Can Dogs Eat Toothpaste? What to Do if Your Dog Eats Toothpaste?

If you own a dog, you’ve probably experienced this one of these days, at least once in your life—your precious pup scarfs down the toothpaste! I remember it happening to me at least twice, and it wasn’t fun! But if your dog ate toothpaste, don’t panic; there are quite a few things you can do to stop the burning sensation in their mouth and reverse the damage caused by the toxicity of toothpaste ingredients. Read on to learn about what can happen if your dog eats toothpaste and what to do about it.

What are the Symptoms of Toothpaste Poisoning in Dogs?

The most common symptoms are vomiting, diarrhea, and excessive drooling. Some dogs may also have a loss of appetite, abdominal pain, seizures, or difficulty breathing. If your dog is experiencing any of these symptoms or has eaten a large amount of toothpaste, contact your veterinarian immediately.

How to Treat Dog Toothpaste Poisoning

If your dog has eaten toothpaste, a vet visit is an absolute must. If you are unable to see a vet immediately, the ASPCA recommends giving your dog milk or buttermilk and letting it drink as much as it wants. The milk will counter the alkaline effects of the toothpaste and soothe your pup’s throat.

The buttermilk will help neutralize the acidity in their stomach and speed up the clotting process. Contacting poison control for advice can also be helpful in these moments. While most dogs won’t have any long-lasting problems from eating toothpaste, you should still bring them in to see the vet. As with any injury or illness, there’s always the chance that some underlying issue could arise which wasn’t initially apparent.

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Toothpaste contains fluoride and other ingredients that could cause digestive upset for your pup. If this occurs, take him outside right away and keep him there until he’s stopped vomiting and dry heaved a few times. Once he’s done throwing up, give him lots of cold water to drink to rehydrate him. Letting him eat a little honey may help ease his upset tummy too!
As always when dealing with an animal emergency call a veterinarian or contact your local animal hospital directly

What Happens When Your Dog Eats Toothpaste

When your dog eats toothpaste, the first thing you’ll want to do is call your vet because he/she may need emergency treatment. If this isn’t possible, here are some things you can do:

  • If there’s a lot of toothpaste in their mouth, wipe it off with a damp washcloth.
  • Mix 1 tsp of vegetable oil with 1 tsp of baking soda and rub it on their teeth and gums. This will help break up the residue and make it easier for them to spit out.
  • Give them an ice cube or a popsicle that they can chew on. This will also help break up the residue in their mouth and relieve any discomfort they might be feeling.
  • Offer him a small bowl of water to drink. The cold liquid should help numb his throat.
  • Put him outside so that he can get some fresh air and then put him in his crate or inside his kennel until you’re able to contact your veterinarian.

What can I do if my Dog Ate Toothpaste?

If your dog ate toothpaste, you’re not alone! In fact, according to a study by the Tufts Veterinary School, one-third of pet owners have seen their dogs consume toothpaste at some point.

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If you find out your dog has eaten toothpaste and is showing signs of illness, contact your veterinarian immediately.
It’s best to try and prevent an incident from happening in the first place. Preventing access to toothpaste is one way to this: put it up high or place it in an inaccessible location where your dog can’t reach it.

How Long Before my Dog Gets Sick From Eating Toothpaste

If your dog has eaten toothpaste, you need to contact your veterinarian immediately. If the dog has not vomited or had diarrhea and appears normal, you should monitor them closely for the next 12 hours.

If they vomit or have diarrhea during that time frame, take them to the vet. If they don’t vomit or have diarrhea but seem lethargic and/or are exhibiting other symptoms of illness, take them in for a check-up as soon as possible.

Should you induce vomiting in dogs who have eaten toothpaste?

As a general rule of thumb, never induce vomiting in dogs who have eaten toothpaste. If the dog has ingested a small amount, there’s no need for concern. However, if the amount was large and you’re unsure of how long it’s been since ingestion, take your dog to the vet for observation. For example, some toothpaste contains fluoride which is toxic for dogs. The vet will likely do an x-ray and bloodwork to determine whether or not the dog needs treatment.