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So, if you are reading this post, then my guess is you have been bitten by a dog or you know someone who has, and you are looking to make a case against the dog or the owner. Well! you are in the right place, as we have shared some of the legal steps you can take to claim compensation for injuries inflicted on you by a dog. To achieve this, we’d need the help of an experienced Orange County Dog Bit Attorney. 

It might be challenging to find a dog bite lawyer that is both compassionate and knowledgeable. This is especially true if you or your child has recently been bitten and you don’t know what to do. Like we would touch on in this post after you have been bitten by a dog, you should first try to get treatments and while at it, ensure you keep records of both money spent and the severity of the injury.

The Common Dog Bite Injuries That Qualifies for a Claim:

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Dog bites may cause injuries ranging from minor scratches to major lacerations that might potentially be fatal. The following are some of the most prevalent types of injuries that can be caused by dog bites:

Lacerations: Lacerations are severe cuts or puncture wounds that can be inflicted by a dog’s teeth or claws. These wounds can result in substantial blood loss, damage to the nerves, and scarring.

Contusions: A dog bite can cause contusions, such as bruising and swelling, which can lead to pain and discomfort.

Fractures: Fractures are caused by the power of a dog’s jaws, which can cause bones to break, particularly in those that are smaller or more delicate.

Infections: Dog bites have the potential to introduce germs into the body, which then has the potential to lead to illnesses such as tetanus or rabies.

Emotional trauma: Getting bitten by a dog may be a terrible event, and those who encounter it may develop anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder as a result.

What Does the Law Say About Dog Bites? 

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It’s crucial that dog owners and residents of Orange County, California be aware of the regulations that govern liability in cases of dog bites. Dog owners in Orange County, California are accountable for any damages caused by their dogs under the “strict liability” rule, which applies regardless of whether or not the dog has ever displayed aggressive behavior.

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If a dog attacks someone in a public or private setting, the dog’s owner is responsible for any medical expenses and other damages. The victim’s medical bills lost wages, and other damages due to the bite are all covered by this insurance.

Not only are dog bites covered by the law, but so are any injuries sustained as a result of contact with a dog. The dog’s owner may still be held responsible under the dog bite statute even if the dog did not bite anybody but caused damage by jumping on the victim and knocking them down.

Dogs in Orange County are required by law to be on a leash wherever they are in a public space like a park or on a sidewalk. When these rules are broken, fines and other consequences may ensue.

Get immediate medical assistance if you or someone you know has been bitten by a dog in Orange County. Local law enforcement officials should be notified as well; they may advise you on how to proceed.

There is a dog bite statute in Orange County, and there are also regulations protecting dogs from abuse and abandonment. Some examples of prohibited behavior include leaving a dog in a hot car or neglecting to give basic needs like food, water, and shelter which could cause the dog to react aggressively to people. This law is protective of the dog, as well as people.

Dog owners who are unable to properly handle their animals or who allow them to wander freely and cause harm to others are subject to legal repercussions under the law. The punishments may include fines, required dog obedience lessons, and even criminal charges, however, this may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. 

In several states and local governments, “strict liability” rules dictate that dog owners are liable for any injuries that are caused by their pets, regardless of whether or not the owner was culpable in causing the injuries. In the event that the dog has suffered a severe injury or has passed away, the owner may be subject to further costs, and the dog may be put to sleep.

In the event that a dog has bitten me, what should I do next?

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It is imperative that you get medical attention as soon as possible if you or a member of your family has been bitten by a dog. A bacterial infection and the resulting health issues might be caused by anything as minor as a scrape. The wound requires thorough cleansing, and it’s possible that you’ll also need antibiotic treatment.

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The victim of a violent dog attack may be left scarred, deformed, or even maimed as a result of the attack. It’s possible that you’ll need stitches, a skin transplant, or perhaps surgery. Sadly, the physical scars may occasionally be permanent in rare cases.

If a dog bites you, you are required by law to report the incident to the proper authorities. When it is feasible to do so:

  • Request the details of the dog’s owner (name and address)
  • Find out what the dog’s name is and what breed it is, and then inquire about the owner’s house and pet insurance policies.
  • If you have notified the police about the event, make sure to write down the incident number.

If you wish to submit a claim for a dog bite, the information in this article is quite helpful. It is a lot simpler for the attorney to gather information on the dog and the owner of the dog, which speeds up the process of filing a claim.

In the event that you want to file a claim for compensation due to a dog bite, you will require documentation of the dog attack. If you are not in any immediate danger, you need to:

  • Take pictures of the wound that was given to you.
  • Take pictures of your progress in becoming better on a regular basis.
  • Save any clothing that you wore during the incident in an unwashed state, and if there were any witnesses, be careful to acquire their contact information in case you need to make any further statements.
  • Record in detail the events leading up to the assault and retain any bills and receipts associated with your medical care.
  • Get a copy of your medical record from your primary care physician or the hospital.

If you have any of the proof listed above, it will be helpful for the Orange County Dog Bite Lawyer to support your dog bite claim. However, if you are working with an Orange County Dog Bites Lawyer you need not stress yourself gathering this information. Employing the services of an Orange County Dog Bite Lawyer makes the entire process a lot easier and seamless. Plus, your lawyer helps you get significant compensation for your claim. 

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Who can’t sue for damages after a dog bites them in Orange County?

In Orange County, the following groups of people usually can’t get paid for injuries caused by dog bites:

  • Those who broke the law by going on private land
  • Those who made the dog angry
  • According to California’s self-defense laws, if the dog was protecting its owner or someone else,
  • Those who were bitten by a military or police dog that was being used according to the written rules of that agency

What kind of money can I get if a dog bites me in Orange County?

If you or someone you care about has been hurt by a dog bite, you may be able to get paid for your losses in different ways. It is not unusual for people who have been bitten by a dog to get the following compensation:

  • All medical bills related to the dog bite will be paid for.
  • If a victim can’t work, he or she can get back lost wages and benefits.
  • Loss of earning power if the injury keeps the person from going back to the same kind of work.
  • Scarring and disfigurement damages
  • Payment for physical or job-related therapy
  • Coverage of counseling for mental health
  • Pain And Suffering Damages
  • Damages for loss of enjoyment of life
  • Possible punitive damages and cases of gross negligence or actions that were done on purpose

In an Orange County dog bite case, the total amount of compensation that can be given will depend on the circumstances of each case.

How long do you have to file a claim after a dog bites you?

In California, you have two years from the date of an injury caused by a dog bite to file a lawsuit. This means that people who are hurt by dog bites have two years from the date of the injury to file a lawsuit against a party they say was at fault and get money for their losses.

Contacts of Some of the Best Orange County Dog Bite Lawyers

If you live in Orange County, Califonia and you’d want to get in touch with an Orange County Dog Bite Lawyer, then you might find some of these lawyers we are recommending very helpful. 

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