Why Schnauzers Are The Worst Dogs – 10 Reasons

Why Schnauzers Are The Worst Dogs – Everyone knows that hens are the worst kind of chicken, but did you know that the “least domesticated animal” is… the schnauzer? We all love this dog to bits and don’t want them to go extinct but, here’s a reality check. Listen up, because these five tidbits will blow your mind.
The list of the least domesticated animals is headed by the schnauzer, but why? For the answer to this question, let’s first look at the world of the schnauzer.

Schnauzers Dog

Why Schnauzers Are The Worst Dogs
Why Schnauzers Are The Worst Dogs

This dog breed comes from Germany and was developed as a utility and watchdog. They have a strong character with a lot of self-confidence. Schnauzers are confident dogs which are reflected in their temperaments and overall behavior.

According to breeders, an average adult schnauzer weighs about 23 pounds and measures 26-28 inches at the withers. They are alert, playful, and energetic. Although these dogs are smart, they are not quick to learn so training them can be a bit of a challenge.

Due to their independent nature, they can be difficult to leash train as well. They need a lot of physical and mental stimulation otherwise they will start developing destructive habits like chewing or digging.

Why Schnauzers Are The Worst Dogs

10 Reasons Why Schnauzers Are the Worst Dogs?

When it comes to training, these dogs can be very stubborn and are generally poor learners. Even if you do manage to teach them something, they might not be able to repeat it.

As they grow older, they tend to forget things very quickly. Some people even say that they have memory loss and they definitely have a lot of energy. This makes them perfect for all kinds of activities but, they aren’t great with strangers. They love attention but, they don’t do well with isolation.

1. Schnauzers shouldn’t be around children.

The breed of dog you select must be safe with children if you have any. If you have children in your household, schnauzers might not be the greatest choice.

2. Schnauzers detests staying inside

This breed might not be the ideal choice if you want a pet that will stay inside your house. If your dog requires a lot of outdoor time, it may attempt to flee from the house.

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3. Schnauzers don’t get along with other canines.

Any new member of your family must get along with any pets you already have. If you currently own dogs, schnauzers might not be the ideal choice for you.

This breed might not be the greatest choice if you frequently host guests. They frequently experience anxiety around strangers and may bark or bite.

4. Schnauzers dislike games.

This breed is generally not for you if your dog enjoys playing with people or other animals. While playing, they could grow anxious and hide rather than have fun.

5. They Need Tons of Exercise

Be prepared to deal with their high exercise requirements if you acquire a Schnauzer.

Originally bred as farm dogs, these dogs. In order to do their numerous tasks, they needed a lot of energy. They had to care for rodents in addition to being born to herd animals and watch after calves.

Because of the demanding nature of their jobs, Schnauzers evolved extremely high levels of stamina. Even though most puppies are now just fuzzy friends, that vitality is still present.

Schnauzers require frequent walks and lots of opportunities for play. If not, they will become destructive.

When these dogs have too much-unreleased energy, they are infamous for destroying furniture and causing mayhem.

6. Schnauzer Barks A lot

As a Schnauzer owner, you will have to deal with the following brutal reality: These dogs like barking quite a bit!

They are a noisy breed that seizes any chance to say their minds! They will let you know if they are hungry, need to go outside, or need to play.

If you ignore the barking, it will just become worse and your dog will continue to bark.

Schnauzers are not the breed for you if you’re searching for a lovely dog that is laid-back, comfortable, and quiet. Before adopting, be careful to take into account their barking tendencies since they can create serious difficulty in condominiums or flats.

7. Difficulty in Grooming Schnauzers

If having a dog that is simple to groom is important to you, seek elsewhere!

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The fur on schnauzers is rather demanding. Although it doesn’t shed as much as other dogs, it still has to be taken very seriously.

The hair’s outermost layer is lengthy and has a wiry appearance. Regular trims are required since it grows quickly. That’s not all, though. It is common for schnauzers to have uncomfortable matting and tangles.

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To prevent all of that, the majority of Schnauzer owners take their dogs to a professional groomer every four to six weeks. That might get rather pricey.

Even if you want to groom your dog yourself, dealing with their fur will take a lot of your time.

8. Schnauzers are Sometimes Aggressive

Schnauzers aren’t particularly aggressive and aren’t quite as vicious as some other canines. However, you, your family, and other canines might all face aggression from these dogs.

All the bottled-up energy they possess is the problem. Schnauzers need a place to direct their energy.

Some people will use violence instead of destroying your furniture.

These canines are not the greatest to keep in households with many pets. They have the ability to suddenly turn hostile, snarling and flashing their teeth. The perpetrator may bite you if you don’t back off.

9. Schnauzer has a strong will and is stubborn

Expect an uphill struggle while training a Schnauzer if you have never trained a dog before.

Those who have previously kept dogs ought to have no issues. However, these dogs will bully an insecure owner to death.

They have a strong sense of independence. Even if Huskies and Malamutes are worse, Schnauzers will still put you to the test. It may be difficult to assert your power if you flinch. The training of these canines is quite labor-intensive.

Because Schnauzers can learn commands, experienced owners can arrive there fast. However, novice dog owners could find them difficult to manage.

10. Schnauzers Love to Chase Small Animals

Schnauzers were bred to herd sheep. They have a strong instinct to chase and even kill small animals such as cats, birds, rabbits, squirrels, etc.
If your preference is that your pet doesn’t chase small critters, you won’t be able to keep one of these dogs.

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They are descendants of the Vallhund, a dog from the Swiss Mountains that was specially trained to hunt down and kill the local foxes.

Schnauzers Dog
Schnauzers Dog

FAQ: Why Schnauzers Are The Worst Dogs

How much do Schnauzers cost?

On average, you can expect to pay $700 to $1500 for a new puppy, as well as approximately $350 to $800 in annual expenses, depending on the breed.
Expect to pay around $500 to adopt a fully grown dog from an animal shelter. If you purchase a puppy from a breeder, you could spend anywhere from $600 to $2000.

How big are Schnauzers?

The most common sizes are 20 to 23 inches at the shoulder for males and 19 to 22 inches for females.
The taller dogs will weigh around 40 to 60 pounds for both males and females dogs.

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How much do Schnauzers shed?

They produce a lot of hair, but that’s normal. They also shed quite a bit when they are groomed.
If you prefer them less furry, weekly brushing and combing may be required. animals and leave children out of the equation.
Schnauzers do well with other dogs, but they may not get along with cats. If a cat has the run of the place, it could end up dead in no time.

What is the life expectancy of a Schnauzer?

The average life expectancy of a Schnauzer is 10 to 13 years. However, this depends on their health as well as the way they are kept.

Why Schnauzers Are The Worst Dogs

Conclusion: Why Schnauzers Are The Worst Dogs

The cons of owning one, though, outweigh the pros. And, unlike other dogs on the list, they don’t make the best dog for apartment life.
Remember to do your research and find out if a reputable breeder has available puppies that fit your criteria before making your purchase.

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