Why Does My Dog Hide Under the Couch?

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Why Does My Dog Hide Under The Couch Or Bed?


Dog parents may wonder why their dogs do certain things and if it is natural or something to worry about. For instance, many pet owners ask, “Why does my dog hide under the bed or couch?”

All dogs have their own set of quirky behaviors. Some behaviors of dogs are endearing and comical, while others, like hiding under the bed or couch, may be worrisome.  

You can recognize your pet’s emotional state by observing its other behaviors. Soon, you will be able to answer why does my dog sleep under the bed all of a sudden and not be surprised anymore by the fact that your dog hides under the couch.

The Probable Reasons Why Your Dog Goes Into Hiding

At times, you may find your dog soundly sleeping under the bed without a care in the world. There may also be times when it is cowering in fear under the couch, making itself as small and unnoticeable as possible. 

Not understanding why your dog goes into hiding will keep you asking, “Why does my dog keep hiding under the bed?” However, this behavior is entirely natural and may not necessarily be a cause for worry.

Your dog might find the spot under the bed or couch a fantastic place to cool off on a warm summer night.

Don’t worry, dog-mama (or papa)! There are logical explanations as to why your dog keeps hiding under furniture and fixtures, and here are some of them.

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#1. Your Pooch Is Being Naughty And Playful.

Fur parents make this observation with a puppy or adolescent dog—my dog keeps hiding behind the couch or under it. 

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You can attribute this to your pup’s playful nature. It may be hiding something from you so it can chew on it peacefully under the couch.

It may be something it’s not supposed to eat, a piece of food snatched from your table or, worse, peeing on your carpet or destroying what’s underneath your bed or couch. 

Your dog will dock for cover and go into hiding to avoid getting caught red-handed for its mischief.

#2. Your Dog Sees “The Under” As Its Private Space

Here is another likely answer to your question, why does my dog keep hiding under the bed. 

It has associated the space under your couch or bed as its safe place. Even a dog needs a place to retreat from all the chaos of the household. It also needs its “me-time” and might have selected the space under the couch or your bed as its designated den. 

This is the first place you’ll need to look to if you can’t find your dog anywhere in the house.

Dogs may hide under furniture out of fear, discomfort, or just a need for privacy.

You’ll also be surprised that this private space would have some of your dog’s favorite things, like its favorite bone, chew toy, or stuffed toy. If this is the case, you don’t need to fret and ask, “Is it normal for a dog to sleep under the couch?” It absolutely is—your dog wants some alone time—no need to take it personally.

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#3. Your Dog Is Afraid.

Why does my dog hide under the bed at night?

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Well, duck and cover are not just applicable to you. It is also a principle your dog follows if it is spooked, uncomfortable, or feels threatened. 

Why does my dog hide under the bed is a common inquiry, especially on the 4th of July and New Year’s Eve. You can blame the noise and fireworks at these times for your dog’s behavior.

Your dog can also feel scared, especially if your house is filled with unfamiliar faces and scents. It will likely observe and take it all in from a distance and under the protection of your couch. During a thunderstorm, don’t be surprised and ask why my dog is hiding under the bed suddenly.

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#4. Your Dog May Be Sick.

Fingers crossed that this is not why your dog is acting weird and hiding, but dogs tend to hide when they are not feeling well as a means to cope and try to process what they’re going through. So if your dog is suddenly spending more time under the couch or your bed, look for other signs indicating that they’re sick.

But why is my dog hiding under the bed when it’s sick?

In the wild, it is natural for an ill animal to go into hiding to avoid predators. Now, despite a domestic set-up with no dangers, your dog will still seek a hiding spot.

Find out the causes for other unusual behaviors like your dog scratching the floor here at https://upperpawside.com/why-do-dogs-scratch-the-floor/. Also, watch out for other symptoms like lethargy, excessive sleeping, and loss of appetite.

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 Trying to be alone under your couch is one of their means to find solitude. If you find your dog in pain or not up to its usual activities, consult the vet.

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#5. Your Dog Is Adjusting.

Another possible answer to your inquiry, “Why does my dog hide under my bed” is that your canine is feeling a change in its environment. These may include changes in your family dynamics, like a new pet, a new baby, or an entirely new home. Or you suddenly have a house full of people, like family visiting and staying for a week. 

Dogs thrive on routine; the new faces and foot traffic, plus all the commotion, can overwhelm your dog. So if you find yourself asking why is my dog acting weird and hiding, you might want to evaluate all the recent changes in its environment.

 Ideally, you’ll need to gradually introduce changes to your dog, but if you don’t have that luxury, let them have the space under your couch and bed as their refuge.

Once your visitors have left, or after it has fully adjusted to the new baby or new cat, your dog will also go back to its old routine and not hide as much.


Stop wondering why does my dog hide under the bed because your dog has perfectly sensible reasons for this behavior. They are just following what seems right for them, so if it doesn’t impact you and your household negatively, then let your dog be.

You should only be concerned if you think your pet is not feeling well.

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