Dog Walking Tips for Less Than Perfect Weather Conditions


Dog walking is undoubtedly the best part of your day when the weather is good, right? But what if it’s raining, snowing, too hot, or too cold? If you’re like many pet owners, you probably prefer to forego the walk entirely on these days! But as a responsible pet owner, you are aware that skipping a walk is not an option, so we thought we’d provide some advice on how to walk your dog in bad weather.

Be Responsible

When it’s storming outside or the temperature has risen over what you and your furry friend can physically handle, cutting the length of your stroll may be OK. But do not completely skip your walk. To maintain your dog’s physical health, prevent accidents, and deal with behavioral problems, you must stick to a regular daily walking plan or you can hire a dog sitter North Scottsdale.

Carefully Consider Your Dog Walking Route.

While you should take your dog for a walk at the same time every day, there’s no reason your route can’t be somewhat changed. On particularly rainy or hot days, strolling your dog through heavily tree lined streets can greatly help. Drive to a location with lots of trees if you must, then walk your dog as usual. This will serve as shelter from the rain or shade from the hot sun.

Choose the Proper Gear

Get your dog a doggie raincoat and boots to keep them from becoming too cold or wet (if your little fashionista will wear them). While walking your dog in the rain or snow, you might also wish to bring an extra drying towel. The goal here is to help your dog retain body heat and prevent problems like dry, chapped paws in addition to keeping his fur as dry as possible.

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Apply dog sunscreen before going for a walk, regardless of the weather, especially if your pet has white fur or fur that is thinning in some areas. Along with some nibbles to provide comfort food as you two battle the elements together, bring clean drinking water for your dog.

Employ a Dog Walker

Hire a dog sitter North Scottsdale to walk your dog for you if you simply cannot stand cold or wet weather for whatever reason. In this manner, your dog may maintain a regular schedule and take advantage of the wonderful outdoors without you having to go outside and brave the elements.

Professional dog walkers, such as those personally chosen by Fetch! Pet Care has essentially mastered the experience of going for a walk in all weather, in addition to being willing and prepared to do so.

Always Be Considerate 

Encourage, but never coerce, your dog to go for a walk in unpleasant conditions. Take the help of a dog sitter North Scottsdale if you are going somewhere far and have no one to take care of your dog.

Keep an eye out for symptoms of things like hypothermia, which is typically accompanied by shivering and heavy panting (characterized by shivering, shallow breathing, and cognitive decline).

Always be sensitive to your dog’s feelings; if he genuinely doesn’t want to be outside in bad weather, take him home right away, choose some inside activities, and try dog walking again when the weather improves.

Understand the Risks of Extreme Weather

Your dog may overheat on a hot summer day when the temperature soars, which could lead to hyperthermia. Your dog may exhibit signs of dangerous heat stroke such as excessive panting or drooling and becoming lethargic. Get your dog into a cooler area away from the heat, give him lots of water, and if the problem continues or gets worse, take him to the vet.

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You will have to deal with exposure to freezing or below-freezing conditions that can result in hypothermia, a severe drop in body temperature if your home encounters cold weather in the winter.

Although any dog may exhibit the trembling, shivering, and listlessness that can be signs of hypothermia, puppies, senior pets, small and toy breeds, and dogs with short coats are more vulnerable. 

Warm up your dog inside and monitor the temperature if you notice any symptoms of this ailment.

Final Words 

Bring along your dog’s favorite snacks and toys to make walks enjoyable. While returning from your walk, practice your orders. Take a brief break as you pass to talk to your neighbors. Most dogs like a little extra attention, and it’s easy to spice up your walks with your dog.


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