The Groomery By Petsmart Upper Arlington OH


The Groomery by Petsmart Upper Arlington OH is a full-service professional pet grooming service provider located in the heart of Upper Arlington, Ohio. They offer a variety of grooming services to suit the needs of your pet, from full grooms to nail trims, all performed in a comfortable and safe environment. Their experienced team of groomers and stylists have the experience and know-how to provide a grooming experience that is tailored to your pet’s individual needs. They work with both small and large breeds, so no matter the size or breed of your pet, our team can craft a look that will leave your pet looking its best. They take the time to discuss your pet’s needs and preferences to ensure their experience with us is comfortable and stress-free. From baths, haircuts, and flea treatments to nail trims, anal gland expression, and ear cleaning, The Groomery by Petsmart has the complete grooming services you can trust for your pet. They use only top-quality products and professional grooming tools to ensure your pet looks and feels its best. Price estimates are provided up front and clients are able to watch the entire grooming process in their viewing room.

The Groomery By Petsmart Upper Arlington OH

The Groomery by Petsmart is a full-service grooming salon located in Upper Arlington, OH. They offer a variety of services tailored to meet the needs of pet owners, such as bathing, hair cutting, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression. They also provide specialized services for animals with skin and coat issues, such as flea treatments and medicated baths. The Groomery by Petsmart is staffed by trained experts using gentle, yet effective products and tools, to ensure the highest standards of care. The Groomery’s main goal is to make every pet feel comfortable during their visit. They also offer discounts and packages for frequent visitors. In addition, they have much experience working with all breeds and sizes of pets.

What Does Petsmart Grooming Include?

Petsmart Grooming includes a variety of services to pamper your pet including baths, haircuts, and nail trimming. A full-service grooming experience includes all-natural shampoo and conditioner, a specially designed haircut of your choosing, and attention to their ears, eyes, and paws for added relaxation. When you book a grooming session at Petsmart, the salon is staffed with qualified stylists to ensure that your pup always feels their best. Grooming includes a thorough brushing of your pet before and after their spa day to help reduce tangles and matting. Petsmart also includes a deep clean of your pet’s ears, as well as nail trimming and grinding to help take off any sharp edges. After a leisurely day at the salon, your pet will be looking and feeling their best.

Where Is The Petsmart Grooming Academy?

The Petsmart Grooming Academy is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. The academy is situated on a large campus, spanning 18 acres of land. It contains high-end learning environments, designed to provide the best education for professionals interested in the art of pet grooming. The groomsmen’s residence offers classrooms, labs, laundry facilities, dormitories, and an outdoor training facility. The state-of-the-art facilities allow aspiring professionals to hone their pet-grooming skills and receive certifications from renowned institutions. The academy also has its own PetSmart Grooming salon, providing hands-on experience to students under the guidance of experienced pet groomers.

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The academy offers an array of training and courses, all created to provide future professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge they need to become successful in the field. Its courses cover everything from safety protocols to creative styling techniques. The academy also features guest speakers and instructor-led projects, allowing students to gain real-world experience as they advance their education.

At Petsmart Grooming Academy, aspiring groomers have the chance to learn from the best in the industry. The academy also offers its graduates the opportunity to become Certified Professional Groomers at various levels.

About The Groomery By Petsmart

The Grooming by Petsmart program is a range of services that help keep pets happy and healthy. The program includes a wide variety of grooming services, such as full-service bathing, nail trimming, and breed-specific haircuts, as well as pet wellness exams and exercise and nutrition consultations. Grooming by Petsmart services can be done at any of the more than 1,500 Petsmart stores in the US and Canada. The experienced, certified team at each store supports pet parents through the entire process, from selecting the right service to providing tips and advice on how to groom at home. The Grooming by Petsmart program also includes a wide range of products and tools to help keep pets looking and feeling great, like expert-recommended shampoos, conditioners, brushes, and more.

Services Offered at The Groomery By Petsmart Upper Arlington OH

The Groomery by PetSmart in Upper Arlington, OH offers a variety of services to help keep your pet’s coat and skin looking and feeling its best.

The full-service grooming salon offers baths and brushes, haircuts, flea and tick treatments, de-matting, nail trimming, and ear cleaning. They also offer specialized treatments such as color enhancements, breed trims, scissoring, facial treatments, and specialty clips.

The Groomery by PetSmart also offers puppy packages that include a bath and brush, nail trim, ear cleaning, and de-shedding for young dogs. This helps to get them used to grooming and can help to prevent anxiety during future services.

Their products range from flea and tick preventatives to shampoos, conditioners, and other pet care products. They also offer a wide selection of pet apparel to keep your pet looking its best between visits to the salon.

The Groomery by PetSmart also offers express service, which gives customers the option of dropping off their pets and picking them up when their service is finished. This is a great way to fit the salon into a busy lifestyle.

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The Groomery By Petsmart Upper Arlington OH Packages And Prices

The Groomery by Petsmart in Upper Arlington, OH offers a variety of packages tailored for different types of pets. Prices vary depending on the breed, size, and coat type of the pet being groomed.

The Basic Grooming package is the most affordable and includes a bath with shampoo, brushing, and drying. This package also includes a nail trim and a haircut. The price for this service starts at $30.

The Next Level Grooming package is tailored for more specific needs. It includes all of the services included in the Basic Grooming package but also includes a full-body trim or scissoring and a sanitary trim. The Next Level Grooming package starts at $55.

The Full-Service Grooming package is the most comprehensive package available. It includes all of the services included in the Basic and Next Level Grooming packages, as well as trimming of the head, face, feet, and sanitary area. This package also includes a unique one-on-one consultation with a professional pet groomer. The Full-Service Grooming package starts at $85.

All of the packages include a pre-groom consultation with a professional pet groomer. This is an opportunity for the pet and its owner to discuss the pet’s individual needs and styling preferences. This consultation is available for an additional fee of $10.

The Groomery by Petsmart also offers a mobile grooming and pick-up/drop-off service for an additional fee. This service is available at selected locations and requires an appointment. Prices for the mobile grooming service depend on the type of pet and selected package.

What Makes The Groomery By Petsmart Upper Arlington OH Unique

The Groomery by Petsmart in Upper Arlington, OH is a unique full-service pet salon dedicated to helping owners keep their pets looking and feeling their best. With experienced staff, state-of-the-art equipment, and professional pet care products, The Groomery by PetSmart in Upper Arlington, OH offers everything you need to bring out the natural beauty of your furry friends. The Groomery offers a variety of services including bathing, brushing, nail trimming, and more. The pet salon also offers a full range of spa services, including facials, paw waxing, and more. The Groomery also offers a selection of unique pet apparel, accessories, and toys. Aside from providing quality pet care products and services, The Groomery also helps to build a better bond between pet owners and their furry friends. The salon focuses on building strong relationships between pet owners and their pets, allowing them to enjoy quality time together. The Groomery also provides pet owners with knowledge, advice, and tips to help keep their pets happy and healthy. The salon also educates its clients on responsible pet ownership and proper pet care. With their commitment to providing the best pet care products and services, The Groomery by PetSmart in Upper Arlington, OH has become the go-to pet salon in the area for pet owners.

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Pros and Cons of The Groomery By Petsmart Upper Arlington OH


  • The Groomery offers a wide selection of services to fit all needs including basic grooming, cutting and styling, full-service grooming packages, specialty services, and de-shedding.
  • The Groomery also has a wide variety of products available, including shampoos, conditioners, brushes, combs, nail trimmers, and more.
  • The Groomery staff is friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable about pet care and grooming.
  • The Groomery offers competitive prices that are fair when compared to other pet grooming services in the area.
  • The Groomery has a location close to other pet-related services in Upper Arlington OH, such as veterinarians and pet stores.


  • The Groomery has limited space available for grooming appointments, so it may not be able to accommodate all requests.
  • The Groomery may not provide adequate space for larger pets, so owners of large breeds may need to find another solution.

Reviews of The Groomery By Petsmart Upper Arlington OH

The reviews of The Groomery by Petsmart Upper Arlington OH are overall positive. Clients have been satisfied with the services they have received such as grooming and baths. Clients have noted that the staff is friendly and professional, making the environment comfortable for their pets. The facility is also well-maintained and clean. Many clients have also commented that the prices are affordable. Some clients have commented that the process can be lengthy and appointments fill up quickly, so it’s important to plan ahead. In general, customers have been pleased with their experience and would recommend it for your pet’s grooming needs.


Q. Are Petsmart groomers licensed?

A. No, the groomers at Petsmart are not licensed in most states. They are required to complete some kind of training program to be able to groom pets for the company but they are not licensed by any government agency.

Q. Does Petsmart groom bunnies?

A. Petsmart does not groom bunnies; due to the delicate nature of bunny fur, their specialized needs, and the potential for injury, Petsmart does not provide this service.

Q. How long can you leave your dog at Petsmart grooming?

A. Petsmart typically asks guests to pick up their pet within a few hours after grooming is complete. However, customers can leave their pet with the groomer for up to four hours after the grooming is completed.


The Groomery by Petsmart in Upper Arlington is definitely one of the best pet grooming centers in the area. Their groomers are highly trained and experienced and they provide quality services at reasonable prices. The store is also very accommodating and friendly, and the selection of products is excellent. All in all, this is one of the top places to get your pet groomed.


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