How to Make Your Dog Get Along With Your Girlfriend?


You and your girlfriend are happy together, but you have to admit that you and her dog aren’t getting along quite as well. It’s not the dog’s fault, really; she just wants to be near your girlfriend all the time and you want to be near your girlfriend all the time, too! However, things can work out so that everyone gets along happily, as long as you know how to make your dog get along with your girlfriend in three stages.

How to Make Your Dog Get Along With Your Girlfriend

Allow Time for Adjustment:

Dogs are smart, but they do not mind readers. So while they may love your new partner instantly, that doesn’t mean your dog will automatically get along with her. It’s important that you give your dog time to adjust to your relationship and learn about her scent and presence before expecting them to play nice together.

This isn’t something that happens overnight—you don’t need a solution here; it’s OK if things take time and evolve naturally over several weeks or months (but certainly no longer than six). Instead of expecting immediate acceptance from either animal, focus on making sure both of you have ample opportunity for exercise, playtime with other dogs, outdoor time, grooming sessions, etc.

In short, make sure everyone is happy and fulfilled so that when you do introduce them, there won’t be any lingering issues. And remember: If you’ve been living with a single pet for some time now, it’ll likely take more adjustment on their part than if you’ve only had one animal around all along.

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Introduce Them Slowly and Gently:

Now that both animals are used to each other’s scents and presence, it’s time to slowly introduce them face-to-face under low-pressure circumstances. The goal here is simply for them to become familiar with one another without any negative associations being made between them. Ideally, at least initially try doing so at times when neither animal is hungry or thirsty because those conditions can often cause territorial reactions even among pets who normally get along well together.

Teaching Her Not to Bark.

Teaching your dog, not to bark requires patience and repetition. If you’re able to get your dog used to barking at only one thing, he or she will be much easier (and faster) to train.

In order for a dog not to bark at another person, you need something that they don’t want inside of its territory; ideally, it would be something you carry with you every day so that it is always associated with you. This could be anything from an old pair of shoes to a favourite toy—it doesn’t matter what it is as long as your dog associates it with you.

Once you have found something that works, bring it out whenever there are other people around who might come into contact with your girlfriend (or boyfriend). When someone approaches, call your dog over and toss his favourite item right in front of him/her.

The goal here is to make sure that your dog sees you giving them something good while also showing them someone new. After doing so, leave your pet alone with their new friend for about five minutes before going back over to check on them.

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You should repeat these steps multiple times each day until your dog has learned how not to bark at other people when they are around. Keep in mind that some dogs may take longer than others depending on how quickly they learn and how easily distracted they are by outside stimuli like squirrels running across lawns or birds flying overhead! Don’t give up if things aren’t working immediately!

Remember slow and steady wins races!

Getting Them Used To Touch by Other People.

Hopefully, your dog is getting along swimmingly with everyone else you know. Now it’s time to have her meet your girlfriend so that she understands that being a part of your life means she will have to share space with animals.

At first, it might seem as if your girlfriend is putting up a fight and having second thoughts about dating you when she meets Fido, but she’ll come around. Just make sure not to do too much cuddling with her right away; you don’t want her getting jealous or scared of Fido.

It’s perfectly acceptable for your girlfriend and Fido to be friends – just give them some time! In fact, it’s likely they’ll both get along quite well once they realize they are meant to be together.

In no time at all, Fido will feel like part of your family and maybe even act as if he owns you (in which case, now would be a good time to tell him who actually does own him).

In order to make sure that your dog gets along with your girlfriend, follow these steps:
1) Introduce them slowly;
2) Give her treats so she knows she’s being rewarded for getting along with Fido;
3) Have her on a leash so that you can keep her safe. If there is any problem with getting Fido used to your girlfriend, contact an animal behaviourist immediately.

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If left untreated, serious problems could develop over time that could lead to aggression or depression in either party.