How Much Is The Farmer’s Dog Per Month?

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The cost of a farmer’s dog food will vary depending on the size and breed of the dog, as well as the type of food. Buying food in bulk or from discount stores will help reduce the monthly expense. The average cost of feeding an adult dog each month works out to between $80 and $150, depending on the size and the quality of the food.

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The price of The Farmer’s Dog food varies depending on the size and age of the dog and the food plan that is chosen. Generally, the cost ranges from about $2–$4 per day for a small breed dog in a basic food plan to approximately $6–$9 per day for a large breed dog in a more intensive food plan. For a 30-day month, the average cost for a small breed dog is roughly $60–$120 while the cost for a large breed dog may be as much as $180–$270.

How Much Does It Cost to Feed Your Dog?

The cost of feeding your dog will vary significantly depending on the size of the dog, the quality of the food, how much you feed them per day, and how frequently you are feeding them. Generally, the average cost to feed an adult dog ranges from $200-300 per month. This includes both dry and wet food, treats, and even supplements like vitamins. To get a detailed estimate of how much you should expect to spend on your own dog, you should speak to your vet or contact the manufacturer or retailer of your chosen food.

Where To Buy The Farmer’s Dog Food

The Farmer’s Dog food can be purchased from their website or from select retailers, such as Whole Foods Market, Petco, and PetSmart.

How Often Should I Order The Farmer’s Dog?

Most customers order The Farmer’s Dog once per month, although it depends on your pet’s individual needs. If your pet is on a special diet, you may need to order more frequently such as every two weeks. If your pet eats regular meals, you should order once or twice a month. You can easily customize your order frequency in the app to suit your pet’s needs.

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Storing and using the Farmer’s Dog Food is a simple process. First, collect all the ingredients you need to make the food. This could include things such as grains, meats, vegetables, and other items. Next, measure out the ingredients that you’ve gathered and mix them together according to the instructions on the Farmer’s Dog Food package. The food should be prepared in batches large enough to feed your dog at least once a day.

Once the food is prepared, store it in an airtight container or in the refrigerator. It is important to note that frozen food is not recommended as it can become soggy and dry out quickly. When feeding your dog the Farmer’s Dog Food, serve it in a clean bowl and feed your pet a portion according to their size and activity level. Allow them to finish the food before refilling the bowl. Remove any uneaten food from the bowl to avoid spoilage or contamination.

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Does The Farmer’s Dog Have Different Recipes?

Yes, The Farmer’s Dog offers a variety of recipes tailored to different pet dietary needs. Recipes can be specifically formulated for dogs with allergies, weight loss, senior dogs, and certain breeds.

The Farmer’s Dog Ingredients

The Farmer’s Dog is a pet food subscription service that delivers customized, human-grade meals for dogs straight to the customer’s door. The meals are crafted from real, whole ingredients like humanely raised meats, free-range poultry, fresh fruits and vegetables, and botanicals. The Farmer’s Dog also uses nutritionally complete recipes to ensure that your pup gets the nutrients it needs. Common ingredients include:

  • Chicken: Bone-in chicken provides essential fatty acids, minerals, and protein.
  • Pork: Lean pork provides a high source of vitamin B6, iron, and zinc.
  • Fish: Wild-caught fish supply essential fatty acids, omega-3s, and a good source of protein.
  • Fruits and vegetables: Fresh fruits and vegetables like apples, sweet potatoes, and carrots contain essential vitamins and minerals, and phytonutrients.
  • Natural supplements: Natural supplements like chia seeds provide healthy fats and fiber.
  • Botanicals: Botanicals like ginger, rosemary, and turmeric are used to add flavor and additional health benefits.

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The cost of The Farmer’s Dog will vary depending on what plan is chosen. The yearly, monthly, or daily options for food will all differ in price. Additionally, shipping costs may apply. For more information on pricing, please visit The Farmer’s Dog website.

How Much Does The Farmer’s Dog Cost Per Day And Per Month?

The cost of the Farmer’s dog food depends on the size and type of the dog as well as the type of food purchased. Generally, a small to medium-sized dog will cost about $1 to $2 per day for dog food. For a large-sized dog, the cost will be closer to $3-4 per day, and for giant breeds it could be considerably more. This means that the cost per month to feed a small to medium-sized dog would typically range between $30 and $80, while larger dogs would cost more, up to $120 or more per month.

How Much Does The Farmer’s Dog Food Delivery Cost A Year?

The cost of a farmer’s dog food delivery depends on the type of food and delivery plan chosen by the customer, as well as the number of dogs that it is intended to feed. The cost of a year’s supply of food could range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on these factors.

How Much Does The Farmer’s Dog DIY Nutrient Mix Cost?

The cost of the Farmer’s Dog Food DIY Nutrient Mix depends on the ingredients that are chosen to make the mix. Generally speaking, the price per batch is around $15 to $20. This includes premium ingredients like boneless and skinless chicken, flaxseed, sweet potatoes, and other wholesome ingredients. The cost will vary depending on the size of the batch, and the quality of the ingredients chosen.

How Often Should I Order The Farmer’s Dog?

The Farmer’s Dog is designed to be a regular delivery service, allowing you to customize your order frequency to meet your individual needs. You can set up a regular delivery on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, so the frequency of ordering is ultimately up to you. Depending on how much food your pet needs, you may need to adjust your order frequency over time. It’s important to note that you can also make changes to your orders as often as you need, so you can adjust at any time.

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  1. Raw Ingredients: The raw ingredients used in the production of Farmer’s Dog food will impact the cost. High-quality meat, fruits, and vegetables that are locally sourced, and that have been sustainably and humanely raised or harvested, will cost more than lower-grade ingredients. The cost of sourced ingredients is also heavily impacted by seasonal availability and market fluctuations.
  2. Manufacturing Process: The manufacturing process is another factor that impacts the cost of Farmer’s Dog food. Depending on the type of food, traditional production methods, such as grinding and extruding the ingredients, or newer methods such as air drying could influence the final cost.
  3. Packaging: The packaging chosen to store the food will influence the cost. Different package sizes/quantities and materials such as glass, metal, or plastic can alter the expense of the food.
  4. Shipping: Shipping costs can play a role in the final cost of Farmer’s Dog food. If the food is shipped from a long distance or in a large quantity, the final cost of the food could be raised due to freight costs.
  5. Advertising: Advertising and promotional campaigns can increase the cost of Farmer’s Dog food. The more money spent on advertising, the higher the cost to the consumer.

What Type of Food Is Best for Your Dog?

The best type of food for your dog depends on several factors such as your dog’s age, breed, health, and activity level. In general, a diet for a healthy adult dog should be made up of high-quality protein sources, healthy fats, limited carbohydrates, and essential vitamins and minerals.

  • Protein: Protein should make up the bulk of your dog’s diet and is essential for healthy growth and development. Some good sources of protein for dogs include lean meats like chicken, turkey, beef, and fish; eggs; and dairy products. For plant-based proteins, look for sources like legumes (beans and lentils).
  • Fats: Good sources of dietary fat for dogs include animal fats like chicken fat, fish oil, and dairy products as well as vegetable fats like olive oil and flaxseed.
  • Carbohydrates: Dogs do not need a large amount of carbohydrates in their diet, but some complex carbs are necessary. Whole grains like brown rice, oats, and quinoa are all acceptable sources of carbohydrates for a canine diet.
  • Vitamins and Minerals: To ensure your dog is getting all of the essential vitamins and minerals they need, consider adding supplements or changing their diet.

Other Brands vs. The Farmer’s Dog Cost

The Farmer’s Dog is a premium pet food delivery service that focuses on offering the freshest, human-grade, recipe-tailored nutrition to your pet. Other pet food brands, on the other hand, generally offer pre-packaged, shelf-stable meals. While there may be some premium brands among the pre-packaged selections, many of them are made with lower-grade ingredients that could be less nutritious and cause digestive discomfort. The Farmer’s Dog is more expensive than many other brands because its meals are made with human-grade ingredients and prepared fresh every week. This approach to pet nutrition means that the food you feed your pet is fresh, balanced, and tailored to your pet’s exact nutritional needs. This process comes with a higher price tag than pre-made pet foods but ultimately is a healthier and more nutritious option for your pet.

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Farmers Dog Food Reviews

A good rule of thumb when it comes to choosing a pet food for your dog is to read reviews. Fortunately, there are plenty of honest and unbiased reviews for Farmer’s Dog Food online. These reviews provide pet owners with information on food ingredients, sustainability, price, and purchasing options. Most reviews praise Farmer’s Dog Food for its quality ingredients, freshness, and for providing a complete and balanced diet for your pup. They also praise the company’s focus on sustainability and environmental awareness. Most of the reviews also mention the convenience of ordering online and having the food delivered. Overall, most of the reviews and ratings for Farmer’s Dog Food are overwhelmingly positive.


Q. Is Farmer’s Dog a monthly subscription?

A. Yes, Farmer’s Dog offers a monthly subscription service that provides fresh, home-cooked dog food to pet owners. Customers can choose the meals that are best suited for their pets, and the company will deliver the food to their door.

Q. How much does dog food cost per month?

A. The cost of dog food per month will depend on the size of the dog, the type of food being fed, and the quantity that is purchased. Generally, a small breed of dog can cost around $30 per month, while a large breed of dog can cost upwards of $70 per month.

Q. How many times a day do you feed your dog farmer’s dog?

A. Most experts suggest that adult dogs should be fed two meals per day, approximately 12 hours apart. Puppies typically require three to four meals per day, gradually decreasing to two meals per day until they reach adulthood.

Q. Where is the farmer’s dog located?

A. The farmer’s dog is located in California. It is a small family-run business that offers natural and organic dog food products. The company focuses on providing healthy, wholesome ingredients with high quality for the health of dogs.


The cost of a Farmer’s Dog subscription will depend on the size of the dog and the type of meals you choose. Generally speaking, subscriptions for a small dog start at around $2.50 per day or approximately $80 per month. For large and active dogs, the cost can be upwards of $4.50 per day or around $150 per month. These costs will increase with additional options such as grain-free meals. The total cost will vary depending on your individual needs and preferences.

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