10 Reasons Why You Should Get Pet Insurance for Dogs

By now, you’ve probably heard about pet insurance and know that it can be a lifesaver when your dog gets sick or injured, but not everyone knows how to use it to its full potential or why they should get it in the first place. In this guide, we’ll take a look at the top 10 reasons why you should get pet insurance for your dogs and cover some of the most common questions owners have about pet insurance in general. We’ll also go over some tips on how to choose the right pet insurance policy and save money on premiums without sacrificing quality coverage.

10 Reasons Why You Should Get Pet Insurance for Dogs

1) Save Money on Medical Expenses

Save Money on Medical Expenses -If your dog has any pre-existing conditions, this may not be covered by the policy.

  • If you have a large breed, such as a Great Dane or a Mastiff, the cost of veterinary care will most likely be higher than with other breeds.
  • The average veterinary visit is $50-$150 and that doesn’t include surgeries which can range from $1,000 to $8,000.
  • Insurance can help pay these costs and still be less expensive than paying out of pocket each time. -Some insurance companies also offer wellness coverage that includes annual exams, vaccinations, and spay/neuter procedures.
  • This type of coverage is often much cheaper than going through an animal hospital.
  • You are eligible for coverage at any age! Unlike human health insurance policies, pet insurance typically covers both young and old animals alike.

2) Protect Your Family, Not Just Your Pets

There are many reasons why pet insurance is a good idea and one of the biggest reasons is to protect your family. If your dog has an accident in the house, you may need to pay for repairs or a cleaning company to get rid of the mess. If your dog bites someone and they have to go to the hospital, you could be liable for medical bills if you don’t have pet insurance. Many people neglect pet insurance because they think their pet will never have an accident or get sick. But accidents happen all the time and pets do get sick occasionally. Don’t put yourself at risk – make sure you’re protected with pet insurance!

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3) Pet Insurance Reducing Stress

A study from the University of Glasgow in Scotland, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found that having a pet can reduce stress levels and improve mental health. The study showed that people who owned a dog or cat had lower levels of cortisol, a hormone that rises when humans are stressed. The study also found that owners felt less tense and more satisfied with their lives than non-owners.
In addition to reducing stress, pet insurance could be used to cover other medical costs not usually covered by human health insurance policies such as the cost of prescription food, behavioral therapy, or physical therapy.
Some experts recommend getting pet insurance if you are going on vacation because it would pay for your pet’s medical expenses should he get sick while you’re away from home.

4) Make Plans For the Worst Case Scenario

Pet insurance can help you avoid a potential financial disaster by providing you with peace of mind that your pet will be taken care of in the event that he needs medical attention. Getting your pets vaccinated and taken to the vet regularly is always a good idea, but if there’s an emergency it’s important to know that you have protection. Even just one illness or injury could cost thousands, which may not be something you’re able to pay off right away. With pet insurance, these bills are covered so long as they are due to an accident or illness. If you think this type of coverage might not make sense for your situation, don’t forget about all the other benefits like replacing stolen or lost animals and reimbursing owners who need someone else to take care of their animals while they’re away from home.

5) Avoid Financial Hardship

One of the most important reasons to get pet insurance is that it can protect you from financial hardship. Pets are a big responsibility and you may have to spend thousands of dollars if your pet gets sick or injured. Pet insurance will cover these costs, so you don’t have to worry about going into debt. It’s one less thing to worry about! The cost of pet insurance is very affordable in comparison to what could happen if your dog needs medical attention. If you’re like me, then this sounds like a no-brainer.

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6) Improve Outcomes Through Early Diagnosis

Pet insurance also helps with the cost of diagnostic tests and surgeries to identify illnesses early. It can also help with unexpected expenses like emergency vet visits, car accidents, and even regular checkups. If your pet is prone to illness or injury, you should consider getting pet insurance coverage as a safeguard against unexpected medical costs.
Most of the time, pet insurance companies will reimburse you on a pre-determined percentage (e.g., 80%) of approved costs, while 20% is typically your responsibility. There are some exceptions where the insurer may cover 100% of approved costs if it falls under their specific policy features.

7) Protection In The Event Of An Accident

When your dog has an accident, pet insurance covers the medical expenses. If you have a dog with expensive needs like diabetes or kidney disease, pet insurance can cover the costs of medications and treatments. It’s also worth noting that some people have their pets insured just in case they get sick or are injured and need to go to the vet.

8) Feeling Good About Giving Back To Others In Need

If you purchase pet insurance, some of the money will go to fund other non-profit organizations that are dedicated to helping animals in need. With a small monthly premium, you can give back to the community and help out those who are less fortunate than yourself by donating funds to animal shelters or other causes. It’s nice to know that your own dog has health coverage in case anything ever happens.

9) Peace of Mind On Vacation

One thing pet owners often do not realize is that it is possible to have your pet insured and still go on vacation. If you have a policy with limited time coverage, you can buy an extra day or two to cover the period of your trip. The cost will be minimal, but it’s worth it if you’re considering going away without a plan for your pet’s care. The knowledge that they are being taken care of during their absence provides peace of mind. Another reason to get insurance is if you are concerned about how much veterinary bills might be after surgery, which can sometimes run into thousands of dollars. After all, no one wants to come home from a week-long vacation only to find out their beloved pet has died because they couldn’t afford medical treatment.

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10) Keep Your Dog Comfortable While Home Alone

If you’re planning to go on vacation, it’s a good idea to find someone who can take care of your dog while you’re gone. Or, if you have a big yard and live in an area where it doesn’t get too hot, you can use that space to provide some exercise and mental stimulation. But if your dog is not accustomed to being home alone, then it might feel sad or lonely. In these cases, there are some things that can help make them more comfortable when left alone. One thing is providing them with one of their favorite toys so they have something to do while they wait for your return. Some people also suggest leaving the TV on low volume so that their company will be coming from the television instead of just being left alone in silence.

Conclusion: Pet Insurance for Dogs

Overall, it’s an excellent decision to take out pet insurance, and with ten reasons why, it should be an easy decision to make. Every dog owner is different and has a different reason for getting their pet insured. Some might want to insure their best friend in case of illness or injury, some may just want the peace of mind knowing that if anything happened to their furry baby they wouldn’t have any worries when it came to finding money, and others might need insurance because they don’t know what they would do without them. The benefits are something no one can put a price on!