Petsmart Pet Hotel Locations and Reviews

Petsmart Pet Hotels provide comfortable overnight lodging for cats and dogs of all sizes, with expert caretakers available 24/7. Located in more than 50 major cities across the US and Canada, Petsmart Pet Hotels offer many features, including luxury suites with TVs and sound systems, as well as outdoor play areas, special pet menus, grooming salons, and more. Reviews online are generally very positive, with many people commenting on the convenience factor, the cleanliness of the facilities, and the knowledge and friendliness of the staff.

Petsmart Pet Hotel Locations and Reviews

Petsmart Pet Hotel is an innovative pet boarding solution that provides pet care services for cats and dogs. Founded in 1986, the company has grown to become one of the largest pet care chains in America, with locations across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

At Petsmart Pet Hotels, your pet will enjoy luxurious amenities including cozy accommodations, custom diet plans, personalized playtime, and botanical spas. Whether you are traveling or just want your pet to have a great stay, Petsmart Pet Hotels promise to provide every pet with a home away from home.

In the United States, Petsmart Pet Hotels have two types of locations: store locations and stand-alone properties. Store locations are found in select Petsmart stores, with amenities designed to make it feel like two vacations in one. Stand-alone properties feature hotel-style accommodations and services including a larger pool, a movie theater, rooms for cats, interactive playtime, and more.

As for reviews, many customers have lauded the great services provided by Petsmart Pet Hotels. Many mention the clean facilities, the friendly staff, and the safe and secure environment for their pets. Others were impressed by the great amenities offered, such as a pool, hot tub, and movie theater. A few customers have pointed out that the pricing can be an issue but overall, most reviews of Petsmart Pet Hotels have been highly positive.

What Is PetSmart PetsHotel?

PetSmart PetsHotel is a pet boarding service available at many PetSmart locations across the United States. It offers specialized dog and cat lodging, daycare, and overnight care, with drop-off and pick-up available seven days a week. PetsHotel staff are trained to provide exceptional care, exercise, and training for your pet. Safety and cleanliness are top priorities, and all team members receive advanced safety and cleanliness training. Pet parents can choose a suite that’s perfect for their pet’s stay, either a Basic Suite, a Luxury Suite, or an Elite Suite. Amenities range from a cot and toys in the Basic Suite, to luxury bedding and heated flooring in the Luxury Suite, to elevated furniture, a self-warming pet bed, and wall-mounted HDTV with music videos in the Elite Suite. Special dietary needs and medical requirements can be met, and doggie daycare and spa services can be added for an additional fee.

What to Bring At Petsmart Pet Hotel

When taking your pet to Petsmart Pet Hotel, it’s important to make sure that you have everything that they may need during their stay. Here is a list of what to bring to Petsmart Pet Hotel.

  1. Food: Many pet hotels only allow pet-friendly food to be served. Make sure you bring enough food for the duration of your pet’s stay.
  2. Treats: Your pet may enjoy a treat or two during their stay. Many pet hotels offer treats for sale, but you may prefer to bring your pet’s favorite treats from home.
  3. Bedding: Make sure you bring your pet’s bedding to keep them warm and comfortable.
  4. Toys: If your pet enjoys playing with toys, bring one or two with you to keep them entertained.
  5. Medication: For pets that require medication, make sure you bring an adequate supply. Don’t forget to include detailed instructions for administering the medication.
  6. Vet records: Most pet hotels require your pet to have up-to-date vaccinations. Your vet records will ensure that your pet is safe and healthy.
  7. Grooming supplies: If your pet requires regular grooming, make sure to bring all necessary supplies.
  8. Leash: Even if your pet will only be in a supervised play area, a leash is always a good idea.
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Petsmart Pet Hotel Sevices

Petsmart Pet Hotel is a boarding and daycare facility for cats and dogs, powered by Dogtopia, a trusted leader in pet care. It allows pets to stay while their owners are away, providing a safe and loving environment. Petsmart Pet Hotel offers all kinds of services to give pets a comfortable stay, designed to feel like a true home away from home.

Some of these services include supervised daycare activities, comfortable boarding areas, personalized attention, and one-on-one time with a pet specialist. The facility also offers grooming services including bathing, blow-drying, nail trims, and ear cleaning.

In addition, Petsmart Pet Hotel provides additional services such as vaccination monitoring, nutrition counseling, and special food options. The facility is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by experienced pet care specialists to ensure a pet’s safety and provide peace of mind to pet owners.

Petsmart Pet Hotel also offers a secure Webcam service that allows pet owners to monitor their pets while they are away. The cameras have been installed in all boarding areas and play areas, allowing pet owners to take a look at their pets anytime. The Webcam images are also securely broadcasted online. This service is offered at no additional cost to pet owners.

Petsmart Pet Hotel Packages and Prices

Petsmart Pet Hotel packages and prices vary depending on the location of the store, the services requested, and the size and breed of the pet. All Petsmart Pet Hotels provide a full range of services including boarding, daycare, grooming, puppy training, and bathing.

A stay at a Petsmart Pet Hotel typically includes a basic package which includes an initial examination by a vet, daily exercise, feeding, and any necessary medications. Daycare options are also available, which include supervised playtime along with nutritious meals. Standard pet hotel packages include the basics as well as access to an indoor and outdoor play area with toys, a “playpen” for sleeping, and access to full spa and grooming services.

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Petsmart Pet Hotels provide multiple pricing options based on length of stay, size of pet, and other special services. Generally, rates start at around $20 for a one-day stay and can go up to $50 per day for longer stays. Additional pricing for services such as pup training, specialized bathing, and specialty spa treatments will depend on location and the level of services desired.

In general, Petsmart Pet Hotels is a good option for pet owners as the prices are comparable to other pet boarding services, the facilities are well maintained and provide a wide range of services, and the amenities offered can be tailored to each individual pet.

List of Petsmart Pet Hotel Locations and Reviews

Petsmart Pet Hotel is an animal lodging service available at select Petsmart stores. The Pet Hotel offers a wide variety of amenities, including boarding, daycare, grooming, training, and more. Petsmart Pet Hotels provide a safe and comfortable environment for your pet.

List of Petsmart Pet Hotel Locations and Reviews:

  1. Baton Rouge, Louisiana: This Petsmart Pet Hotel has been reviewed as excellent by customers, who appreciated the well-maintained facility and knowledgeable staff.
  2. Cincinnati, Ohio: Customers of this pet hotel report it to be clean and spacious, with friendly staff who treat their guests with care.
  3. Charlotte, North Carolina: This location receives great customer reviews with visitors praising the helpful and friendly workers.
  4. Frisco, Texas: Customers note that this pet hotel is clean and welcoming and that the staff is knowledgeable and helpful.
  5. Oak Brook, Illinois: This location has been praised for its cleanliness and friendly staff, making it a great choice for pet owners in the area.
  6. Phoenix, Arizona: This Petsmart Pet Hotel is well-equipped and provides excellent service to its furry guests.
  7. Atlanta, Georgia: This location is highly rated by pet owners due to its clean and comfortable atmosphere, as well as its friendly and knowledgeable staff.
  8. Overland Park, Kansas: This Petsmart Pet Hotel is noted for its excellent services and its well-maintained facilities.
  9. Rockville, Maryland: Customers praise this location for its clean and comfortable atmosphere and attentive staff.
  10. Orlando, Florida: This Pet Hotel receives great reviews from customers, who appreciate the thorough and attentive service they receive.

Tools To Find Petsmart Pet Hotel Locations Near You

There are a variety of tools that can be used to find PetSmart Pet Hotel locations near you.

  • Google Maps: Google Maps is one of the most effective tools to find PetSmart Pet Hotel locations near you. All you need to do is type in “PetSmart Pet Hotel” in the search bar and the map will show you all the nearby locations. Additionally, if you enter your current location, the map will show you the route to any particular PetSmart Pet Hotel location.
  • PetSmart Website: PetSmart offers a convenient and easy-to-use pet hotel locator. All you need to do is enter your city and state or ZIP code and it will show you the nearest PetSmart Pet Hotel locations. You can also see the ratings and reviews from other customers to help you decide which location to choose.
  • Yelp or Google Reviews: Yelp and Google Reviews are great sources for finding reliable reviews about PetSmart Pet Hotel locations. Customers usually leave honest opinions about the hotel’s rating, staff, cleanliness, and other important factors. This can be extremely helpful when you’re trying to decide where to stay.
  • Social Media: Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are great ways to find out more information about PetSmart Pet Hotel locations. You can check out photos, read reviews, and get in touch with previous customers if you have any questions or concerns.
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Q. Is petsmart pet hotel good?

A. Petsmart Pet Hotel is a good pet boarding facility that provides spacious, air-conditioned accommodations for your pet, including activities like playtime and baths. They offer 24/7 monitoring and a certified team of pet care professionals to ensure a safe and comfortable stay for your pet. Many PetSmart review sites give Petsmart Pet Hotel good ratings for its accommodations and quality of care.

Q. Is petsmart hotel safe?

A. Yes, PetSmart Hotel is a safe and reliable option for pet boarding and daycare services. PetSmart ensures that the staff is properly trained, that all play areas are clean and maintained, and that safety protocols are strictly adhered to. Additionally, all hotel guests receive 24/7 monitoring to ensure their safety.

Q. Does PetSmart pet hotel have cameras?

A. Yes, PetSmart Pet Hotels have cameras in each room. The cameras are monitored 24/7 by PetSmart staff and are used to ensure the safety and well-being of each pet.

Q. What does PetSmart Hotel look like?

A. PetSmart Hotel offers a unique vacation experience for pets and their families. The hotel features overnight lodging, playtime, salon services, and even doggie birthday celebrations. Guests can enjoy amenities such as 24-hour room service, air-conditioned accommodations, certified hotel staff for supervision and care, and an outdoor play area with plenty of space for your pet to run and explore. PetSmart also provides an in-hotel store stocked with food, toys, and unique gifts.


Petsmart Pet Hotel locations vary in size and services depending on the store. However, overall, the reviews are generally positive, with customers finding the staff and accommodations to be of a high standard. Prices can be quite expensive depending on what services you choose, but the level of care and attention to pet comfort is widely praised. In general, customers are pleased with their experience using Petsmart Pet Hotel locations and usually come away with a favorable opinion.

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