Reasons Why Male Dog Won’t Leave My Female Dog Alone

Male Dog Won’t Leave My Female Dog Alone


If a male dog is not fixed and is constantly pursuing a female who is not in heat, the situation should be treated as a behavioral issue. If the male dog is your pet, it is important to consult a veterinarian or dog trainer to learn how to safely manage the situation and ensure the safety of both dogs. If the female belongs to someone else, then it is important to keep them separated whenever possible and to provide positive reinforcement for appropriate behaviors between the two dogs.

Male Dog Won’t Leave My Female Dog Alone

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It can be frustrating when your male dog seems obsessed with your female dog. There are several reasons why this might be happening and a few steps you can take to address it:

Possible reasons:

  • Heat cycle: If your female dog is not spayed and is in heat, her scent will be very attractive to males. This is a natural instinct for breeding purposes and can be very difficult to manage.
  • Underlying medical conditions: Even if your female dog is spayed, there could be underlying medical conditions like a bladder infection or hormonal imbalances that emit similar scents, attracting the male dog.
  • Behavioral issues: Sometimes, even without any physical triggers, an unneutered male dog might exhibit persistent unwanted behaviors towards another dog, regardless of their sex.
  • Unneutered Male: An unneutered male dog naturally possesses higher testosterone levels, leading to increased sexual urges and mounting behavior. Neutering can significantly reduce such behaviors.

What Is The Best Way To Get My Male Dog To Leave My Female Alone?

If your female dog is in heat:

  • Separation: This is the most crucial step. Keep the dogs completely separated, ideally in different rooms with closed doors. You can use crates, baby gates, or leashes to manage their space.
  • Distraction: Provide both dogs with plenty of exercise and mental stimulation through individual playtime, walks, and engaging toys. This helps them focus on other things and reduces their frustration.
  • Veterinary consultation: Consider consulting your vet to discuss options like boarding the male dog during the heat cycle or exploring behavioral training strategies.

If your female dog is spayed:

  • Veterinary check-up: Rule out any underlying medical conditions that might be causing the male dog’s behavior.
  • Behavioral training: Consult a certified dog trainer to address any potential behavioral issues. They can help you establish clear boundaries and teach your male dog appropriate social interaction with your female dog.
  • Consider neutering: If your male dog is not already neutered, discuss this option with your veterinarian. Neutering can significantly reduce unwanted behaviors like mounting and excessive interest in females.
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How To Get A Male Dog To Calm Down When A Female Is In Heat?

  • Keep your male dog away from the female in heat. Take him for a long walk or use other physical activities to redirect any unwanted behavior.
  • Give your dog distraction activities during the female’s heat cycle. Providing chew toys and other enjoyable activities can help keep him occupied.
  • Use calming products to help reduce the hormonal drive and associated behaviors. Products such as Adaptil can help calm your male dog during the female’s heat cycle.
  • Give your dog extra attention during the female’s heat cycle. Go out of your way to give him extra physical affection and playtime.
  • Consult a professional behavioral specialist if the behaviors persist. A trainer can help you develop a plan to manage your dog during the female’s heat cycle.

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The Stages Of Heat And How Long They Last

  • Proestrus: This is the first stage of the heat cycle and can last anywhere from 8-21 days. During this stage, the female will begin to emit a bloody discharge and she may become more affectionate toward male dogs. Her hormones are starting to increase during this stage and male dogs may become attracted to her.
  • Estrus: During this stage, the female will become fertile and is ready to mate. This stage usually lasts around 5-9 days. The vagina will become more open and her mucus discharge will change to a clear watery consistency. This is also the most attractive stage for male dogs.
  • Diestrus: During this stage, the female’s hormones will start to decrease and she will no longer be fertile. This stage usually lasts around 60-90 days.
  • Anestrus: This is the last stage of the heat cycle and can last up to 6 months. During this time the female’s hormones are at their lowest and she will not be interested in mating.
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It is important to note that even when a female dog is not in heat, a male dog may still try to mate with her. This is often referred to as “non-seasonal breeding” and is seen in certain breeds. Even if the female is not receptive, a male dog may still persist in his attempts. Such behavior should not be allowed to continue and must be discouraged. Spaying or neutering the male dog is also an option that should be explored. It is also recommended that the two dogs are separated until the female goes into her next heat cycle. By supervising your canine companions, ensuring that the male is neutered, and understanding the non-seasonal breeding behaviors, you can help ensure that the male dog does not mate with the female when she is not in heat.

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FAQs About Male Dog Won’t Leave Female Alone

1.How do you get a male dog to leave a female alone?

If the male is looking to mate, the most humane way to keep them apart is to have the male neutered. If the male is displaying aggressive behavior toward the female, you may need to separate them with a barrier and provide behavior modification training for the male.

2. How long are male dogs attracted to female dogs in heat?

Male dogs are usually attracted to female dogs that are in heat for a period of about three weeks. During this period, the female dog’s reproductive hormones are at their peak and which signals to males that they should come and mate. If a male dog gets close enough to the female, he may stay attracted to her for the entire duration of her heat cycle.

3. How many days will a female dog accept a male?

Assuming the female is in heat and ready to mate, she will usually accept the male for about 3 days. During this time, she will cycle between periods of receptivity and periods of aggression. After 3 or 4 days, she will no longer be receptive to the male.

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4. Can a male dog penetrate a female not in heat?

No, a male dog cannot penetrate a female dog who is not in heat. Female dogs must be in heat before they can be artificially inseminated.

5. Can dogs mate if the female is not in heat?

No, female dogs cannot become pregnant if they are not in heat. When female dogs come into season (heat) they will go through a series of physical and behavioral changes, which make them receptive to mating with males. Female dogs are fertile only during this period, and mating only when the female is in heat will increase the chance of successful fertilization.

6. Why Won’t My Dog Leave My Spayed Female Dog Alone?

If your dog won’t leave your spayed female dog alone, it could be for a few different reasons. First, it could be out of a lack of training or a lack of understanding of social boundaries that may have been learned from other members of the household. It could also be that your female dog is in season or is sending off signals that she is open to mating. If this is the case, you should ensure you are keeping them separated at all times and consider speaking to your vet about having her spayed as soon as possible.

7. Are Male Dogs Attracted to Spayed Female Dogs?

No, male dogs should not be attracted to spayed female dogs. When a dog is spayed, her reproductive hormones are significantly reduced, which can alter her natral pheromones and appearance. Male dogs will not be attracted to a female that is spayed.

8. Can Spayed Dogs Still Exhibit Breeding Behaviors?

Yes, spayed dogs can still exhibit some breeding behaviors. They may attempt to mount other animals or objects, urine mark, or show an unusual interest in other dogs. It is important to provide adequate mental and physical stimulation to ensure that these behaviors stay at a minimum. Additionally, keeping your dog on a consistent hormone regimen can aid in reducing their sexually-motivated behaviors.


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