Large Dog Shoes for Summer: 8 Best Great Dane Boots for Summer

Does your Great Dane hate wearing shoes? If so, you’re not alone! Some large dogs just dislike having their feet bound up in any kind of shoe, but if your dog lives in hot weather, he or she will definitely benefit from wearing summer footwear on the hottest days.

A good pair of dog boots can protect the pads on your dog’s paws from getting burned and help keep his or her toenails short and healthy, all while keeping them cool and comfortable.

Large Dog Shoes for Summer: 8 Best Great Dane Boots for Summer

1. XSY&G Dog Boots

XSY&G Dog Boots,Waterproof Dog Shoes,Dog Booties with Reflective Rugged Anti-Slip Sole and Skid-Proof,Outdoor Dog Shoes for Medium Dogs 4Pcs-Size6

XSY&G’s dog boots are a treat for tasteful fur parents – design, comfort, and breathability; these have got your back in all areas. Right off the top multipurpose, these booties are ideal for both summer and winter.

These dog shoes have a sturdy anti-slip sole that stays put on paws due to the reflective Velcro straps around the shoe opening. These boots’ fabric is washable, so if your doggy gets the shoes dirty in a walk, you can clean them without much hassle. A great thing about these shoes is their availability in seven different sizes, so you’ll easily find the best one for your dog. You can use the same way of measuring the paw as told by QUMY.

Overall, these boots by XSY&G perform well if you use them for treating paw injuries, too, as protective equipment. They withstand a lot of heat and keep your dog’s feet incredibly cool – best dog shoes for summer? We believe so.

2. Bark Brite All Weather Neoprene Paw Protector

BARK BRITE All Weather Neoprene Paw Protector Dog Boots in 5 Sizes! (XL) Travel Zipper Case Included!

Bark Brite’s dog shoes have waterproof neoprene and their design helps your dog’s natural paw movements. These summer dog shoes come in five sizes, use Velcro to fasten on your doggie’s paws, and have a neat design.

There’s a minor catch here, though. These booties don’t provide enough traction on slippery surfaces indoors. They’re fantastic for outdoor usage, and we recommend you buy these if you want to use them outside only.

Also, these dog shoes tend to expand after regular wear, so choose the size carefully.

3. Lymenden Dog Boots

Lymenden Dog Boots,Waterproof Dog Shoes,Paw Protectors with Reflective and Adjustable Straps and Wear-Resisting Soles,4pcs (7, Red)

Lymenden dog booties are the beauties your pooch needs in its life. With waterproof makeup and robust, anti-slip water-resistant soles, these shoes are the best when we talk about summer and breathable doggy shoes.

Lymenden dog boots have two exciting variants, red and black – we recommend red as it stands out and is unique. These boots’ Velcro straps have a reflective taping on them that makes it easier to look out for your dog at night.

Add this to the fact that these are available in eight sizes and it makes up for a complete canine footwear package. Just be sure to get the right size for your dog – otherwise, they can conveniently fall off.

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4. QUMY Dog Shoes for Hot Pavement

QUMY 2PCS Dog Shoes for Hot Pavement Boots for Dogs Summer Booties Heat Protection Mesh Breathable Nonslip with Reflective and Adjustable Straps Red Size 1

QUMY making it to our list twice means that this brand sure has some serious dog shoes under its name. While the first product is superb in its own way, these dog shoes are made out of breathable mesh, so they’re better against hot pavements.

To make putting on and taking off easier, QUMY has designed it with a wide split seam on the front, which allows the show to open up wide. Once the paw is in there, you close the reflective Velcro strap, making up for a very snug fit.

Uniquely stylish, these dog boots come in a cyan color that stands out and gives a sporty vibe. Its anti-slip rugged sole works nicely in all terrains, and if you take your dog hiking, this is the best dog shoe, as per the rave reviews.

5. Dociote Dog Shoes

Waterproof Dog Shoes for Large Medium Dogs - Winter Snow Dog Booties Paw Protection with Adjustable Straps Rugged Anti-Slip Sole - Hiking Outdoors Pet Boots Paw Protectors Comfortable

The Dociote dog shoes are for dog paw lovers that do everything to keep the hot pavement from burning them with their anti-slip scrub leather soles. For winters, these dog booties have a comfy fleece lining inside to keep the paws warm and safe – perfect for all weather.

With a waterproof oxford body, these shoes promise to take care of your pup even if it goes a little mischievous on puddles or rainy days while staying clean themselves.

The happier news is that these dog booties with reflective tapes are available in five sizes that are all lightweight and handy. And note that since these are lightweight, your canine can take them off without much effort, so fasten them carefully.

6. All for Paws Dog Paw Protector Boots

All for Paws Paw Protective Dog Boots for Large Dogs, Waterproof Dog Shoes for Hot Pavement, 4PCS (XXL)

Another nifty product, All for Paws’ paw protector boots are lightweight, rugged, and sleek. With an excellently breathable mesh, these keep your pup’s feet cool in the summer. And, their rubberized synthetic leather soles promise long-lasting durability.

These four-season booties have two Velcro straps to ensure they stay on the paws and also act as reflectors during the nighttime.

These waterproof booties are available in six sizes that All for Paws back with a 3-year warranty – very impressive. However, these sizes fit snugly, so better to buy a slightly larger shoe than your measurement.

7. Kurgo Winter Boots for Dogs

Kurgo Blaze Cross Dog Shoes - Winter Boots for Dogs, All Season Paw Protectors - for Hot Pavement and Snow - Water Resistant, Reflective, No Slip - Includes 4 Shoes - Chili Red / Black - M

Though picking dog shoes isn’t easy, Kurgo proves otherwise by leaving us with no option but to grab this incredible pair of doggie shoes. Perfect for all surfaces and terrains, your dog can confidently play anywhere it wants, be it snowy paths, rocky areas, or scorching hot pavements. Kurgo has designed these water-resistant dog shoes to look like modern trainers, tailored explicitly for hiking, running, and walking.

These booties are unique in style, with a red and black theme that comes with reflective taping, six different sizes, and a rugged anti-grip sole. Kurgo has used a Velcro strap and an elastic drawstring to double their grip on the paws, which is unique.

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The deal-maker here is Kurgo’s lifetime warranty for their breathable dog booties. There aren’t any downsides to this product, except that you didn’t know about them before.

8. Ultra Paws Light Duty Water Resistant Dog Boots

Ultra Paws Durable Dog Paw Protector|Dog Boots|Dog Shoes|Black Light Duty Heat, Water Resistant Dog Booties for hot Pavement for Large Dogs (Size 8)

Best for a dog who loves running, Ultra Paws’ light-duty water-resistant boots provide some heavy-duty utility. The body is made of water-resistant polyester that’s perfect for summers and winters alike.

Available in ten different sizes and two different colors, these dog shoes are remarkable for any size dog. They also have a grippy anti-skid PVC sole and firm dual Velcro straps.

Durability is not their strongest area. However, generally impressive, these boots with high style ratings work fine for most purposes, except longer and rougher hikes.

How to Choose the Best Large Dog Shoes for Summer

1) Mobility

Dogs with thick, furry coats often experience overheating in warm weather. Their paw pads can also get sunburned and cracked when exposed to direct sunlight. Protect your dog from burning paws by checking out these stylish yet protective doggy shoes for summer. You’ll find a wide variety of sizes and colors so you can select one that complements your dog’s coat.

You may even be able to order them with custom embroidery or appliqués! A good pair of pet shoes will protect your dog’s feet from rough terrain, hot pavement, and other hazards. But they should not interfere with his gait or cause him discomfort. If he seems hesitant to walk on hard surfaces, try putting a little petroleum jelly on his toes before slipping on his new footwear.

2) Style

In addition to being functional, dog shoes need to look good. That’s why many pet owners invest in stylish footwear for their furry friends. Whether you’re looking for something fun or simply want a shoe that will help protect your pooch’s paws from hazards, there are several pairs of large dog shoes that provide both comfort and style.

When shopping for dog shoes, keep your pup’s size and needs in mind when selecting footwear. Keep in mind that it may take some time to find a pair of boots that fit properly—especially if your pet is still young or growing rapidly. Additionally, remember to consider your dog’s personality when choosing new shoes! Some dogs can be very picky about what they wear on their feet, while others won’t care as long as they get to go outside.

For example, some dogs love wearing sweaters because they feel warm and snuggly; others hate them because they don’t like anything touching their fur. If your dog doesn’t like wearing clothes or accessories, then shoes probably aren’t going to be his favorite either.

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3) Durability

The main consideration in selecting a large dog shoe is durability. Some shoes are made of soft leather and will not last as long as others that are made with sturdier, more weather-resistant materials. Many people choose boots with rubber soles to help protect their dog’s feet from hot or cold pavement and provide traction on slick surfaces.

4) Easy walkouts

By now, you’ve figured out that you don’t want your dog to wear boots during walks. There are a couple of reasons why. For one thing, most boots have hard soles—great if you’re going to be trekking through snow or slush all winter long, but they can do damage to sensitive dog paws. Since we walk our dogs outside during warm weather as well as cold, we definitely don’t want our pets sliding around in boots all season long.

5) Easy care

Your dog is just as susceptible to foot ailments in summer as she is in winter, and that’s why it’s critical to make sure her feet are protected. There are a variety of options—including toys, treats, and pooch-friendly footwear (yes, those exist)—to ensure that your pup stays cool and comfortable all season long. We spoke with Dr.

6) No hot surfaces

Hot surfaces are a real threat to your dog’s paws, particularly in light of how much time they spend outdoors during summer. If you plan on walking your dog during summer, make sure that you avoid any surfaces that could cause burns or blisters on their paws. You should always monitor your dog’s paws when they come in from an outing, but it’s especially important to keep an eye on them when it’s warm out. Be sure to check between each toe and around their pads; if anything looks red or irritated, give them a chance to cool down before inspecting further.

7) Different size options

Finding a pair of large dog shoes that fits your dog is very important. It’s not hard to see why you wouldn’t want something that was either too small or too big to be uncomfortable, now would you? In addition, if they’re too small they can easily fall off while your Great Dane is running around. The boots should fit comfortably snug but not tight. You should be able to make room for one finger between your dog’s paw and boot without any tightness at all.

8) Soles are grippy enough but don’t get stuck in the mud

For large dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors, it’s important to have shoes with rubber soles that provide enough traction but don’t get stuck in the mud. For example, these boots for dogs come with non-slip rubber outsoles which help prevent slips. Although they aren’t perfect, they should work well in most settings.