My Dog Sleeps On The Floor Instead Of Her Bed

I have been wondering why my dog sleeps on the floor instead of her bed. She has an orthopedic bed that she loves to sleep on, but she still prefers to sleep on the floor.

I then began to wonder how often dogs actually sleep on the floor in comparison to sleeping in their own beds? Dogs are very independent and are not always going to sleep where they are told to, but they will usually make their own decisions when it comes to bedtime.

Why Do Dogs Sleep on the Floor?

My Dog Sleeps On The Floor Instead Of Her Bed

Dogs love to sleep on the floor because it is cool, comfortable and clean. Some dogs may have arthritis or hip dysplasia which makes it difficult for them to get up on the bed or sofa.

Older dogs may not be able to jump up onto furniture easily. Dogs that are sick or recovering from surgery might also prefer sleeping on the floor. If your dog prefers to sleep on the floor but does not have any of these conditions, he may need some behavioral modification.

You can try placing a blanket or pillow in a high-traffic area like the living room and gradually move it closer to your bedroom until you see your dog make the association with beds being where they should sleep.

Is it Normal for Dogs to Sleep on the Floor?

It is normal for a dog to sleep on the floor if they are not used to sleeping on a bed. Dogs may also prefer the comfort of a soft, warm carpet or rug.

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However, some dogs may have been trained to sleep on the floor due to past experiences such as being bullied by other animals while in their kennel. If your dog has always slept on the floor and never wanted anything else, then it might just be their preference or personality type.

But you should still provide them with a comfortable surface to sleep on that’s more like a bed than a hardwood floor.

There are many dog beds out there that can fit into most living spaces and can come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and materials so you’ll find one that best fits your dog’s needs! In order to help my dog adapt to her new bed, I started taking her on car rides and let her rest in the backseat during our trips.

She began to grow accustomed to sleeping off the ground so when she came back home, she would lay down on her new doggy bed without any problems!

Should I Be Concerned If My Dog Sleeps on the Floor?

My Dog Sleeps On The Floor Instead Of Her Bed

Dogs sleep on the floor for a number of reasons. It may be because they’re too warm, too cold, or just want to stretch their legs. However, it could also be an indication that the dog is uncomfortable with the bedding and wants something more familiar.

If you are concerned about your dog’s sleeping arrangements then speak to your vet who will be able to offer advice based on the individual situation. I have noticed my dog has been sleeping in different places recently. I am now even catching her lying down on the kitchen countertop! I think she might need a new place to nap!
What do you think?
I am going to make sure my pup has a comfy place outside when he does this at home – since I don’t want him getting any cuts from being so close to the ground.

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What Can I Do to Encourage My Dog to Sleep in Her Bed?

My Dog Sleeps On The Floor Instead Of Her Bed
  1. If your dog is scared of the bed, cover it with a blanket. This can make the bed seem more like a place for cuddling and less like a place to sleep.
  2. Reward your dog every time he or she sleeps in their bed by giving them treats, playing with them, or any other reward they love.
  3. Make sure you are not leaving your dog alone while they are sleeping in their bed, as this could be an additional reason why they don’t want to stay there.
  4. Try spraying the bed with dog-appealing smells such as lavender, vanilla extract, vinegar and citrus fruits which can help calm dogs down when they get anxious during thunderstorms or fireworks.
  5. Letting your dog sleep on the couch next to you can also be helpful if they are having trouble getting used to being left alone.
  6. Keep in mind that sometimes dogs will only want to lay on one side of the bed; rotating between sides occasionally may encourage him or her to sleep more often on both sides of the bed.
  7. If these tips do not work, consult with a professional pet behaviorist who will have different suggestions based on your specific situation and personality type of your dog.


So, if your dog sleeps on the floor, it might not be because they don’t like their bed. Maybe they just want to be close to you. It’s a comforting feeling to have someone at your side while you sleep.

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And so if you’re finding that your dog is sleeping on the floor and not in their bed, give them some love and affection before going to sleep. Let them know that they are loved and respected. They will then feel more secure about getting into their own bed for the night.

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