The material is both soft and flexible while yet being quite robust. It’s also simple to clean if your dog becomes filthy.

While it’s powerful, reviewers suggest that it could be a better choice for powerful young dogs who want a little more wiggle space than full-grown dogs who want a little more wiggle room.

How to Use a Training Leash for Dogs That Pull

If your dog pulls on the leash, try using a training leash. Training leashes are specially designed to help dogs learn how to walk on a leash properly. They have a shorter length and a tighter radius than regular leashes, so your dog has to use more effort to pull.

The following are how to use a training leash for dogs that pull:

  1. Put the leash around your dog’s neck.  Pull the leash tight so that it’s snug against your dog’s neck.  Hold onto the leash with one hand and use the other hand to guide your dog.
  2. When you’re outside, start walking slowly. As your dog starts to pull, give him a quick tug on the leash to stop him from pulling.
  3. If your dog is still pulling, try using a Gentle Leader head collar. This collar has a short leash that attaches to the collar, and a handle on the side. When your dog pulls, he’ll have to tug on the handle to stop.
  4. If your dog is still pulling, try using a prong collar. This collar has two metal circles that go around your dog’s neck. When he pulls, the circles pinch his skin, which will stop him from pulling.

The Benefits of Using a Training Leash for Dogs That Pull

The following are the benefits of using a training lease for dogs that pull:

  1. Training leashes help dogs learn how to walk on a leash properly: They have a shorter length and a tighter radius than regular leashes, so your dog has to use more effort to pull.
  2. Training leashes are less likely to cause injury: They’re made of softer materials than regular leashes, so they’re less likely to cause injuries when your dog pulls.
  3. Training leashes are more humane: They are less likely to cause physical pain when your dog pulls.
  4. Training leashes are more effective: They help your dog learn how to walk on a leash properly, which is more effective in preventing accidents.
  5. Training leashes are more affordable: Training leashes are less expensive than regular leashes.

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The Drawbacks of Using a Training Leash for Dogs That Pull

The following are the drawbacks of using a training leash for dogs that pull:

  1. Training leashes can be difficult to use: They are made of soft materials, so they can be difficult to control.
  2. Training leashes can be confusing for your dog: They have a shorter length and a tighter radius than regular leashes, so your dog may not understand what you are asking them to do.
  3. Training leashes can be tiring for your dog: They require your dog to use more effort to pull, which can be tiring.
  4. Training leashes can be a distraction for your dog: They require your dog to focus on the leash instead of his surroundings.
  5. Training leashes can be aversive for your dog: They may cause your dog to resist walking on a leash.

How to Choose the Best Leashes for Dogs That Pull?

When choosing leashes for dogs that pull, consider the following factors:

  1. The leash’s length: Leashes should be long enough to allow your dog enough room to move without pulling.
  2. The leash’s width: Leashes should be wide enough to avoid irritating your dog’s skin.
  3. The leash’s material: Leashes made of soft materials are less likely to cause injuries when your dog pulls.
  4. The leash’s design: The leash’s design will mostly be determined by your dog’s breed and size. If you have a big dog, a leash that attaches to a headcollar is recommended. This design may reduce neck strain, which is important for smaller dogs that are prone to trachea collapse.
  5. Shock Absorbance: A suitable leash for pulling dogs has to be shock-absorbing. This is built into the leash’s bungee part and may assist alleviate strain from sudden pulls. Injury may be avoided if the leash’s shock absorbency is enough.
  6. Durability: When it comes to leashes for pulling dogs, durability is a major consideration. If the leashes aren’t strong enough, your dog could be able to break them when he pulls. While some of these solutions may be more costly up front, they will pay off in the long term since they will last a long time.
  7. Visibility: If you want to walk your dog late at night, early in the morning, or in low-light settings, make sure the leash is visible to safeguard your dog’s safety. When choosing a leash, consider one that is made of reflective material or has LED lights on it. If the dog leash you want isn’t reflective or has LED lights, you can still order it and buy LED lights separately to weave into the leash yourself. Alternatively, you may just use a light-up collar to assure the dog’s visibility, which is the most practical option.

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