A – Z About Petsmart Colorado Springs


Petsmart Colorado Springs is a pet supply store located on the corner of Academy and Constitution. Petsmart Colorado Springs specializes in pet care needs and offers a variety of pet products, services, and educational programs. Whether you are looking to buy pet products, receive vet care, get grooming services, or attend a dog training class, Petsmart Colorado Springs has something for you. The store also carries a wide selection of pet food, treats, toys, leashes, collars, grooming supplies, and more. With knowledgeable staff, a wide selection of products, and convenient services, Petsmart Colorado Springs is the ideal place to shop for all your pet care needs.

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Petsmart Colorado Springs is a full-service pet store located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They are dedicated to providing quality products and services for cats, dogs, and other pets in the area. Their knowledgeable staff offers expertise on a wide variety of pet products for your pet’s health and wellness, grooming, training, and entertainment needs. They also offer adoptions from local rescue organizations and provide pet parents with resources for pet care and adoption. They strive to offer the best in customer service by providing quality products at affordable prices and experienced knowledge in pet care.

Petsmart Colorado Springs, CO

Petsmart Colorado Springs, CO is a pet store that offers a variety of pets, pet supplies, and services for cats, dogs, fish, reptiles, and small animals. The store carries a wide selection of brand-name items such as pet food, treats, chew toys, litter, and health care supplies. Petsmart also offers grooming, obedience training, and pet adoption services. Customers can find a variety of knowledgeable staff on-site, able to provide advice on common pet problems and offer tips on how to care for their pets.

Petsmart Locations

Petsmart is a pet supply retail store that sells pet supplies, and services related to pet care. It has locations all throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. Petsmart locations include retail outlets, grooming salons, dog wash stations, dog daycare centers, hotels, and adoption centers. The retail outlets are generally large stores that offer a wide variety of pet-related goods and services, including pet food, litter and housing, toys and accessories, veterinary care, and grooming and boarding services. 

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  • Petsmart – North Academy Boulevard
  • Petsmart – Citadel Mall
  • Petsmart – Southgate Shopping Center
  • Petsmart – Austin Bluffs Marketplace
  • Petsmart – Monument Marketplace
  • Petsmart – Falcon Landing Shopping Center
  • Petsmart – North Powers Town Center
  • Petsmart – Chapel Hills Mall
  • Petsmart – Briargate Marketplace
  • Petsmart – Pueblo Marketplace
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Petsmart Banfield Colorado Springs

PetSmart Banfield Colorado Springs is a branch of Petsmart veterinary clinic and pet store. The clinic offers comprehensive wellness plans for pet owners to ensure their animals’ health and well-being. Services offered include vaccinations, dental care, spay and neuter services, puppy and kitten care, wellness plans, specialty pet food, and more. They also provide emergency and urgent care, as well as 24-hour emergency care. With Banfield’s Optimum Wellness Plans, pet owners can create a customized, preventive health plan tailored to their pet’s unique needs that can save them money in the long run.

Petsmart Colorado Springs Locations

  • 7830 N Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80920
  • 10750 Citadel Drive North, Colorado Springs, CO 80912
  • 1730 Dublin Blvd., Colorado Springs, CO 80918
  • 1605 Spring Cypress Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80921
  • 825 S Hwy 105, Monument, CO 80132

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Petsmart Colorado Springs offers a wide range of services to keep pets happy and healthy. Services include:

  1. Grooming: Petsmart offers professional grooming services to keep your pet looking their best. Services include bathing, brushing, trimming, nail clipping, and even creative and seasonal haircuts.
  2. Training: Petsmart offers positive reinforcement dog and puppy training classes to help you teach your pet good manners and behaviors.
  3. Daycare: Your pet can enjoy playtime with other pampered furry friends in a supervised safe environment.
  4. Vaccinations: Petsmart’s in-store veterinary clinics provide a wide variety of vaccinations for both cats and dogs, including core vaccines, non-core vaccines, and parasite prevention.
  5. Adoption: Petsmart provides adoption services in partnership with local animal shelters and rescue groups to help find permanent homes for adoptable animals.
  6. Veterinary Services: Petsmart Colorado Springs offers in-store veterinarians for a variety of medical services, including exams, surgeries, vaccinations, heartworm testing, and more.
  7. Retail: Petsmart provides pet owners with a wide selection of high-quality foods, treats, leashes, beds, toys, and other pet supplies.
  8. Online Services: Petsmart customers can shop from the convenience of their homes for pet supplies online. They can also access helpful information about pet care and products, plus access exclusive online deals.
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Petsmart Colorado Springs Adoption

Petsmart Colorado Springs has an adoption program and offers a wide variety of pets for adoption, from cats and dogs to small animals and reptiles. The prices for adoption vary depending on the pet, dogs and cats range from $110 to $180, while small animals can range from $4 to $20. All adopted animals will be up-to-date on vaccinations and spayed/neutered. The Petsmart Colorado Springs Adoption Program works with local shelters and nonprofit rescue organizations to find adoptable animals for members of the public.

Petsmart Colorado Springs Grooming

Petsmart Colorado Springs offers a full-service grooming experience for cats and dogs. Their experienced groomers will use caring and gentle techniques to give your pet the spa day they deserve. They offer a variety of services that will meet your pet’s special needs. Services include washing and brushing, styling haircuts, nail trimming and filing, ear cleaning, flea and tick removal, anal gland expression, and more. Prices start at $35 and vary depending on the services you request and the breed and size of your pet. Specialty services may incur additional costs.

Grooming Services Offered By Petsmart Colorado Springs

Petsmart Colorado Springs offers a comprehensive variety of grooming services for both cats and dogs. Services include bathing, hair trimming/styling, nail trimming/grinding, de-shedding, ear cleaning, and tooth brushing.

  • Bathing: Bathing is a service that involves thorough washing of your pet’s fur and skin, as well as a conditioning treatment.
  • Hair Trimming/Styling: Petsmart Colorado Springs offers a variety of cuts and styles for your pet. A professional groomer can help you choose the perfect look for your pet.
  • Nail Trimming/Grinding: Regularly trimming and grinding your pet’s nails is important for their overall health and well-being. Groomers at Petsmart Colorado Springs will trim and grind your pet’s nails to keep them at a safe length.
  • De-shedding: De-shedding services involve removing loose fur from your pet’s coat with a specialized comb or brush. This helps to reduce shedding in the home and prevents the buildup of dead fur on your pet’s coat.
  • Ear Cleaning: Cleaning your pet’s ears regularly is important to prevent infections and ear mites. Groomers at Petsmart Colorado Springs can safely and effectively clean your pet’s ears.
  • Tooth Brushing: Regular brushing helps to keep your pet’s teeth and gums healthy. Petsmart Colorado Springs offers tooth brushing services to help keep your pet’s teeth clean.
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Petsmart Pet Hotel Colorado Springs

Petsmart Pet Hotel Colorado Springs offers pet boarding services as well as dog walking, grooming, and obedience classes. They offer secure and comfortable accommodations for cats and dogs, where owners can leave their pets in safe and loving hands while they are away. Petsmart also offers a variety of other pet services such as daycare, bathing, nail trims, vaccinations, flea control, and more. Prices for services vary depending on your pet’s size, type, and length of stay. For example, cats and small dogs could cost as little as $20 to $30 per night for standard amenities and size accommodations. For larger dogs, prices can range from $30 to $50 per night for standard amenities. Special services like medication administration, temperature-controlled rooms, and individual playtime can also be added for an additional fee.

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Petsmart Colorado Springs has earned mostly positive reviews from customers on Yelp, Google, and other third-party websites. The store offers a wide selection of pet supplies, as well as grooming, veterinary, boarding, and adoption services. Customers praise the help and advice they’ve received from staff and have commented favorably about their great customer service experience. Complaints mostly center around the cost of the services which customers have deemed expensive.


Q. How many PetSmart locations are there?

A. Currently, there are approximately 1,650 PetSmart locations in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Locations can be found in both the United States and Canada, while Puerto Rico only has five locations.

Q. How many PetSmart is in the US?

A. There are a total of 1,586 PetSmart stores located in the United States. PetSmart locations can be found in all 50 states, ranging from small, local stores to large, multi-national regional locations.


Petsmart Colorado Springs is a great place to have a wonderful shopping experience and a great experience for your pet. With locations throughout the city, great customer service, a wide selection of pet supplies, and an in-store grooming and pet care department, you’re sure to find everything you need. With its knowledgeable staff and affordable prices, Petsmart Colorado Springs is a great place to find all the supplies and services you need to keep your pet happy and healthy.


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