What Are the Different Types of Barks?


Have you ever wondered what your dog is telling you when it barks? You may not understand what exactly it is saying. However, if you know the right signs, you can determine the meaning of its bark. 

There are different types of dog barks. They vary from playful, welcoming woofs to scared whimpers. You can gain a lot as a pet owner by learning every kind of bark. 

In this article, you can learn more about seven types of barks. 

7 Types of Dog Barks

When it comes to dog barks, there are seven most common types. While you can determine the bark by the pitch and sound alone, there are other factors that you can consider. These factors include the bark’s repetition and your dog’s behavior.

From greeting barks to scared barks, you can learn more about them here.

The “I’m Lonely” Bark

Do you leave your dog at home for work or school? When you exit the door, you might hear it howling. You might even listen to it barking continuously in higher pitches.

If you hear this bark, your dog tells you it is lonely. Your dog may feel separation anxiety, expressing its sadness through its barks. Aside from its barks, other behaviors show your dog’s loneliness. Your pup may also destroy the objects you usually use, and it may get clingy when you arrive home.

The “There’s a Problem” Bark

Is your dog barking rapidly at increasing pitches? Does an occasional growl accompany its bark?

Dogs usually bark this way when it senses that something is wrong. It may be because of a guest, a vehicle, or something equally unfamiliar. In these moments, your dog is warning you – and is ready to protect you if it comes down to it.

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Aside from its bark, it will also circle or move toward a specific area. To calm your dog, show it that everything is alright. 

The “Hello” Bark

Does your dog bark at you whenever you arrive home from work or wake up in the morning? If your pet woofs at you once or twice, looking happy or excited, it is barking as a greeting.

Greeting barks are easy to distinguish. Dogs bark with their usual medium pitch. The barks also only last for a few seconds. You can also see their happy composure, with wagging tails or stretching legs.

Your dog does not need anything when it gives you a greeting bark. However, it will be pleased if you greet it back with some pats and pets. If you notice your dog greeting you, greet back and let it feel the love.  

The “I’m Happy” Bark

Does your dog bark at you when you spend time playing with it? The bark can be a single high-pitched bark or repeated woofs. With these barks, your dog tells you it is happy and excited.

Dogs do this bark when they feel playful. While your dog usually barks this way toward humans, it can also happily bark when playing with other pets. If there are toys nearby, it may even hand them to you.

Your dog’s tail will wag continuously as it paws at you or its pet friend. At times, it may even just be barking excitedly at its toys or jumping at them. When your dog gives this bark, it’s a great sign that tells it is happy and content. You can also use this collar if this type of bark happens frequently.

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The “Please Protect Me” Bark

Is your dog repeatedly barking as it runs towards you? How about its ears – are they flattened? In this case, your dog is barking because it is afraid of something.

While it is similar to a warning bark, there are also some differences. When your dog is scared, it tends to cling to your side. You can also see the whites of its eyes more clearly. It also only moves near you.

Stopping your dog when it is barking out of fear is hard. However, you can train it to react better to new situations. This way, it will be less likely to get scared next time.

The “I’m Hurt” Bark

Did your dog suddenly yelp out of nowhere? If your pet suddenly yips loudly, it might be because it feels hurt. Make sure to go to your dog immediately. While some dogs may repeat it, especially if they feel really hurt, others also only give a high-pitched yelp once.

The pain your pet feels varies. At times, it is just a tiny surprise like a sudden cramps. However, there are other times when it can be more serious.

Check your dog and see if it perks up. Your pet will return to playing or lounging if it is a momentary pain. However, if it is badly limping, you might have to do some first aid or console it. 

The “Notice Me” Bark

Is your dog barking at you continuously? Are the barks at an average pitch – and does your dog direct them at you? Your dog probably wants some of your attention if you agree with these statements.

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Dogs bark like this when they want to play or spend time with you. While they do not act aggressively, they are clinging to you. They would only stop once you shush or give them your attention.

Why You Should Learn How to Differentiate Dog Barks

When it comes to dog barks, you should learn how to differentiate them. While looking out for the sounds, you should also check your dog’s behavior. This way, you can adequately determine what their bark truly means.

By learning them, you can become a better pet owner. Whether it is terrified or happy, you would be able to understand its feelings. You would also be able to react better because you know what they want.


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