Are Australian Shepherds Good With Kids? – Find Out Now!

Are Australian Shepherds Good With Kids? Before you bring an Australian shepherd into your home, you need to know what kind of pet dog it makes. In this article, you’ll learn about the history of the breed, how to train it and what its life expectancy is so that you can make the best decision possible when choosing an Australian shepherd as your family pet dog.

Are Australian Shepherds Good With Kids?

If you’re considering adding an Australian shepherd to your family, you may be wondering if they’re good with kids. The answer is a resounding yes! Australian shepherds love to romp and play with children, and they generally get along well with other pets. They’re also great family dogs, herding animals, police dogs, and competitors in obedience trials. So if you’re looking for a loyal, loving companion who will also keep your kids entertained, an Aussie is the perfect pet for you! Don’t know what breed of dog is right for you? Learn more about how to choose the best dog breed here.

5 Reasons Why Aussie Dogs Make Great Family Pets

  1. They’re gentle and loving.
  2. They’re great with kids.
  3. They’re loyal and protective.
  4. They’re intelligent and easy to train.
  5. They make great companions for active families. So if you’ve been looking for a family pet, then the Australian shepherd is perfect for you!

How to Make Sure Your New Australian Shepherd Gets Along With Your Kids

  1. Choose an Australian shepherd with a calm temperament.
  2. Get your Australian shepherd used to being around kids by gradually introducing them to each other.
  3. Supervise interactions between your kids and your Australian shepherd at first.
  4. Teach your kids how to properly interact with dogs in general, and your Australian shepherd specifically.
  5. Reward your Australian shepherd for good behavior around kids.
  6. Don’t leave young children alone with your Australian shepherd unsupervised.
  7. If you have any concerns, consult a professional trainer or behaviorist for help.
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How To Choose The Right Aussie For Your Family

If you’re looking for a dog that will become a beloved family member, the Australian shepherd is a great choice. These dogs are known for their loyalty, intelligence, and playful nature. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing an Aussie for your family:

  • Energy level: Australian shepherds are high energy dogs. If you have young children, make sure you choose a dog with a moderate energy level so they can keep up with the kids without being too overwhelming.
  • Size: Aussies come in three sizes: standard, miniature, and toy. Choose the size that best fits your home and lifestyle.
  • Coat: The Aussie’s coat can be short or long, straight or wavy.
  • Look for a dog with a short coat, which will require less grooming. You should also think about whether you want a dog who sheds much hair because these dogs need daily brushing.
  • Training: Australian shepherds are intelligent and enjoy learning new tricks. Trainers recommend teaching obedience commands early on to help build the relationship between pet and owner.
  • Exercise needs: Most owners find it easy to give their Aussie plenty of exercise each day by walking them for about half an hour and playing ball games together. Remember that if you work all day outside of the house, it might be difficult to meet this requirement unless someone else can care for your pet during those hours.

6 Simple Tips On Housebreaking An Aussie Puppy

Housebreaking an Aussie puppy is not difficult if you follow these simple tips.

  1. Choose a designated potty area in your yard and take your puppy there often.
  2. Be consistent with taking your puppy out at the same times each day.
  3. Reward your puppy for going potty in the designated area with treats or praise.
  4. Never punish your puppy for having an accident in the house.
  5. Clean up accidents immediately with an enzymatic cleaner to remove the odor.
  6. Be patient and keep at it – eventually your puppy will get the hang of it! The first few weeks are tough, but your patience will pay off. Housebreaking an Aussie puppy is not only easy, but also great fun as well.
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8 Frequently Asked Questions About Aussies & Children

Do Australian shepherds make good family pets?

Yes, the Australian shepherd loves to romp with children and tends to get along well with other pets. Australian shepherds are great family pets, herding animals, police dogs and competitors in obedience trials.

Will an Aussie try to herd my kids?

No, herding is instinctive for this breed, but they can be trained not to herd children.

How old should my child be before adopting an Aussie puppy?

The best age for a child to adopt a puppy of any breed is 10 years old or more because young children may have difficulty training the dog properly.

What are some of the challenges I will face if I adopt an Australian shepherd as a pet?

If you’re thinking about adopting an Australian shepherd as a pet, you’ll need patience and perseverance since it’s necessary to train these dogs from early on not to herd humans by nipping at their heels or tugging on clothing.

Can Australian shepherds get along with cats?

Yes, especially when socialized from an early age and raised together.

What type of environment does an Aussie do best in?

An outdoor or rural setting with lots of space for exercise would suit them best.

Are Australian shepherds easy to train?

The intelligence level is average compared to other breeds, so regular training sessions are important to keep your pup mentally stimulated and obedient.

Does the color of an Australian shepherd matter?

No, but there are two types: black tri-color (black and white) and red tri-color (deep red and white).

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10 Tips on Dog-Proofing your Home for a Aussie Puppy

  1. Get everyone on the same page about rules and expectations for the puppy.
  2. Puppy-proof your home before they arrive by doing things like putting away chemicals and small objects they could choke on.
  3. Set up an area for the puppy with food, water, toys, bedding and a crate.
  4. Start potty training right away by taking them outside frequently and rewarding them when they go in the right spot.
  5. Exercise is important for both you and your pup – regular walks or runs will help tucker them out so they’re less likely to get into mischief indoors.
  6. Teach them not to jump up on people, at least until they are older.
  7. Practice obedience commands such as sit, stay and come often.
  8. Teach kids how to act around the dog: be calm and gentle; don’t tease or make sudden movements; ask permission before petting the dog; never hit, kick or throw anything at the dog.
  9. Finally, it’s good to give your new Aussie pup plenty of attention but also let him have time alone while he adjusts to his new home and family members.
  10. Be patient with your furry friend during this adjustment period as it takes time for him/her to understand what’s expected of him/her in their new environment.


Yes, the Australian shepherd loves to romp with children and tends to get along well with other pets. Australian shepherds are great family pets, herding animals, police dogs and competitors in obedience trials. They are also one of the most versatile breeds, able to work on a farm or ranch, as well as in the city. If you’re looking for a dog that will be a loyal companion and protect your family, the Australian shepherd is a great choice.